10 Best Stomach Exercise Machine

Exercise is one of the basic requirements for healthy living because it restores the body back together and ensures proper functioning all year round. There are different exercises which are recommended based on the situation and the part of the body affected. In this review, the stomach is a top priority, and there is the need to get an exercising tool or device that will be top-notch in performance and suitable to use; this device is called the stomach exercise machine.

The stomach exercise machine also called an ab machine, is a device used to keep the belly in shape either by reducing belly fat or enhance the muscles surrounding the abdomen called abs. It is very effective because it can be used by both men and women to keep the tummy in shape, and not the fat, soppy type. This exercise machine is available in several forms and sizes, depending on their mode of operation and functions.

In this ab exercise machine review, we will be looking at the top 10 best stomach exercise machines that can be bought to improve the quality of the belly. With these machines you don’t have to visit the gym these are exercise equipment for abs home use. So people with a 9-5 job can maintain their fitness at home itself.

We have also mentioned its working, advantages, types of stomach exercise machines, and buyers guide.  These machines always have advanced features which means they are active. There is a list of FAQ that helps you select the best product.  However, there could be exceptions to the use of these machines; regardless, they are versatile, great and effective.

How does it work?

Machines always have a mechanism in which they operate, and while some are operated manually, others work with the aid of electricity. For a stomach exercise machine, it is operated manually by a user who wants positive results. Since there are different types of stomach machines, there are different ways in which they are operated.

For instance, an ab glider which is a type of stomach exercise machine works by kneeling on the apparatus and making use of the grip and stomach for pulling oneself up. During this procedure, the seat moves back and forth (up and down). The arms and shoulders have a part to play in the making this ab exercise a success.

Advantages of Using a Stomach Exercise Machines

Not every exercise machine is of immense benefit to users, but this particular one has exceptional advantages. These advantages include;

Helps to avoid lower back pain

Instability is a major problem most people face, and this starts from having lower back pains which are detrimental to health. This pain could affect day-to-day activities, and in-turn affects balancing or stability. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of the back and enhance stability, stomach exercises are recommended; in essence, a stomach machine becomes the solution.

Gets rid of belly fat easily

People who have excess belly fat can use any of the machines above to reduce or get rid of them totally. It is not always an easy process, but with regular routines followed properly, the effect can be seen in no time. Many people who have made use of this procedure have confirmed and attested to the fact that it is effective, and less time-consuming.

Enhances Fitness levels

Doing exercises on a daily basis has an impact on your physical structure, making you fit, great and agile. With a stomach machine and good workout routines, you can achieve many things regardless of the type of machine in use. Fitness levels become enhanced on all sides making you excellent in performance, looks, and stature.

Improve proper breathing

What most people don’t know is that performing exercises can help improve the quality of breathing. This is as a result of the strengthening of muscles in the tandem which in turn enhances breathability. For people who have improper breathing, making use of a stomach exercise machine can help a lot.

Increase in the overall body strength

If there is certainly something to gain from regular fitness exercises, it is an increase in body strength. The body becomes stronger and better to withstand difficult situations which are one main thing people appreciate. Having a stomach exercise machine doesn’t limit this, but it makes it happen.

Puts the body back to shape

In addition to getting rid of belly fat, these machines can put the body back in shape, so you could look young and active. If you have an excessive weight before, consistent workout routines using this method could give you a slim, trim and better body. However, eating plans would have to be regulated in the process.

Types of Stomach Exercise Machines

Stomach exercise machines are indeed great whether they have the same structure or not. However, there are different types available on the market on the basis of their structure. They include;

Sit-up benches

If there is anything more common in the abs machine world, it is the sit-up bench. This is a tool that can be used by all persons, i.e., both beginners and professionals, and it does a major work in strengthening muscles and enhancing body fitness. These benches are adjustable on all levels to angles which helps to either increase or decrease resistance.

Hyperextension machines

Having a strong lower back is very essential if you want to maintain stability and carry out your duties effectively. However, if your case is on the contrary, a hyperextension machine is a device used in treating and training the lower back. It strengthens the muscles at the lower back, and it contributes to workout plans for abdominal purposes.

