Graco Carseats – Junior Baby Chilli Review

The car seat keeps the baby safe and comfortable at all times, especially while their parents are driving. While the babies enjoy the drive, they are also safe and well protected in the car seat by various safety features like the harness and side-impact protection. Graco is a trusted brand when it comes to nursery products, and its car seats are very sturdy and durable.  


Multi-position Seat recline

The car seat comes with a multi-position seat recline, which allows the baby to rest comfortably in different positions, and it bends accordingly. The baby is always comfortable, whether sitting, reclining, or sleeping. 

3 point safety harness

The 3 point safety harness with well-padded, adjustable straps, has been designed to adjust per the height of the baby and provides ultimate safety at all times.

Side Impact Protection 

The side impact protection keeps the child’s head, neck, and spine secure, ensuring the baby is safe. It avoids the baby from getting a sprain in the neck or spine.

One-Click system

The car seat provides safety and convenience in just a click. The seat perfectly fits the base with a quick, easy click.

Multi-position handle adjustment 

The handle of the seat can be adjusted in multiple positions. It can be used in multiple ways to provide convenience.

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What Do We like


The multi-position seat recline, multi-position handle adjustment, and the soft, cushioned, well-padded car seat keep the baby comfortable at all positions throughout the ride or journey.


The product has high safety standards. It comes with 3 point safety harness and side-impact protection for shock absorption and to keep the baby safe while parents are driving.


The car seat features a one-click system with which the seat perfectly fits the base making the seat user-friendly and convenient to use.

What We Don’t Like

Small in size

The body of the car seat is sturdy, but it is small in size, and soon babies outgrow the car seat.


The car seat is packed with safety features like a safety harness and side impact position. Also, seat recline feature and multi-position handle adjustment provide excellent comfort and convenience to the baby. Hence, the baby car seat is a safe and convenient choice.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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