TRUMOM (USA) Baby Convertible Sports Car Seat Review

The design of the car seat plays an essential role in maintaining the comfort and safety of your child. The Trumom baby car seat is a convertible car seat that is ideal for children in the age group of 0 to 7 years.

It features a three-position recline that allows you to adjust the seating position according to the comfort of your baby. The side impact protection and 5 point safety harness protects your child against injuries during unwanted situations.


Side Impact Protection

The baby car seat is provided with deep, softly padded side wings that ensure side impact protection. It also embraces the baby’s head, neck, and spine that offers the best and the safest fit during the ride.

3 Position Recline

The car seat can be adjusted in three different resting positions per the requirement to provide the baby with a peaceful and comfortable nap. You can easily recline the seat at an angle between 110 degrees to 145 degrees.

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What Do We like

5 Point Safety Harness

The car seat offers a 5 point safety harness that holds the baby in the safest possible position during the ride. It offers protection to lessen the chances of sprain or brain injuries during car collisions or sudden brakes.


It can be easily installed for rearward facing seating for newborn babies, weighing a maximum of 13 kg. The forward-face seating is possible for children, weighing between 9 kg to 25 kg, providing extra comfort for a younger child. It is also compatible with all cars.

Adjustable Height

The baby car seat can be used to adjust the height of the headrest. Chest pads are also provided for your child’s safety.

Easy to maintain

The removable car seat cover is easy to wash. Hence, the car seat is easy to maintain.

What We Don’t Like

Long Journeys

It may be considered to be the best when traveling for short distances. The car seat may not be suitable for long journeys as the baby might not be able to move freely. It may be uncomfortable for your little one.


The Trumom baby car seat is extremely easy to maintain. It is the perfect combination of comfort and safety. The car seat is provided with a six month warranty period, making it a reliable choice. It is an ideal option for those looking for a car seat that enables you and your child to travel short distances in comfort.

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