Ab wheels/Rollers

Using an ab roller or wheel requires special and professional expertise which means it is not suitable for beginners. This is because it requires laying down (not on the surface) with the arms of the wheel in your hands while you move up and down. It is an effective method, even though it is hard, for abdominal/stomach purposes.

Ab chairs

There are several ways to feel comfortable while working out, especially for those directed at abdominal parts. One of such ways is the use of Ab chairs which requires you sitting and moving back and forth. However, this device can be folded or adjusted to comfortable levels, while the abs are used to lift the legs while working out; it is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Power towers

A power tower is a more advanced kind of facility which is used in working out. This machine requires the legs being raised to certain levels or sections repeatedly for effective results. Interestingly, this equipment is versatile because it can help to increase fitness levels on other body parts which may include exercises like a pull-up, chin-up, sit-up, etc.

Ab gliders

Ab Gliders are quite different from other stomach exercise machines available because their design is outstanding and the workout procedure is simple. The simplicity of this machine lies in the fact that the whole operation is controlled by the machine itself. Asides being equipment to improve the back and abdomen, it also has a role to play in the stability and repositioning of the shoulders.

Buying Guide: What You Should Consider?

Here, in this section, we are concerned about you getting the right machine for the job. It is very easy to get something nice and good-looking, but the question is: are they effective or are they great in quality? In order to make sure you pick the best out of thousands of ab machines on the market, the following factors should be considered.

User status

Before going ahead to buy an ab machine, you need to discover yourself as a person. There are three types of people when it comes to the use of exercise machines; the beginners, the intermediates and the advanced. These three sets of people have the kind of machine that is suitable for them, and it needs to be considered carefully, so results could be positive.


One quality of a good exercise machine is stability. This is a factor that deals with how it could work on targeted areas, making sure muscles are enhanced and fitness levels become improved. It should be able to stand firmly with the ground without moving or changing position because it is best on a stable surface if positive effects are expected.


Investing your money in exercise machines means you want it to be effective and sharp on you. A large percentage of people wouldn’t like spending so much on an ab machine, only for it to end up being ineffective. Therefore, watch out for things it does, and how it does it before you pick or buy a type you are interested in.


For every product sold, there is always something people always want to know, and that is its durability. Durability is the quality of how long it can be used or withstand a series of time. Good products always have excellent durability which is specified in the description of such product; this applies to ab machines too.


People like something being very easy to transport from one location to another for maximum use. A roller/wheel is a very good example of a portable machine, and as a buyer you need to understand what you want and where you want it. For instance, if you are traveling from one place to another, these machines should be ready to follow you anywhere after being dissembled.


Foldability is another factor people appreciate when they are trying to get an ab machine. This is the ability to pack the bench into two in order to save space. However, foldability doesn’t have anything to do on the price the machine is being sold; thus, this factor should be considered if you have limited space for workout routines.


Using a stomach exercise machine isn’t only limited to the stomach, but also to other parts of the body, such as the arms, legs, back, etc. This is a form of versatility because it works in areas which are less-expected. Thus, instead of going for other exercise machines solely for those purposes, a good stomach machine should be able to handle all.


Some things are worth your money, while some are not. Often, you see people go for expensive products more than cheap ones, not because they can afford them, but because it is worth a good value for money. No one loves investing in something which would add no value later after spending so much money.


Lastly, most people check warranty periods to know whether to trust the product or the brand. Good warranty periods attract numerous customers because they believe such a product can last for a specified time if used properly. It is worth your consideration if you are thinking about getting any of the best stomach exercise machines that will be reviewed later in this article.

1. Skyfun Anti-skid Double Wheel Total Body Ab Roller Exerciser – Best Anti-skid

Skyfun Anti-skid Double Wheel Total Body Ab Roller Exerciser
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If you definitely need something for your home, SkyFun Ab Roller may be the right workout machine for the job. While it targets the upper and lower abs, it also has an additional function of working on muscles surrounding the arms, shoulders and back at the same time. It possesses the quality of being stable with the aid of its non-skid two-wheel systems which makes it very easy to use, and a good choice for domestic purposes.

In fact, it does the work of burning off belly fat and calories completely, and this is exactly what many people need from a stomach exercise machine. The upper and lower abs region are not the only places in which the effect of this machine can be felt, but also in trimming the waistline and building upper body muscles.  It comes in different colors for people who are selective when it comes to colors.

