Top 8 Best DJ Controllers

Want to start a new DJ recording studio but confused about which DJ controller to buy? Here, we have provided everything you require to know about the DJ controller, which will help you make the right purchase.

Are you looking for things to be considered while buying a DJ Controller If yes, in this article, we have included even the basic thing to be considered while buying a DJ mixer.

Can I start DJing at home? and how to set it up? Yes, you can start practicing at home with a basic DJ controller.

We have explained with different types of DJ controller, how to set up and top picks from our end. However, the DJ controllers are categorized based on the user DJ, i.e. a beginner DJ cannot use or find difficulty in using a professional DJ controller.

A beginner controller comes with fewer features compared to professional ones.

We have provided all the information about the working of DJ controllers. Also, we have done the research and curated a list of Our Top 8 Recommended products that are available in the market. Moreover, we have added a few FAQ’s to help you avoid confusion.

Top 8 Best DJ Controllers in India

Product (Best Brands)Average User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our Choice
Multiple Mode
Heavy-weight professional controller
High-resolution display controller
Mid-level controller
Basic DJ controller

How does it work?

A DJ Controller is digital equipment that allows DJs to mix the music with the preferred software using different components of the controller. A microprocessor in the DJ Controller allows easy control of software rather than following a traditional way of using a laptop, touchpad.

Also, controllers send signals to the laptop or computer on how to mix the audio using the DJ software.

DJ Controller has built-in sound cards that allow listening to the music before connecting them to the output. Moreover, DJ Controller using MIDI protocols to communicate with the laptop or computer.

Now, coming to the point of how the DJ controller works.

To make it work, you must connect the DJ controller to the laptop or computer with DJ software installed. After proper connection establishment, the computer transmits the track to the DJ controller, and the DJ starts mixing the tracks.

The DJ listen to them in headphones prior to transmitting it to the speakers, amplifiers.

Setup required for DJ

For DJing, you require a few basic setups, either you are a beginner DJ or professional DJ. Here, we list the basic equipment required

  • Input device –  You need either a turntable or CD decks as input devices for mixing the tracks
  • Mixer – Generally, professional DJ tend to use a mixer for the proper mixing of the tracks and controlling. It allows for producing different effects
  • Headphones – You need to listen to your cues, and mix tunes and hence any well-performing noise-canceling headphone is ideal
  • Controller – they allow to mix the music efficiently using their preferred software
  • Speakers –  to hear the mixes with popular clarity you need high-end speakers or high-quality speakers

Types of DJ Controller

DJ Controllers help to mix the music using the software, jog wheels, knobs, and other components. Specifically, controllers do not have different types; rather, they are classified based on the level of DJ.

A beginner DJ cannot use a professional DJ controller while a professional DJ irritates or feel less convenient to use an entry-level or beginner DJ controller.

Traditionally, the DJ controller works with a specified DJ software or a few DJ software. Hence, a standard MIDI protocol is used by most of the DJ controller.


If you are learning DJing from scratch or just started DJing, it is best to opt for a DJ controller that falls under entry-level. A beginner DJ controller will be lightweight and does not include great features.

An ideal beginner DJ controller contains two to four channels. Also, a beginner DJ controller will have basic functionalities.

A beginner DJ controller includes jog wheels with basic techniques, a well-equipped mixer with a knob for adjusting the volume and crossfader, a built-in sound card, headphones with cue control, and a DJ software.

Apart from this, it should be available in your budget. Pioneer DDJ 400 is ideal for a beginner with sound mixer effects.


We can not find any intermediate DJ controller as we find beginner or professional in the market. Yet few DJ controllers are available in the market that performs great but not as a professional DJ controller.

Also, they will not be as simple as a beginner DJ controller. They include few additional features apart from proper jog wheels, in-built screens, well-equipped mixers, and adjusting knob.

For example, we consider Roland DJ-202 as intermediate DJ controller. They have all the above-mentioned features. Additionally, sequencer and drum machine are included.

A beginner DJ find difficult in properly using sequencer and drum machine. It might be confusing.

So, any DJ who is well-versed with Beginner DJ controllers and started to work on a professional DJ controller can feel easy to use Roland DJ-202.


Professional DJ Controller includes enhanced versions and many features to operate. Also, it is not defined by the price.

