Mothercare Car Seat

Babies need the utmost care and protection in every step and being a responsible parent, you need to take the rightful steps. Generally we tend to take breaks from our hectic schedule and plan to go for trip or travel. This is where we generally tend to get confused about how to carry the baby with us! Undoubtedly this is justified but you don’t have to take much stress about it because Mothercare is here to offer some of the best baby car seats to the parents.

Mothercare is one of such brands that has been operating since the year 1961 and have offered some of the best baby care products to the little ones. This brand has been known for their innovative ways of selling the products to the people. We make every possible effort to ensure safety and which is why we have expanded our business to the overseas market just to make sure that the parents from the different parts of the world are able to take proper care of their children.

Mothercare just as the name goes is the choice for the mothers to-be. They opened their first stores in Kingston, Surrey in the year 1961.  By now they have several openings in the different parts of the world that become a great choice for the mothers. They have some of the best baby car seats that have the features designed for the best health if the babies. Therefore if you are willing to buy these baby car seats, you need to know the features offered by the baby car seats.

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Features of the Mothercare baby car seats

Adjustable head support

This is one of the most important features that make sure that the head of your baby is perfectly safe. This feature allows the parents to adjust the head as per the needs of the babies. If the babies are small, these can be easily adjusted and if they need to change, you can easily adjust as per the needs.

Therefore, buying this baby car seat can become a lot helpful for the mothers and their babies.

Impact protection

When it comes to buying a car seat for the babies, you need to make sure that the seats have enough padding and protection. This offers complete protection to the babies when it comes to taking sharp turnings. The impact protection design becomes a great choice for the parents as you can stay assured that you baby will be perfectly find even when you take sharp turning or accidentally go fast in bumps.

Comfortable seats with armrest

These seats are being designed keeping in mind regarding the needs of the babies. The seats have the comfortable seats that are again included with the armrest which becomes a great choice when it comes to ensuring the comfort of the babies. With the arm present in the seats, the babies can sleep, eat, and play comfortably.

Washable cover

When it comes to babies, there is always a need for keeping them clan and tidy and this is where the Mothercare brand has also taken proper care. They have designed the seats in a manner that it can be easily detached from the car easily. Hence when the seats get dirty, you can easily detach it and opt for washing them on washing machines.

5 point safety harness

These car seats have been included with the safety harness that makes it a great choice when it comes to outs security. The 4 point safety harness belt included keeps them secure from all the sides. Hence your baby will stay completely safe even when they are sleeping and you have to take a turn. These belts will keep them at one place.

3 recline positions

The seats are designed in a way that it can be reclined in 3 different ways. The reclining feature becomes a great choice when it comes to sleeping, eating, or playing. Since at this point they require different position to be able to do the activities comfortable, adjusting the recline position can become a great choice for the people.


So these are some of the most common features observed in the Mothercare baby car seats. Even when these are available in different price tag with each has different features, you can choose as per your needs.

We have a huge collection of baby car seats offered by Mothercare offered at the most reasonable price in the market. You can have a look at our assortment and make your choice. We ensure offering the best to our valuable customers.

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