Also, this workout tool has intriguing features and one of them is the padded cushioning as soft knee pads for maximum comfort in order to protect the knees from force either from hard or wooden floors. Also, it can move over a range of directions in order to make sure the qualities of these body parts are excellent. Lastly, the effect of this machine on the body is instant, i.e., results can be seen within a few weeks.

Main Features
  • Two-wheel Anti-skid system
  • Padded cushioning
  • Instructional guides
PROS (What we liked)
  • Works on several parts of the abdomen
  • Enhances a slimmer and tight waist
  • Builds the upper body perfectly
  • Highly flexible and improves user’ strength
  • Strengthens various joints of the body
  • Observable results after a few weeks
  • Burns out belly fat and calories
  • Very portable and easy to use
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Good choice for the home
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Exercise resistance is low which most people don’t expect
  • Not foldable
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2. Trendy Double Spring Tummy Trimmer Abs Exerciser For Belly Fat – Best Portability

Trendy Double Spring Tummy Trimmer Abs Exerciser For Belly Fat
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For both women and men that want something effective, this particular ab machine is the most suitable for the job because it trims the tummy neatly and gives neat, smooth abs without stress. Although it requires an effort on the user’s end, it is still a tool that targets the entire core muscles of the abdomen. This machine is simple in design and requires consistency within minutes of daily workout plan.

Often, people make use of this tool to burn out fat from the tummy, however, this Trendy Tummy Trimmer has a significant role to play in abs enhancement. It has features that make sure it is super comfortable and provides support to its user; thus, paying attention to resistance, an important property of a good ab machine. It targets areas such as Ab crunches, Oblique twists, Chest Press, Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Lateral Raise, and many others while the user lay on a smooth surface to slowly move back and forth.

If used appropriately, this machine will have a good impact on the abdomen. Over the years, it has been recommended by physiotherapists and health practitioners to be a good machine for rehabilitative and weight loss purposes. One more interesting about this tool is that it is very portable and can be used anywhere.

Main Features
  • Double spring system
  • Steel coil pull-up bar
  • Instructional guide
  • Sleek, ergonomic design
PROS (What we liked)
  • Highly recommended by health advisors against weight loss
  • Enhances the development of smart, nice abs
  • Works effectively and results can be seen within minutes
  • Great portability and lightweight body
  • Strengthens both upper and lower abs
  • Tightens both the hips and thighs
  • Can be stored easily
  • Super comfortable and safe
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Durability is not guaranteed
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3. Joyfit Unisex Ab Roller Wheel Multi Abdominal Core Exerciser – Best Roller/Wheel

Joyfit Unisex Ab Roller Wheel Multi Abdominal Core Exerciser
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A special kind of Ab roller/wheel is JoyFit Multi-abdominal core exerciser which can be used by both women and men. It is a unisex machine with difference which can be used to tone the arms, back and other areas of the body; hence, good exercising and carving too. It uses a four-wheel system which enhances maximum stability, and at the same time makes it effective.

This machine is highly durable and can be used for as long as possible, a property that differentiates it from other rollers/wheels on the market, providing total comfort to its user. As a training system with four wheels, it can do the work of a push-up stand which means there is additional balance guaranteed. Also, its use is basically to build muscles and burn excessive calories in the body through a series of movements.

Furthermore, it is made of the finest of material that makes it strong and usable without losing quality as time goes by. It features parts such as the handgrip, knee-pad, etc., just to make sure a user gets the best out of it. Lastly, it is a stretch or toning exercise machine that can be used by both beginners and professionals.

Main Features
  • 4-wheel system
  • Wear-proof material
  • Anti-skid system
  • Strong, sturdy arms
  • Foam knee pad
PROS (What we liked)
  • Durability is one of the reasons why many buyers prefer it more than others
  • Extra comfort and balance are enhanced with the aid of the knee pad
  • Uses a four-wheel system where stability is not an issue
  • Burns calories and build up core muscles easier and faster
  • Grips are very comfortable and convenient to hold
  • Versatile and worth a good value for money
  • Many improved features on the product
  • Comes at an affordable price
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No such cons were found.
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4. Fonthill® 4 Wheel AB Wheel Roller Stomach exercise machine

Fonthill is a name you can rely on for durable and sturdy exercise equipment. Fonthill 4 wheel AP wheel roller is a stomach exercise and abdominal fitness trainer. Men and women can use it.

