Best Manicure, Pedicure tools and Spa Kits

Our feet and hands are often overused and receive the most beating from our daily activities. More often, people tend to think that manicure and pedicure treatment is a luxury indulgence. Wrong! You need to understand that getting pedicure or manicure provides several advantages for you and your health. They keep your hands and feet healthy and looking young.

Now, the challenge comes when you want to buy the best manicure and pedicure tools and SPA kits products. In today’s cosmetic world, various products promise to work for your hands and feet only to make your situation worse. Some of these products are infused with harmful chemical elements which might be harsh on your skin.

Other products might not work at all. It can be painful to lose your money and worst, harm your skin. That’s why we took the time to conduct comprehensive research to come up with this review that includes everything that will help you make the right purchase like types of manicures , types of pedicures, benefits of manicure and pedicureafter effects of pedicure and also answered the commonly asked questions. We have listed down the important tools to buy required for a perfect grooming session at home.

What is Manicure?

A typical manicure at home involves shaping and filing fingernails. More so, it can involve pushing back and clipping the cuticles for an elegant look. In addition to moisturizing, soaking, and massaging, manicure might include polishing the fingernails.

Manicure is a fantastic way to give your hands a complete makeover. But when going for a manicure treat, do you know the type of treat you want? Don’t look shocked! There are several types of manicures out there. Let’s analyze each type into details;

Types of Manicures

Basic Manicure

A basic manicure is fast and straightforward. More so, you can change if you’re bored with it. It’s fuss-free and affordable. The manicurist will apply a cream or oil or lotion on your cuticles to soften them. Your hands will get soaked in a bowl containing warm water for about 5-7 minutes. After drying your hands, the manicurist will clean cuticles, trim the nails, apply a base coat, and thereafter, colored nail polish of your choice.

Paraffin Manicure

If your hands are dry and rough, then a paraffin manicure is the best bet. It is a customized manicure for your hands. The process involves an invigorating hand massage with oils to soften your hands.

The manicurist will massage your hands with a lotion or oils as the melted paraffin wax cools down. Your palms will then get immersed into paraffin wax and out. The process is repeated for seven times to give your hands seven layers of paraffin wax. After an hour, your hands will get cleansed followed by a regular manicure process.

Gel Manicure

This is one of the most preferred manicure processes because of it last longer. It’s ideal for individuals looking for a stylish option for nails with low-maintenance. The process doesn’t demand regular visits to SPAs or salons for the manicure process.

The process starts with nail trimming, buffing, cleaning, pushing the cuticles back, and applying the base coat. The manicurist should apply two coats of special gel polish. Thereafter, your nails will get exposed to UV light for drying the nail polish. It’s an easy process that takes a few minutes.

Acrylic Manicure

Do you desire to have long and stylish nails? Then acrylic manicure is your ultimate solution. The process integrates the use of a liquid monomer and powder monomer to form a hard and stylish acrylic nail over your nails. It’s ideal for people with fragile nails. The process is quite tricky; therefore, get a good Spa or salon.

For the acrylic manicure, your nails will get buffed to make the surface rough. This is because a rough surface makes acrylic nails to stick easily on your original nail surface. The mixture of a gum-like solution is applied on the nails and sculpted using a brush. The manicurist will smoothen the rough ends to give you a smooth nail.

Shellac Manicure

Are you a lazy blood who cannot take care of your nails regularly? If this is you, we have a solution- shellac manicure! It involves a blend of regular nail polish and gels for durability. This means fewer chances of chipping.

In this process, your nails will be cleaned, filed, and shaped. Subsequently, two high-quality coats of shellac nail polish will be applied and dried with a dryer. It takes a few minutes. This type of manicure strengthens your nails, and it lasts for about two weeks without chipping.

French Manicure

It’s stylish, sophisticated, chic! You can never get disappointed with a basic French manicure. The fashion-conscious divas love experimenting with this standard procedure. The entire process is very simple and effective.

Your nails will be painted with a beige or clear or pale pink nail polish. After that, the experienced manicurist will pain the tips of your nails with white nail polish to form a crescent shape. However, you can paint the tips in different shades to suit your fashion and style.

Reverse French Manicure

This is a stylish version of the French manicure. On this one, the crescent moon will get painted in the darker shade right at the base of your nails. It is fast, stylish and simple.

