Chicco Car Seats

Becoming a parent is not only a moment of feeling extremely happy but also it is the start of becoming responsible. The moment we hold our baby in our hand, the emotions tend to surround us. As the baby tends to grow, the needs tend to change and especially when you are someone who takes interest in travelling, your requirements will differ from others. Being a responsible parent who does not want to leave a stone unturned to ensure safety of their kids need to have the baby car seats offered by Chicco.

Chicco is one of the earliest baby care brands that have been offering a range of baby care products to the responsible parent. In 1946, the brand Chicco came into existence Pietro Catelli was blessed with a son named Enrico. He affectionately called his son Chicco and therefore after the creation of this brand started. Being a responsible father who wanted to do the best for his child also created a brand that has a range of baby care products.

Being a leader of the market, Chicco never fails to impress the moms and dads by offering some of the best products which also includes the baby car seats. Undoubtedly these car seats have been perfectly designed for the babies just to ensure that they are safe. Since the brand endeavors to offer products to babies from 0 to 36 months of age, the seats you will get will also be for the same. Therefore if you are willing to know the features of this brand, have a look at the features offered by the Chicco baby car seats.

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Features to expect in Chicco baby car seats

Easy installation

These car seats are the best choice for the babies as these car seats can be easily installed. You do not require help from anyone else as you can do it on your own. Besides, the belt guides offered by this brand can again become helpful for installation.


When it is about the babies, there is no doubt that the products need to be ultra comfortable. While they are travelling, they will sleep, do other activities, or eat and a lot more, these seats can help you to easily perform such activities. This is the reason why the seats are being designed with the 4 position recline. You can recline the seats with one hand and offer comfort to your baby so that they can take a peaceful nap.

Besides, to ensure comfort the baby car seats are being provided with a wide seat along with soft upholstery. This offers a huge legroom and offer comfort to babies and even for the older children.

Ergonomic design

As travelling means long hours of journey the baby car seats are designed in such a way that offer complete support to the spine. Generally sitting in incorrect posture result in feeling uncomfortable and pain, but this has been taken care by the brand itself. These car seats have been ergonomically designed to ensure correct posture of the spine and thereby ensure comfort of the baby.

5 point safety harness

The baby car seats offered by Chicco has been designed keeping in mind regarding the safety of the kids. While travelling since there will be bad roads, bumpers and various other obstacles, the presence of the safety harness ensures keeping them in a position irrespective of the bad road condition and turnings.

The presence of the 5 point safety harness becomes a great inclusion in the car seats. It keeps the baby in a fixed position.

Impact protection

The car seats have the EPS foam used for them. These are the type of products included in the car sets that has the capability to protect from any types of impact. Moreover the soft padded included underside the seats on the arm rest area help to protect the babies from any problem.


These car seats have been designed in such a way that it becomes a great choice for every purpose. When you are travel there would be many situations where you will require moving and even then these car seats can become beneficial. Since these seats are designed in a way where they can be carried as well, these are included with a canopy.

The canopy can be detached as well when not needed and then again you can attach when in need.


The car seats are made with fabric cover which makes it easy to wash. You can easily remove the cover and wash it in the washing machine. Since sanitization is something to be maintained among babies, the detachable car seat design becomes a great choice for people.


So these are some of the most common features that you can find in the baby car seats offered by Chicco. This brand offers the best car seats to the parents just to make sure that your baby is healthy. Now you can find these car seats available with us at the most reasonable price.

You can have a look at our assortment and then place your order for the Chicco baby car seats.

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