It is necessary to have exercising and training equipment for toning shoulders, arms, abdomen, chest, and wrist muscles. The equipment also helps burn fat by contracting muscles of the abdominal. Fonthill 4 wheel AB wheel roller is a perfect alternative to the gym.

Main Features
  • The roller has non-slip handles, which makes it comfortable to hold with sweating hands.
  • The wheels of the roller are textured and have a non-skid coating which makes it safe to exercise.
  • The roller is light in weight and compact in size. It is easy to store when not in use.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The roller is easy to use.
  • It has a strong build for safety and durability.
  • It can be carried to parks, patios, or any other place to exercise.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No cons were observed.

5. Lifeline Exercise Air Bike With Back Seat – Best Universal

Lifeline Exercise Air Bike With Back Seat
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Lifeline Exercise Air bike is a machine with so many features, which is why many customers love it and would always want it as an ab machine. It has many health benefits which cannot be overemphasized, particularly the cardiovascular ones which has to do with the health. Exercises using this equipment is always advised by health practitioners in order to achieve a good living.

The cardiovascular benefits as a result of the bike in the framework, whereby riding it improves the heart and respiration rate. With regular exercises, high blood pressure and sugar levels are regulated properly in order to prevent a series of heart attacks. However, one reason why it is a considerably good machine is that it has an impact on the stomach (as an ab machine), so belly fat can be reduced and more chiseled abs can be formed.

This machine can be used within a range of 30 minutes as specified in the installation and instruction manual. When in use, the joints are well-coordinated; hence, it is joint-friendly rather than the contrary, where joints go through the pain and the after-effects are bad. Altogether, this machine has a lot to contribute on the entire bodywork, including the stomach and not only the hear or legs.

Main Features
  • Non-motorized exercise system
  • Steel frame construction
  • Adjustable arms and padded grips
  • Tension knob
  • Electronic meter
  • Adjustable seat
  • Portable body
PROS (What we liked)
  • Works on many parts of the body, including the heart
  • Joints are not affected negatively
  • Strong and very durable
  • Super comfortable to use at home
  • Ensures the burning of calories
  • Gives room for adjustments
  • Many features coupled with excellent performance
  • Cycling improves blood pumping and breathing rates
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Height could be such a problem for some set of people
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6. Cosco Multifunctional Bench Cs 10 – Best Exercise Levels

Cosco Multifunctional Bench Cs 10
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With many ab machines available, Cosco Multifunctional bench has proven itself effective, not just as a sit-up bench, but with factors that make it super exceptional. Out of many stomach exercise machines, this is a type with maximum efficiency because it is good for full body exercises. This machine promotes good health, and ensures it can correct all kinds of body/exercise-related issues.

Being a multifunctional and versatile machine, it can be used for all sort of purposes because it can incline, decline and even exist flat (3 exercise levels). Truth be told, benches are great things to have both at home and in the office because they strengthen both the home and correction. This is all thanks to the support foam that has been attached to the hardware which now makes it possible to keep up with regular workouts.

On the quality of material, Cosco bench is made from Taiwan steel which is known for its long-lasting tendencies. With the aid of this, performance and efficiency are enhanced at the same time, ad one gets the best of its use. It uses a PVC system to keep itself from either slippering or getting protected by a layered coating for resistance to corrosion.

Main Features
  • Foam support
  • Agile body
  • Cushioning
  • Incline, decline and Flat exercise level
PROS (What we liked)
  • Can be used to perform heavy duty exercises
  • Reaches all parts of the body without leaving anywhere out
  • Perfect cushioning of a chair to a seat which has an effect on the lower back.
  • Built with great expertise by designers who have a major breakthrough in ab machines
  • Durability is top notch
  • Leg support foam can be used to raise the leg above certain levels for comfort.
  • Offers three levels of exercises
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Quite expensive to buy
  • No warranty stated
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7. Propel Multipurpose Bench From Fitnessone – Best Advanced Exercises

Propel Multipurpose Bench From Fitnessone
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Propel Multipurpose is another sit-up bench that has a lot to contribute on the stomach because it does most of its work on the mid-section of the abdomen. Although it is simple equipment, its effects are great and take up an improved form of abdominal exercises. This comes as a board and other features to ensure stretch or back and forth movement is possible with a pressure exerted on the abs.