After your nails get cleaned, trimmed and shaped, you will have your hands dipped in lukewarm water for about five minutes. The cuticles will be clipped or pushed back for a crescent moon shape to get painted near them. You can bet this will look elegant on you!

American Manicure

American manicure is almost the same as a French manicure, with an elusive difference. Your nails will get a natural and more blended look. It’s a go-to, quick, and elegant style for individuals who love a neutral look. It follows a simple manicure process of cleaning, trimming and shaping nails. Here, the nails get a rounder shape, unlike the French manicure where your nails are shaped into a square form. The ivory shades are then applied to your nails.

Vinylux Manicure

If you love fashion and quickly get bored with the same nail style, then Vinylux manicure suits you best. The process precedes the basic manicure process, and later your nails will be painted with Vinylux nail color. The colors come in various shades to help you choose your best paint. More so, it allows you to have a regular color change without sacrificing your style.

Mirror Manicure

Mirror nails have taken social media platforms by storm. It’s a trend you will find on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and even on Pinterest. The millennials are crazy about it due to their stunning and chic appearance. After completing the basic manicure steps, a thick coat dark nail polish is applied evenly on the nails. The polish is dried under the UV lamp. Then a chrome pigment is brushed carefully on the nails to give a mirror effect.

What is Pedicure?

Now that we have looked into manicure and various types of manicures, we can now dwell on a pedicure and learn more about it.

Pedicures existed since ancient times, but for the last 20 years, the foot care treatment has experienced a huge boost in popularity. The explosive divergence into fashion and style has led the opening of many Spas and salons. You might be wondering what a pedicure is or how it feels. Don’t be wary. We have every detail that you need.

So, we can simply say that pedicure at home is a cosmetic treatment of toenails and feet. Although there are different types of pedicures, a regular pedicure procedure is generally simple and get conducted in a salon rather than a spa. It follows the following steps:

  • Soaking your feet in warm water to relax and soften the skin and toenails
  • You will get a foot scrub to get rid of flaky dry foot skin and calluses
  • The pedicurist will apply a moisturizer on your feet and give you a lower leg massage
  • Get your nails trimmed and filed with a cuticle treatment. That’s why you need a cuticle oil.

Classic pedicure process can take about 30 to 60 minutes. The time limit depends on the condition of your feet and the polis you choose. Some nail polishes take long to dry while other dries fast.

What Does It Feel Like to Get a Pedicure?

If you have never had a cosmetic foot treatment before, then you can have a wild imagination of various experiences. Some people describe the process relaxing while others feel tickled. This is a classical experience you might get:

Welcoming – Experienced pedicurists will receive and greet you with a smile. Give you a warm welcome and direct or escort you to a chair. Some salons and spas serve their guests with a drink.

Soothed – Nothing feels nice like dipping your feet into the warm water. You will probably feel tingly and super relaxed. It drains away your worries and stress, leaving you almost sleepy.

Tickle TorturedFact: No matter how cool you feel when people are touching your feet, getting rid of dead skin using a foot file or pumice stone will make you feel ticklish.

Hesitant – In most cases, people who are having a pedicure treatment for the first time might feel unsure about the entire process. You might be tempted to pull your foot back as the pedicurist is trying to give you a perfect look and feel. But be sure that your pedicurist is a responsible and skilled professional who perform these kinds of procedures every day.

Relaxed – The moisturizing step is the best stage of a pedicure process and will make you feel relaxed.

Impressive – You’re assured of getting impressive results and great feel. Your feet are clean, soft, and smooth.

What are the Benefits of Manicure and Pedicure?

Manicures and pedicures are not just random ways of pampering yourself. Regular practices provide you with great benefits, suitable for your wellbeing and overall health. They keep your hands and feet supple and looking young.

Boost Your Nail Health– Regular manicures and pedicures reduce the chances of your nails developing fungi and other infections. Our hands are especially exposed to a lot of products and elements daily. Deep cleaning will remove the dead cells and enhances the growth of new cells, leaving your nails healthier and stronger.

Boosts Blood Circulation– During pedicure or manicure process, you will get a relaxing massage on your hands and feet. Massage is one of the most recommended practices for boosting blood circulation. It also improves mobility for the joints.

Keep Feet and Hands Soft and Smooth – With regular manicures and pedicures, your skin and nails will remain soft and smooth.

De-stressBody massage is a great way to reinvigorate and relax your nerves. You should also extend the same to your feet and hands to help you relax while improving the look and feel of your feet and hands. An elegant look will put a smile on your face, which leads to decreased stress levels.

