LuvLap Joy Electric Steam Sterilizer Review

Hygiene becomes a critical issue with the arrival of newborns in the house. Thus, everything that is associated with him or her has to be checked, whether it is safe or not. Sterilization of utensils and bottles used for baby feeding is one such important aspect.

Luvlap is a leading brand that deals with the manufacture of baby carriers, strollers, steam sterilizers, etc. LuvLap Joy Electric Steam Sterilizer is one such beneficial product that will make your life easier. It also helps you save your time and effort. It comes with a large capacity, allowing you to sterilize up to six bottles at once.


Transparent body

The product has an amazing transparent body that gives you a view of the bottles while being sterilized.

Auto shut off

The machines gets automatically shut when the sterilization time exceeds. Thus, you can relax and carry out other jobs.

Huge capacity

The product has an enormous capacity, which can fit six bottles at once. It also allows you to sterilize breast pumps, teethers, pacifiers, and small toys.

Steam sterilization

Steam sterilization is one of the best ways to sterilize bottles and other things. It is quick, safe, and convenient.

Led Display

The machine has a led display screen at the front to manage its functions more efficiently and effectively.

Sound Indicator

The sound indicator helps to know about the time of sterilization. It signals you when the process of sterilization is complete.

Water dispenser included

It helps to ensure precise filling of water at the base level unit.

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What Do We like

Bottles remain sterile for 24 hours

The bottles once sterilized can remain sterile for 24 hours if the lid of the machine is not opened.

Saves time

The machine offers quick sterilization. The entire process is carried out in 8 minutes.

Kills 99.9 % germs

The company ensures to kill 99.9 % of germs in one sterilization process. Thus, all the existing bacteria will be destroyed, ensuring the baby’s safety.

Accessories included

Accessories such as tongs, trays, and measuring cups are included with the product. These accessories ensure convenience and enable you to carry hot objects with ease.

Natural and chemical-free process

It is a very natural and chemical-free process that keeps all the germs away without adding any harmful chemicals.

What We Don’t Like

Available in only one compartment

The product is available in one single compartment. No additional compartment is included in it.


This electric steam sterilizer will help you save your time and reduce your efforts. The bottles once sterilized can remain sterilized for 24 hours, which means you do not need to sterilize again. Also, it has all the accessories included in the product.

The auto shut off feature will help to keep you tension free and relaxed during the process. The sterilization done is free from all the chemicals, which make the product worth the purchase. Steam sterilization is considered to be one of the best ways to sterilize. Hence, it is an ideal option worth buying.


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