Generally, it is a simple, small, decline bench which has pads at the topmost part in order to hold and position the feet. This bench is adjustable on all levels which are the main reason why it can work for anyone of all age groups and status, i.e., beginners and advanced users. With this, you can perform several styles of crunches at different times.

There is a simultaneous interaction involved with the use of this exercise tool, and that is: the steeper the decline, the harder the crunch. Therefore, if you want a fast, advanced positive effects of the abdominal area to either get rid of belly fats or improve abs, this is the right tool for you. One more thing about this machine is that it works on the midsection of the abdomen as well as other parts such as the main abdomen, rectus abdominus, etc.

Main Features
  • Flat, decline board
  • Small body size
  • Adjustable system
PROS (What we liked)
  • Works effectively on critical parts of the abdomen
  • Can be adjusted on different levels for efficient use
  • Small but a decline in board structure
  • Targets midsection and treats all without cause
  • Versatile, i.e., multipurpose in function
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Tool cannot do crunches without a hold
  • Quite expensive with no warranty
  • Although, suitable by everyone for advanced exercises, it is still difficult to handle at some points
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8. Mse Real Plastic Body Maker 4-wheel Abs Roller With Knee Mat And Floor Wedge Exercise Equipment – Best Design

Mse Real Plastic Body Maker 4-wheel Abs Roller With Knee Mat And Floor Wedge Exercise Equipment
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Asides ab machine being good with facilities, there are roller/wheels with immense benefit in workout routines. One of many sleek wheels is the MSE Real Plastic roller that has 4-wheel system which means stability is guaranteed. Although, it is made of plastic, it is highly durable; this is all due to the nature of the additional material, steel.

While you work-out, you are sure to enjoy wonderful moments using this equipment because it does the work of toning the core abdominal muscles as well as other parts of the body. These parts include the arms, shoulders and back, which may require other kinds of exercises; hence, it is versatile. There is one reason why people would love to go for this product either as a beginner, intermediate learner or advanced person, and that is because of its portability – it can be taken along anywhere and anytime.

Still, on structural outlook, this ab machine has a spring-loaded slider that does the work of stretching to certain points and returning back to original position. This movement can be done repeatedly while you leaning over with the arms within your grip. Indeed, this roller/wheel is super comfortable and supportive with all the features and properties in place.

Main Features
  • Plastic and steel material
  • Spring-loaded slider
  • Four-wheel system
  • Strong metal arms
  • Mat and instructional guides
PROS (What we liked)
  • Can be used at all times, and anywhere because of its portable size
  • Very stable when compared to other types of roller machines
  • Inclusion of a mat for added support and comfort
  • Durability is good enough
  • Takes and returns back to position with ease
  • Usable by all kinds of people regardless of status
  • Tones the core muscles of the abdomen, and other parts such as the arms and back
  • Replaces many exercise tools
  • Provides upper body fitness or workout
  • Storage is not a problem
  • Available at a cheap price
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No cons were mentioned.
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9. Hashtag Fitness Home Gym Equipment Combo 50 Kg With 8 In 1 Multipurpose Bench – Best For The Gym

Hashtag Fitness Home Gym Equipment Combo 50 Kg With 8 In 1 Multipurpose Bench
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With so many gym facilities on the market, this is certainly a different one which can be used at home. Hashtag multipurpose bench is simply a sit-up bench with so many other features in place for effectiveness and can be used for numerous exercises. Often called the 8 in 1 bench gym which means it includes exercises such as the incline, decline and flat bench press, leg curl and extension, and many others to help in the toning of core muscles and reduction of fat.

This machine has a 50 Kg PVC which is good enough to install in the home, and follow routines for some minutes before setting off for the day. This is a heavy-duty machine at the same time which supports many exercises, even difficult ones; it makes it a good choice for professionals more than beginners. However, all-round workouts aren’t such a problem for this ab machine because it is what it does without stress.

