WonderKart Electric Steam Baby Plastic Bottle Sterilizer Review

Newborns and infants are vulnerable to infections and diseases. So it is essential to sterilize the products and water before using it for babies. Sterilization kills the bacteria present in the water, baby toys, teethers, etc., making it safe for use.

Wonderkart is one of India’s oldest and most trusted brands when it comes to kid products. The Wonderkart electric steam sterilizer is built using BPA-free material, making it a safe option. It comes with unique features, including thermostat control, fast and effective steam heating, and quick sterilization.


Stainless steel water partition

The stainless steel water partition avoids leakage of water or any other liquid. Hence, preventing wastage of food, milk, or water.

Secure Thermostatic Control

The inbuilt thermostatic control automatically shuts down the product in case deficient water level. It ensures the optimum usage of electricity.

BPA free

Bisphenol A, commonly known as BPA, is a harmful industrial chemical found in polycarbonate plastics or hard plastics. It is dangerous to the human body as it can cause hormonal imbalance. The sterilizer is BPA free and safe for use.

Effective steam heating

Effective steam heating kills bacteria or any contamination in the bottle without the use of chemicals, which can affect the baby. It helps keep the baby safe from diseases.

Fast steam technology

Two 75 ml bottles can be sterilized simultaneously by setting the timer for 8 minutes. Once the quick steam is over, it is indicated on the display panel.

Ptc Ceramic Heating Technology

The heating plate is durable as it is made of rust-free stainless steel. It can accommodate two baby bottles, toys, teethers, etc. The Ptc ceramic heating technology has been designed to distribute heat equally to all bottles.

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What Do We like


The sterilizer facilitates a chemical-free sterilization system and has been uniquely designed, keeping the health and safety aspects of the child in mind.

The sterilizer is BPA Free, which makes it safe to use. In case of a low water level, the automatic shutdown feature also ensures optimal safety.

Kills Bacteria 

99.9% of bacteria are killed by effective steam heating to keep the bottles sterile. It safeguards your baby from diseases.

Quick Sterilization

It just takes a quick 8 minutes sterilization to fast steam sterilize two bottles of 75 ml water at the same time to keep the baby safe from infections.

Space-Saving Design

The sterilizer has been ergonomically designed with limited parts. It is easy to clean and store as the lid of the sterilizer can be flipped over and used as a sterile bottle prep surface.

Easy to use

The sterilizer is not only leak-proof but also easy to use. Adjust the temperature and wait for 8 minutes to sterilize bottles quickly. The sterilizer heats quickly sterilize and cools down at the same rate.


The sterilizer is versatile and can sterilize and clean bottles, nipples, toys, teethers, etc.

What We Don’t Like

Poor quality

The sterilizer is made of inferior quality plastic. Hence, it can easily get damaged, causing leakage.

Spots on the plate

Although the heating plate of rust-free stainless steel, after a few days of usage, spots start appearing on the plate.


It is packed with safety features like an automatic thermostatic control shutdown feature. The ptc ceramic heating facilities equal distribution of heat, and the steel partition avoids leakage. Moreover, the fast steam technology and effective steam heating kill 99% bacteria and allergens that may cause infections to the baby. Hence, it is a safe and reliable option.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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