What are the Different Types of Pedicures?

Feet might not be the popular body part, but they deserve a treat. This has led to many types of pedicure procedures meant to give you treatment at various levels. Let’s learn more.

Regular or Classic Pedicure

It’s a standard pedicure treatment that can be offered by almost all spas and salons. It involves a warm foot soak and food scrubbing with a foot file or pumice stone. The nails are clipped and shaped, and the cuticles pushed back. You will get a foot massage, moisturizer, and nail polish of your desire. It is a simple, inexpensive procedure.

Sports or Athletic Pedicure

It’s slightly different from regular pedicure but with many similarities. The cooling aromatic is used in soothing sore and relaxing tired muscles. There are different scents like cucumber, peppermint, and eucalyptus. The procedure is recommended for individuals suffering from stubborn calluses, ingrown toenails, and other foot issues.

Chocolate Pedicure

If you’re a chocoholic, then this is what you need. The pedicure uses elements like a chocolate foot mask, a chocolate-hued nail polish, chocolate moisturizing lotion, and chocolate foot soak. Chocolate has healthy foot benefits like making the skin firm, and it’s also a powerful antioxidant. Apart from great health benefits, the chocolate smell is to die for.

Gel Pedicure

This procedure is almost like the classic pedicure, except that the pedicurist uses gel polish instead of nail polish. It’s more lasting because the gel polish is formulated to last for more than two weeks without chipping. However, it comes with bad side effects like dry nails.

Spa Pedicure

This is a classic elevated pedicure. It involves the usage of various upgrades like aromatherapy oils, exfoliating scrub, and a hot towel wrap. The spa pedicure is conducted in a relaxing, private environment to give you an ultra-relaxed feeling.

Fish Pedicure

A fish pedicure is one of the fishiest trends to hit the beauty world. Surprisingly, it is touted as the most effective pedicure procedure around the globe. It involves the removal of calluses and dead skin by a small carp fish called doctor fish or garra rula fish. It’s a painless practice that originated from Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Turkey.

Margarita Pedicure

It’s time to give your feet a party with this margarita practice. It includes lime-based massage oil, a salt scrub, and a lime-scented moisturizer.

1. Foolzy Professional Manicure Set Grooming Kit – Best Quality

This is a classy and stylish 16-in-1 manicure kit that contains multi-function tools. The set is made by Foolzy, an international company that is known for exceptional craftsmanship. The ergonomic and sturdy design is an assurance that the collection will last you for long — the kit jump in quality blended by affordable price to offer your great results at a considerable budget. However, the tools are too sharp- which is what you want- but take caution especially when using it on kids.

Main Features
  • Unbeatable Quality

Foolzy Professional Manicure set is not only an attractive set but also made of high-quality material to ensure the tools last you for long. The top-notch black steel material is extremely hard, rust-resistant, and super sharp. Rust-resistant nature prevents you from the risk of infections. Therefore, the kit is safe to use.

  • Multifunction items

The kit contains several that are designed for various purposes. The manicure pedicure set is divided into three major functions for facial care, hand care, and foot care. Get flawless eyebrows and well-groomed nails that will enable you to spread your hands and feet in pride and confidence.

  • Compact

One of the best features of this set is its lightweight and small design that makes transportation easy and convenient. The small size helps you to fit the kit in your bag. It’s great for home life and outdoor travels.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The kit comes in exquisite packaging. The protective synthetic leather case is both functional and stylish
  • Highly versatile equipment that can be used for hand, foot, and facial care
  • Made of black steel which is rust-resistant
  • Easy to store in a bag
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Some users say a few tools in the set are flimsy

2. I & I USA Metal 11-in-1 Manicure and Pedicure Kit – Our Best Pick

Jagged, ratty nails can bring down your best look. That’s is why you need to invest in a personal manicure kit to help you appear professional and spread your nails with confidence. The 11-in-1 by I & I USA is a stainless-steel manicure and pedicure kit, designed for your daily grooming needs. It can meet your basic feet, facial, and hand care demands without drying your pockets. The stainless-steel construction provides you with an effective and durable solution. It’s rust resistant which helps in minimizing the risk of infection. It doesn’t break easily so you can have it for a long time.

Main Features
  • A Complete Set

This grooming kit is fully packaged to ensure you have everything you need for your grooming. The set comes with 11 pieces made of high-quality material to offer you the required service for a long period. The beauty tools included are nail clippers, an acne needle, a nail file, an eyebrow tweezer, among many other essential tools.

