Cheesy Cheeks Electric Bottle Food Warmer and Steriliser Review

Infants and newborn babies are vulnerable to infections and diseases. The weak immune system of babies can easily make them sick. Sterilization kills the bacteria present in the water and other accessories used by babies, making them 100% safe for use.

The Cheesy Cheeks sterilizer is packed with safety features. It protects your baby from various diseases. It is the most trusted brand when it comes to baby and nursery products.

Steam sterilization

The high-temperature steam heating kills bacteria or any contaminants in the bottle, keeping the baby safe from infections and diseases. Also, containers can be left in the sterilizer with a closed lid for a long time if not required instantly.


The sterilizer has an excellent capacity, allowing you to sterilize five all size baby bottles at one go.

Heating plate

The heating plate is durable as it is made of rust-free stainless steel. It can accommodate all five baby bottles. It has been designed to distribute heat equally to all five bottles.

Auto turnoff

The auto turnoff feature automatically shuts off the sterilizer if there is a water deficiency or if the sterilization process is complete. This ensures the safety and durability of the device. Neon light indicates the completion of the process.

Stylish design

The steamer is ergonomically designed. The sleek modular steam sterilizer is light, weighing 798 g. It is not only adjustable and portable but also occupies very little space.

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What Do We like


The product is versatile and has multiple uses. It can be used as a  bottle warmer, steam sterilizer, steam inhaler, food warmer, and single egg boiler.


The sterilizer has been uniquely designed, keeping the health and safety aspects of the child in mind. Maintaining good health of a child and keeping him away from diseases is the utmost priority of the sterilizer. In case of a low water level, the automatic shutdown of the inbuilt timer provides safety.

Kills Bacteria 

The high-temperature steam sterilization system kills  99.9% of bacteria. Thus, the effective steam heating keeps the bottles and other accessories used by babies sterile. It safeguards your baby from diseases.

Space-Saving Design

The sterilizer has been ergonomically designed with limited parts. It is easy to clean and store. You can also carry it around with ease.

Easy to use

The sterilizer is easy to use and evenly distributes the heat to avoid spots from occurring that happen with microwave heating. Adjust the temperature and wait for the neon light to indicate the completion of the sterilization process. The sterilizer heats quickly sterilize and cools down at the same rate.

Additional benefits

The sterilizer comes with a warranty of six months. It also comes with accessories, including a measuring cup, nipple stand, steam glass, egg jali, and inhaler attachment.

What We Don’t Like

Poor quality

The sterilizer is made of inferior quality plastic. Hence, it can easily get damaged, causing leakage.


The model is packed with safety features like an automatic thermostatic control shut down to prevent hazardous situations. The sterilizer facilities equal distribution of heat. Moreover, by sterilizing five bottles and baby accessories simultaneously, the fast steam technology and effective steam heating kill 99% bacteria and allergens that may cause infections to the baby. Hence, it is a safe and reliable option.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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