Joie GEMM Car Seat, Ember Review

Joie is one of the best companies that manufacture the highest quality products using sturdy, durable strength fabrics and top-quality quality plastics as well. The product of this company is parent-friendly and is one of a kind. They manufacture strollers, car seats, swings, high chairs, etc.

This is a premium quality car seat from Joie made with high-quality, durable materials. It is a 4 kg weighted compact-sized product that comes with tons of features. Let’s talk about its features, pros, and cons to know if this product is worth buying or not.

Build quality

Joie is a brand that is well-known for its top-quality products, and this car seat is no exception. The exterior of this product is made with high-grade plastics, and the inner cushions are of premium quality. The weight of this product is around 4 kg, so you know how strong and durable the outer body is. 

Compact sized

This is a very compact sized product from Joie. The weight of this product proves the inner and outer build quality is better than any other. The height of this product is only 57 cm or 22.5 inches, and the width is around 56 cm or 22 inches. It can fit on any car seat, airplane seat easily without any hassle.

Usage compatibility

The cat seat cum stroller is made with premium quality plastics. Hence, it can take a lot of weight. This product is perfect for newborn to 13 kg weighted babies as well. This means you can use this since the birth of your baby to his/her second or third birthday easily.

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What Do We like


Babies are exceptionally delicate, and we need to handle them with proper care. This car seat cum strollers are very sturdy and durable and can take a lot of weight. Along with the thick cushioning system of this stroller, it provides proper protection to a baby.

It does not tilt or gets imbalanced if the baby is always moving in it. You still may wanna strap it to a seat belt while you are driving to a car for safety purposes.


The handle of this product can be folded when not in use. This will help you to carry the baby with ease. Make sure that the child is fastened with appropriate safety harnesses or belts, and the handle is unfolded or is in a vertical position so you can have a proper grip on it. In the middle of this handle, there is a soft skin item placed for you to hold it comfortably.

Shoulder harness

This product comes with a shoulder harness for maximum protection. Always make sure to put the harness into its slots, so the baby’s shoulder is not above the shoulder line. This way, your child will be protected and won’t be thrown from the child restraint in case of a sudden brake or accident. Joie ensures that the safety of the baby will always come first on the priority list.


This car seat cum stroller comes with a detachable hood for you to use according to the baby’s need. There is a button for mounting the hood. You can pull out the hood properly, so any sunlight doesn’t reflect in the baby’s face directly.

Child restraint release button

The child restraint protects your child while you are driving in a car or any motor vehicle. This child restraint feature has a button that you need to press carefully to release the child restraint. It would help if you pulled it up to release the button while squeezing it. Make sure to do it correctly.

What We Don’t Like


This is an overpriced product from Joie. They have always put an extra effort in making affordable products, but this one is a little overpriced for the offered features.



This is one of the best quality car seats or strollers from Joie. Everyone wants their kids to be safe while driving. The material and build quality are excellent. You can turn this into a stroller and take your child for a walk as well. This product is worth buying if the budget is not a concern.

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Koushik Mondal

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