  • Lightweight and Portable

Taking care of your hands, feet, and face is essential in keeping a professional and stunning look. However, that doesn’t mean you need to carry bulky beauty tools. That is why this functional and elegant kit comes with a fashionable and stylish leather case. The case is compact and lightweight that can easily fit in your bag to bring it with you wherever you go. The inner compartment has elastic slots to help you organize the tools.

  • Durable

The beauty tools are made of high-quality stainless steel. They are corrosion and rust resistant to prevent the risk of infection and to last you for long. The tools will remain sturdy and sharp to give you clean, professional, and safe nails.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Corrosion and rust resistant
  • Made of stainless steel for durability
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish and fashionable kit
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Might be too sharp to give to children
  • It contains many tools that some folks may not need

3. Foolzy Stainless Steel Nail Utility 18-in-1 Grooming Travel Set – Best Design

Foolzy nail groom is a durable groomer that is made with high-quality, stainless steel precision blades. The construction gives you perfect nails and smooth face. The 18-in-1 kit contains tools like facial care kit, large size nail groomer, eyebrow scissors, toenail file, dead skin remover, ear pick, eyebrow tweezers, crescent pedicure knife, and many more. All these tools deliver great results and will last you for decades.

Main Features
  • Adorable Tools

The 18-in-1 is a classic manicure and pedicure kit that comes at an affordable price. It contains 18 essentials tools that will take care of your fingernails, toenails, and your face. Some of the included tools are multi-purpose scissors, double head with acne, 5x pedicure knives- which comes in different shapes and sizes, dead skin remover, nail file, bevel nail groomer, and many more.

  • Portable Size

Taking care of your nails should be an easy and enjoyable task. You don’t need to be bagged with bulky tools which might not even fit in your bag. Fortunately, the 18-in-1 kit is designed with a compact, portable size, and material case. It makes it easy, comfy, and convenient to carry. You can easily stash the kit in your bag for use at home or travel.

  • High-Quality

The essential manicure set is made of stainless steel for durability. The tools cover all your hand, pedicure, and facial needs.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The leather is designed with separate cases to organize the tools to prevent scratches and spread of fungal infections
  • Made of stainless steel for a classy look and durability
  • Lightweight, easy transportation
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Comes with a nice-looking leather pouch
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The quality of the nail filer could have been better
  • Too small to hold firmly

4. Rks Aroma Manicure and Pedicure Kit – Best for Nourishing Nails

Rks manicure and pedicure kit nourished dull nails and rejuvenated tired feet and hands. The nourishing and gentle massage oil enhances suppleness and healthy elasticity. The scrub exfoliates and cleanses the skin to give you a glowing and flawless look.

More so, it restores luster to your feet and hand making them radiant, soft, and supple. It is infused with incredible ingredients that give it the power to nourish, rejuvenate, and promotes healthy, radiant skin.

Main Features
  • Enhances a Healthy Skin

The kit content contains hand and foot pack, scrub, oil, hand and foot wash, and aqua blue aroma salt. It is also infused with great ingredients like rose oil, tea tree oil, stearic acid, cocobataine, glycerin, vitamins that act as natural preservatives, cedar powder, soapstone, and titanium dioxide. These are a few but essential elements found in Rks Aroma which promotes healthy and radiant skin.

  • Nourishing

The kit nourishes broken nails and revitalizes tired hands and feet. It comes with a scrub that helps in exfoliating dead skin. When used regularly, the kit restores luster and elasticity on your hands and feet. This will leave you with radiant and supple skin for a smooth touch. It invigorates your nails and softens the cuticles.  The moisture-rich ingredients hydrate and restore your skin’s moisture level. Even the driest skill will stay radiant and renewed.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Comes with hand and feet scrub for exfoliation
  • The oil enhances healthy elasticity
  • It will restore your moisture levels
  • Enhances a radiant, supple skin
  • Inexpensive
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The kit is too small
  • The scrub might feel rough on sensitive skin, hence, use it cautiously

5. Foolzy 4-in-1 Manicure Pedicure Kit Set – Best Price

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a manicure pedicure kit, then 4-in-1 kit by Foolzy can be the best bet. It is a simple set with essential tools to keep your nails well-groomed, neat, and elegant. The set is compact and travel-friendly which is made of top quality stainless steel and supreme grade plastic to ensure optimum functionality, durability, and longevity.