Also, it has several things in its package which makes its use a stress-free one. Many customers who have tried out this stomach exercise machine have confessed that it is indeed worth the value for money and can be used over-time.

Main Features
  • Offers Curl bar, Straight bar
  • 14” iron dumbbell rods with bolts
  • Comes with Leather gloves, skipping ropes, Spring lock, Assemble tools
  • Has Exercise guidelines
  • The product weighs 50 Kg.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Can be used to do a lot of exercises
  • Usable mostly at home
  • Comes with many accessories and features
  • Easy installation through the guide
  • Tones core chest muscles excellently
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Quite expensive
  • There are reports that the quality of this product is bad
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10. Ibiza Six Pack Abs Exerciser Machine – Best Durability

Ibiza Six Pack Abs Exerciser Machine
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Ibiza Exercise machine is ground-breaking because it has up to 20 different modes which is suitable for exercises, and one of them is the reduction of belly fat and enhancement of abs. It is an effective tool that doesn’t cost much, and many users will be pleased with its structural outlook because it consists of everything needed for a perfect fitness exercise. Most importantly, it is very durable and stylish in design which makes it one of the best-selling stomach exercise machines on the market.

On the basis of its functions, it is targeted towards the middle, lower and lateral muscles of the abdomen while it rotates through a 360-degree direction. The bench even makes things easier because it is comfortable and can hold up any weight. There is also so much preference for machines like this that are foldable and can be adjusted to different sizes or levels for efficiency.

It has central handles in its design which makes it easy to do push-ups and never get tired too easily. In general, this is a good machine to own at home for early workout routines, even as it is a great ab influencer.

Main Features
  • Stylish, Foldable design
  • Central handles help with better gripping
  • Steel Frame offers stability.
  • Offers 20 Exercise modes
PROS (What we liked)
  • A perfect ab machine for everyone
  • Can be used for as many years as possible (highly durable)
  • Design is great
  • Compact and adjustable
  • Weight is excellent
  • Good value for money
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Few users stated that built quality of the product is not great.
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Frequently Asked Questions

It is impossible for people not to have questions relating to stomach exercise machines, and that is why we have picked and answered some of the frequently asked questions about these machines. These answers are the best solutions we can offer to help you have a better understanding on ab machines.

1. Are Ab Rollers stable?

Stability is one important thing for any machine, but when it comes to ab rollers, there are a series of questions. One of these questions is the stability of the rollers when in use. This factor depends on the manufacturer, and what makes it possible is the dual or two-roller system which aids stability in some.

2. What are the limitations of Ab machines?

Generally, machines always have limitations and extents to which they can get work done. For an ab machine, a known limitation is the fact that when important parts of the body like the arms when not displaced properly across the equipment could get you injured. You are liable to fall or twist body parts which could be very painful.

3. Do I need to breathe when working out using an ab machine?

While working out, there is the need for oxygen to flow through the body, especially the core muscles. Oxygen needs to work to the highest capacity; therefore, breathing in and out is important through your routines. People are often advised to go for machines that will not limit their breathing, but further enhance it.


If there is something we have learned, it is that: there are so many products on the market, particularly the ab machines, and it takes a lot to figure out and bring out the best out of them. These products exist in so many forms which could either be improved or otherwise depending on the manufacturer. There is so much to know about these machines because going to the market is not enough to get you the right, suitable product.

While there are factors above to help you through the selection process and make sure you pick the best, there is the need to consider something else.

Choosing our preferred choice out of a list of others in the category was such a difficult process because they are all good in their respective forms and structure. However, we made our pick anyway with regard to the factors in the buying guide, customer reviews, and ratings on remarkable online stores. Below are the choices we have made on the basis of their categories;

LifeLine Exercise Air Bike

HashTag Fitness Multipurpose Bench

JoyFit Unisex Ab Roller

In conclusion, we strongly recommend any of these 9 products to interested buyers who need to get something for their belly fat or improvement of abs. These stomach exercise machines are great in quality, but needs proper consideration to budget and functions. Have a wonderful time getting your stomach back in shape!


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