Hercules Fitness EL10 Elliptical Trainer Review

Hercules Fitness brings one of the best fitness machines in the market, introducing EL10 Elliptical Trainer who offers a low-impact workout while targeting both the upper and lower body. This elliptical trainer simulates full-body motion, such as walking, jogging, running, and stair climbing. Through the elliptical motion provided by this trainer, the strain and stress on the legs are reduced.

This trainer performs movements that correspond to the natural path of the ankles, hip joints, and knees when walking, running, or jogging, which makes it an all-around workout machine. It has inclined capabilities to enable you to adjust to exercising requirements easily. This allows you to have an overall body workout.

Display Feedback

This machine comes with display feedback, which allows you to keep track of your progress. The monitor indicates the speed, calories burnt, time covered, pulse and the distance traveled. This is an excellent feature if you want to have clear visibility of your results. Evident results keep you motivated and want for more.

Resistance Control

The EL10 Elliptical Trainer comes with only 1 level of resistance with its belt drive magnetic resistance system. This type of resistance system allows you to have a smooth and quiet workout so you can be guaranteed a peaceful session. The resistance of this 5-kg flywheel machine can be adjusted easily to individualize your workout according to your preference.

Commendable Design

This elliptical cross trainer from Hercules fitness offers you exceptional comfort. It comes with an ergonomically designed seat to accommodate various users of different ages. It is made from high-grade steel to ensure a durable frame construction that can carry a maximum user weight of 90 kg. The pedals have anti-slip surfaces for added security while pedaling. It also comes with wheels for maneuverability.

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What Do We like

Compact Design

This elliptical trainer from Hercules fitness has a simple and compact design for you to store it when you no longer use it easily. If you have a smaller space in your house, you might try to consider this type of fitness machine because it really does save space. Having a mini gym inside your home would not be impossible with this fitness machine.


Compared to other elliptical brands, this machine from Hercules requires low-maintenance. It is easy to assemble because it has fewer moving parts. You will no longer worry about motors, belts, bearings, and other parts burning out.

What We Don’t Like

Smaller Seat

This machine from Hercules Fitness has a smaller seat, which tends to cause you discomfort while riding, mainly when you are concerned with the way you are seated while exercising. A smaller seat may cause lower back pain, such as in the hips or buttocks, because your weight is not evenly distributed while riding. With a smaller seat, you exert effort because your hips and buttocks are not well-relaxed.


The Hercules Fitness EL10 Elliptical Trainer provides you with a total-body workout; therefore, you get to burn more fats and calories within a short period riding on this machine.

It also improves your cardio while strengthening your endurance and stamina. The machine gets you an excellent aerobic workout.

The fitness machine is suitable for those who would want to get a quality workout but do not have the luxury of time to go to the gym or have outdoor exercise. You can now achieve those fitness goals through the elliptical trainer from Hercules.

This machine takes your fitness routine to a whole new level. Get yours now and experience the benefits of this fitness machine have to offer.

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