R for Rabbit Car Seats

Its tough to ensure if the baby is in total comfort as they are not accustomed to living and sitting the way we adults can, it is always a responsibility for the parents to take extra care. One such brand that has always helped parents to get the best for their kids is R for rabbit. With some of the superior class baby car seats offered by this brand, this has become one of the most common choices for most of the parents.

R for rabbit came into existence in the year 2014. They are fully dedicated in offering the best baby care products. The founder of this brand came up with the idea of bringing this brand to the market after being blessed with a baby. The founder was struggling to get the best portable cradle for the baby and which as a result led to the birth of this brand. This brand initially came up with the multi-purpose cradle that was not only used for a single stage but can be used for different purpose with their growing age.

With the only aim to offer the best to the parents who are fully focused on offering the best to the babies, this brand offer some of the high end baby products. They are backed with the advanced infrastructure to be able to fulfill the requirements of the parents. The proficient people in the warehouse with wealth of knowledge in their domain have made R for Rabbit one of the known baby brands in the market. Fortunately they offer some of the best designed baby car seats in the market. These are available in different price range and therefore you can choose as per your budget.

Let us have a look at the features of the baby car seats offered by R for Rabbit.

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Features of the baby car seats

3 to 4 position recline

These baby car seats are being designed in a way that not only it becomes comfortable for the baby but also for the parents. While you are on the move and your baby cries to feed, no need to take them out of the seat as this eat can be reclined into different ways which makes it easy to adjust as per your requirements.

Most of the baby car seats offered by this brand can be reclined into 3 to 4 different ways. It again depends on the price as the more you choose the high end seats the more features it will offer. However, mostly they offer 3 position recline in their car seats.

Handle adjustment

Most of the baby car seats for infants are designed to make it easy to travel. Since infant car seats are a bit different from the toddlers, these are generally smaller in size. Moreover, these are designed in a manner so that you are able to carry them easily wherever you go. The handle adjustments that you can make with these baby car seats help you to carry easily.

5 safety harness points

In order to ensure safety, these baby car seats are being included with the 5 safety harness points. These points adjoin to make it fully safe for your baby. Therefore whenever you make them sit here and tighten the belts, you can stay assured that your baby is completely safe. Even if you take sharp turns or sudden brakes, these harnesses ensure the safety of your kids.

Side impact protection

Most of the baby car seats irrespective of the price are being included with the proper padding on the sides in order to protect your baby. Since while turnings we tend to hit the sides therefore, in order to ensure safety, there are padding included on the sides. This ensures that even in the harsh turnings, your baby will be fully safe.

Washable seat cushion

The seats are being included with the seat cushions that keep them safe. Besides, since there is a need for maintaining the safety and hygiene of your baby, these cushions are being designed in a way that it can be easily taken off for a wash and can be attached just the way it was.

The brand understands the needs of the parents and therefore mostly includes detachable covers to make washing easy.

Comfortable head rest

The car seats are being included with the head rest that keeps the head of your baby safe and secure. The soft cushion with the padding on the sides of the car seats ensures keeping your baby’s head safe. You can stay assured that the head of your baby will not hit any hard surface. Besides, these are comfortable enough to provide them a comfortable head rest for sleeping.

Variable weight

This brand offer range of baby car seats to the parents. Each and every car seats are being designed to take different range of weight and therefore you can find a ar seats as per your baby’s weight just to make sure of their safety. Hence make sure to check the weight prior to buying these cat seats.

Safety standards

Keeping in mind about the safety of the babies, this brad offer the baby car seats that have undergone the stringent safety standards. These are ECE R44/04 certified which means they successfully meet and exceed the European safety standards. This means you can blindly trust this brand when it comes to buying the baby car seats.


So now that you know the features that you can find in the car seats offer by the brand R for Rabbit, you can opt for buying one. Besides, this is one of the most popular baby brands available in the market and hence every purchase you make is safe.

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