Main Features
  • Functional

The three main functions of this set are pedicuring, manicuring, and exfoliating. Exfoliation is essential as it helps in many skin problems, enables you to achieve glowing and healthy skin, as well as to increase blood circulation. However, exfoliate your skin twice a week. Do not exfoliate your skin daily as it will strip away your natural oils leaving you dry skin. More so, remember to apply a nourishing moisturizer to hydrate your skin from the outside in.

  • Stylish

Apart from the kit being highly-functional, it also comes in an elegant and fashionable package which can be an ideal gift set for men, modern-day women, and teens. The packaging is too compact to ensure it fits effortlessly in a bag.

  • High-Quality

Foolzy 4-in-1 kit is built to last you for decades. It strikes a balance between affordability and quality, which most brands fail to achieve. Each product is designed using stainless steel and grade plastic fabric for optimum longevity, durability, and functionality.

  • Portable

The package is lightweight for portability. The compact size makes fit in your bag making it suitable for home use and travel purpose.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The kit is explicitly designed for exfoliation, manicuring, and pedicuring
  • Made of stainless steel and supreme grade plastic which guarantees ultimate durability
  • Suitable for travel
  • Ideal for home use
  • Comes in a stylish and fashionable package
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The manufacturer could have done a better job concerning the quality

6. Vaadi Herbals Refreshing and Soothing Pedicure and Manicure SPA Kit – Much Loved

The divine combination of aromatic oils and various herbs makes this kit safe for people with sensitive skin. The kit is well formulated to beautify and pamper your hands and feet. The kit is infused with several natural ingredients like turmeric extract, thyme, cocoa butter, Shea butter, among many others. It comes with a foot cleanser, foot cream, foot scrub, and anti-tan foot mask, nail and cuticle oil.

Main Features
  • Natural Ingredients

The kit is loaded with several natural elements for healthy hands, feet, and nails. Some of the active ingredients include vitamin A and E, lemongrass oil, turmeric, clove oil, and jojoba oil.

  • Nail and Cuticle Oil

It conditions and moisturizes nail walls and cuticle areas to prevent cracking.

  • Foot Scrub

It uses precious herbs and scrubs to exfoliate dead skin and calluses, to make your feet supple and super soft.

  • Foot Cream

The kit comes with a foot cream designed to softens and repairs rough, cracked, and hard heels.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Leaves you with a supple and super soft skin
  • Infused with powerful natural ingredients for healthy feet, hands, and nails
  • Moisturizes and smoothen the skin
  • Affordable price tag
  • Many users have appreciated its quality and the results
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It has a strong smell
  • It might cause rashes and itching effects

7. Lotus Professional Spa Luxurious Rejuvenating Rose Crystal Pedicure and Manicure Kit – Best Results

SPA services are worth the splurge. However, cashing for a frequent Swedish massage in a month will cost you. If you are among the individuals who love peace in a romantic environment, or probably you cannot go out without getting your nails done, there is a set that is designed with you in mind. Crystal Spa kit will help you to treat yourself with spa services at home without costing you a fortune. Unfortunately, the bag is not for facial use.

Main Features
  • Rejuvenating

This manicure and pedicure kit is infused with Ayur sunscreen. The sunscreen is enriched with vitamin E and Wheatgem oil. Vitamin E protects your skin against harmful V rays. On the other hand, the Wheatgem oil prevents darkening, sunburn, provides active cell protection, and makes complexion fair. You can, therefore, be guaranteed healthy, rejuvenated skin with this kit.

  • Nourishes

Lots Spa kit is uniquely designed with several, natural ingredients which helps in soothing, smoothing, and nourishing the skin. Thanks to the powerful blend of botanical extracts. The luxurious formulation renews and protects hands, nails, and feet.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The formulation has Ayur sunscreen which protects your skin from harmful UV rays
  • It rejuvenates and nourishes your skin
  • You can use the kit for about 12 manicure and six pedicure
  • Many users have appreciated the post spa results
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The aroma of rose is a bit high

8. Lotus Spa Luxurious Professional Crystal Manicure and Pedicure Rejuvenating Rose – Best for Exfoliation

Rose has been part of the beauty regime for decades. This is because it’s extremely organic and can be used by people of all skin types. It’s used in many cosmetic products due to its enhancing benefits to the skin and the refreshing fragrance. Whether you have dry or oily skin, the rose cream can help. Apart from rejuvenating the skin, the rose cream will also help you in maintaining the skin’s pH balance. It will also unclog the pores.

