LuvLap Delight Electric Steam Sterilizer Review

With the recent developments in the technological world, bottle sterilizers have been yet another one such development. While the traditional sterilizing techniques of water bottles and feeding bottles are being replaced with these new devices, the method is also supposed to be more reliable and efficient. Here’s to one such “LuvLap Delight Electric Steam Sterilizer with LED Display For 6 Feeding Bottles, BPA Free “.

Luvlap is a well-known manufacturer of baby essentials, including baby carriers, strollers, bottle sterilizers, etc. The LuvLap Delight is an electric steam sterilizer that points to safer and reliable methods of sterilization. These are often best suitable when it comes to sterilizing feeding bottles.


Sterilization Mode

The device employs the electric steam sterilization technique, providing safe, reliable, and efficient adverbs to the users due to its ability to kill 99% of the germs. It is also chemical-free, making it safe for children.

LED Display

The device comes with an LED display, a sound indicator, and an auto shut off function. This enables easy operation. These features also help in understanding the working of the device.

Transparent Body

The device’s transparent body allows the users to monitor the contents being sterilized. It also enhances the overall look of the steam sterilizer.

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What Do We like


The device supports a large capacity, which allows you to sterilize up to six feeding bottles. It can also sterilize accessories simultaneously with a sterilizing cycle time of about 6 minutes, which is quick.

Sterile for Long Time

The device ensures that the contents are sterilized uniformly. Also, when the lid is unopened, the bottles and accessories may remain sterile for about 24 hours. It enables better storage and comfort when used by users.


Apart from providing efficient sterilization, the device is accompanied with a tong to handle warm objects, a measuring cup, and a tray.

What We Don’t Like

Heating of the Steaming unit

During the operation of this device, the inner part of the steaming unit might get heated up. Hence, one might have to wait for sometime after the sterilization cycle has completed and then take out the contents with extreme care.


These sterilizers require no chemicals and can kill about 99.9% bacteria and may work by plugging into the sockets. They provide quick sterilization and also serve to be the most convenient way of cleaning bottles. These devices are an extreme need, especially with a baby at home. Hence, you never have to risk your babies’ health with the growth of the pathogens.

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