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When it comes to keeping your baby safe and healthy, parents need to do a lot of things. There are several things you need to take care in his or her growing ages just to make sure that your baby is perfectly fine. Besides, if you are someone who loves travelling surely you will look for a baby car seat. Fortunately from the many brands available in the market, Luvlap is one of those very few brands that offer some of the amazing baby products.

Luvlap understands your care and attention for your child and watching the kids grow is one of the best things for the parents. Since the brand understands the warmth in your heart for your baby and you want to keep them close, they offer some of the best products to you. Each and every product designed by this brand is carefully designed keeping in mind to offer the ultimate safety and comfort to your child.

Luvlap came into existence in the year 1999 with the only agenda to offer some of the finest baby care products at the most affordable price. The baby seats they offer have been carefully designed for babies of different sizes and ages to be able to travel with ease. Besides, the maintenance of the safety standards becomes a great choice for the parents. If you are willing to buy a baby car seat to take your kid while you travel, Luvlap offers some of the best car seats. Let us have a look at the features of these car seats.

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Features to expect on the Luvlap baby car seats

5 pointy safety harnesses

Since babies cannot stay constant or they do not have the control over their bodies like we do, these baby car seats are being designed with the 5 point safety harnesses. This is solely designed just to make sure that your baby is safe and secure in the car seat even when you are driving through the highway at a high speed.

These baby car seats can therefore be a great choice as these secure your baby from the different sides. The harness secures your kid from the waist, crotch and shoulders which keep them sit straight on their position.

 3 position recline

Not all the babies are same in height and weight and therefore there is always a need for adjusting as per their size. Moreover, since they tend to change their position every now and then, having a car seat with different reclining position can be a great choice. As it is very important in the baby car seats, these seats are being designed keeping in mind about these needs and hence can be adjust into 3 position and even more in the pricey models.

Mostly these seats can be reclined into 1 rearward facing and 2 forward facing positions. This can be a great choice for the parents when it comes to ensure their comfort.

Side impact protection

These baby car seats are being designed in a way that even if you make harsh turning or drive fast, it will never harm your baby. This is the reason why most of the baby car seats offered by this brand are designed with the side impact protection. These are made with soft materials just to make sure that they are safe. Most of their products are designed in this manner just to ensure the safety of the kids.

Optimum safety with great padding

The entire car seat has been integrated with proper padding just to make sure that your baby gets the ultimate comfort. Moreover, while travelling since your need to take the turns, cross the bumper and make sharp turning, the chances are higher that they might hit in case of any hard surface. Therefore, the integration of the padding in the car seats tends to become a great choice.

  Washable seat cover

When there are babies, you have to make sure of the hygiene. Whether it is their clothing or the seat, everything needs to be washed once in a while. Since it is a need for the babies, these seat cover are being designed in a way that they can be detached easily. Hence once you feel it is dirty, you can just detach and then wash them anytime.

Variable weight

These baby car seats are available in a range of weight and therefore prior to buying you first need to check this in advance. You also do not have to take stress thinking whether the car seats will be able to take the weight of your baby or not as it these are clearly mentioned by the brand. For different age group, they have different car sat.

Different carrying features as per the age group

This brand offers car seats of different types which mean for infants, they have car seats that can be changes into a way where it can also be carried. Along with when needed, it can be used as the car seats.

Available in a range of colors

The best thing about these car seats is that this brand offer car seats of different colors and varieties. Hence you can easily choose a color that you love.


To conclude, Luvlap is certainly one of the known brands offering baby products to the parents and the baby car seats is one of their best creations. Their car seats are made with care to offer optimum support to the babies. Moreover these certified baby products shows that the car seats have undergone the tests and is apt for your baby.

However, if you have already chosen a Luvlap car seat for your baby then you can have a look at the assortment present with us. We offer a range of these car seats at an affordable price.


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