Main Features
  • Loaded with Great Benefits

As we all know, products infused with rose tend to be largely beneficial to our skins. The rose effect helps control excess oil secretion. Anxiety might cause your skin to look weary. The aroma of rejuvenating rose cream will induce a relaxing effect on your feet and hands. The cream also regenerates the dead skin tissues, making the skin to look nourished.

  • Milk and Honey Cream

Lotus Professional Spa Kit is a penetrating cream that provides potent antioxidants and hydration without leaving any traces of oil residue. It improves the control of massage, boosts maneuverability, and moisturize the skin.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Best cream for exfoliation, leaving you with a smooth skin
  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • It will induce a relaxing feeling on your hands and feet
  • Moisturize the skin
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Cannot be used for the facial purpose
  • Expensive

9. Lotus Herbals Professional Manicure and Pedicure Strawberry SPA Kit – Best Fragrance

Strawberries are not only delicious but also have a nourishing effect on our skin. They are rich in antioxidants and loaded with Vitamin C to give you radiant skin. Lotus Herbals Strawberry Kit comes with five steps strawberry crystal soak, skin polisher, decrystalizer, cuticle cream, hand and foot masque, and honey.

Main Features
  • Strawberry is Extremely Helpful

Strawberry contains anti-oxidant ellagic acid which helps prevent collagen destruction, which is the primary cause of wrinkle formation. Hence, using this kit will give you smooth skin on your feet and hands.

The nourishing strawberry cream will also protect you from harmful UV rays. More so, you can use the cream for foot exfoliation leaving you with supple and soft feet.

  • Instant Results

With Lotus pedicure and manicure kit, you are guaranteed instant result. You can use it regularly for better results. If you have been longing for soft and tender hands and feet, then you should grab this kit. Although pricey, the kit will meet your manicure and pedicure needs.

  • Long-lasting Fragrance

Well, sometimes it’s not all about a supple skin. You also need to smell nice and look good. The strawberry fragrance will give you a relaxing feeling and make the heads turn.

  • Herbal Product

This is an herbal product that promises to take care of your skin without intoxicating you with harmful chemicals. The natural ingredients used are ideal for people with sensitive skin.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The strawberry has vitamin C to give you a smooth, radiant skin
  • It has a long-lasting fragrance to make you smell nice
  • It’s an herbal product that is ideal for people with sensitive skin
  • It may give your hands and feet a lighter shade
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A user stated that the effects did not last for a long time

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Men Get Pedicures?

YES! Long gone are the days when men used to have rough and cranky skins. We are in the 21st century for heaven sake! Pedicures aren’t just for women and girls. The foot treatment enables men to maintain foot health and prevent many painful and problematic foot issues like ingrown toenails, calluses, and heel fissures.

2. What is the difference between pedicure and manicure?

Manicure involves shaping and filing fingernails. More so, it can involve pushing back and clipping the cuticles for an elegant look. In addition to moisturizing, soaking, and massaging, manicure might include polishing the fingernails.

Pedicure involves your feet. It is a therapeutic treatment that removes dead skin, softens the skin and treats toenails.

3. How often should I do a pedicure and manicure?

You can get your manicure done anywhere from one to four times a week. However, on average once every two to three weeks for a manicure and once a month for a pedicure will result in your tips and toes looking groomed at all times.

4. What is normally used in the manicure water?

When soaking your feet in warm water, you can use some orange sticks to remove the dirt from under your nails. You could also add some salts in the foot bath with some scented oils to make your feet softer.

5. What is a basic manicure treatment?

A standard manicure usually includes filing and shaping the nails and coating them with nail polish, as well as soaking and moisturizing the hands. However, there are also specialist manicures for just the hands, or just as a nail treatment.

6. How long I’m I supposed to soak my feet during a pedicure treatment?

You should soak your feet for at least ten minutes in order to soften the skin and clean the toe nails. This will also help to relax your tired toes. Using an orange stick also works at removing dirt under the nails.


Taking care of your feet and hands is extremely important in your overall grooming procedure, and it helps keep your skin glowing and smooth.

Ensure to invest in a good quality pedicure kit, or spa Kit so that you can get excellent results every time you do a pedicure or manicure. Do not go for very cheap products as these may not be the most ideal, and they may also not give you what you are looking for.


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