A professional DJ controller includes top-quality sound-card, in-built screens, professional-grade input and outputs, solidly built, VU metering per channel, and a hardware mixer that can easily hot external media players and turntables.

For example, Denon DJ MCX8000 is considered as a professional DJ controller.

It has a four-channel digital mixer with two mic inputs and dual XLR output — also, two HD display screens and built-in Engine software that allow you to perform without a laptop.

Moreover, it has a powered USB port for external hard drives.

What to look at while buying a DJ controller?

Built quality

Ensure that the controller is made using premium quality materials. It should have a robust and robust build quality for enhanced durability.

Apart from this, a distinctive styling with an intuitive layout and aluminum jog wheels will give it a professional feel.

Battery life

A battery-operated DJ controller should have a dominant high capacity battery type. It should be easy to charge and should also have a long battery life.

This allows you to use the controller continuously without having to worry about its exhaustion. It should be able to be charged using a USB cable.

Screen size

Check for a suitable screen size while purchasing a DJ controller. It should be able to display all the essential information of the controller in a high-quality resolution.

This makes it easy to use and operate primarily for beginners.

Software compatibility

Buying a DJ controller doesn’t mean that only the hardware part to be considered. The one which you are looking for should be compatible to work with different software.

Ensure that the DJ controller you are buying comes with the software you are comfortable with and understand it better. Also, the software is important because you will be mixing the music with the controller.

Moreover, few DJ controllers can work with the laptop and a few more work with iPhone, Android tablets, iPads, etc. Now, many DJ controller available in the market that is capable of mapping with different software via MIDI.

Thus, software plays a key role in the DJ controller.

Ports and connectivity

All the DJ controllers come with few essential ports like an input/output port and a port for USB connection or laptop connections. Ensure that your DJ Controller comes with few more ports.

When you want to connect the audio output to speakers and other necessary devices, you must feel easy doing so. However, many ports are not expected in beginner DJ Controllers.

Gigs types

If you are a beginner DJ or learning DJing from scratch, then invest in the controller with good jog wheels. A professional DJ will know about what kind of gig he will be playing.

So, he can choose one that best suits and can be used easily.

Jog wheels

They come with most of the modern controllers. Jog wheels allow you to mix and control the music well.

Also, they help to slow down or fasten the tracks in addition to fade the tracks. Generally, many beginner DJs try to use controllers with jog wheels.

Built-in Screens

Many DJ Controllers come in-built screens. In-built screens help you to know about the audio levels in the controller itself rather than a connected laptop.

Mostly these kinds of controllers are used by professional DJs. Also, the size and number of screens vary from brand to brand. Few DJ controllers come with a single large screen while few come with three to four small screens.

Number of channels

Every DJ controller comes with a different level and a different number of channels. The channel number determines the number of tracks able to controlled individually or mixed.

Every channel can play one individual track separately. Many beginners prefer a two-channel DJ controller while experienced will prefer a four-channel DJ controller.

A four-channel controller helps to mix four different tracks.


We know that three different levels exist in DJs beginners, intermediate, professional. Similarly, DJ Controllers also will be different for different levels. Choose the controller for one which you belong to. However, a beginner level DJ cannot use Professional DJ Controller.

While a Professional level DJ frustrate to use beginner level DJ Controller.


The size of the DJ Controller will be tougher if you have a small space or small recording studio. Often beginners DJ Controller will be with smaller dimensions and occupy less space.

A professional or experienced DJ Controller needs more space. Hence, choose your DJ Controller as per space you can occupy.

Also, people who are traveling with their DJ Controller must concentrate on the dimensions of the DJ Controller to feel comfortable and easy to carry.


Your DJ controller must have internal memory or USB ports to save the points. Any time if your DJ Controller internal memory stops working, then you have to save them in USB.

Otherwise, you shall carry a laptop or phone to save directly.


It is one of the factors to be considered while buying a DJ Controller. Size plays an important role in buying weight similarly.

A heavyweight DJ Controller will be harder to transport from one place to another place. A beginner DJ Controller will be lighter when compared to the experienced or professional one.

Other accessories

Additional accessories along with controller are always a plus because basically, the DJ controller is expensive. Moreover, you need a stand to place the controller, headphones, and a case to carry the controller easily.

So, any controller with extra accessories within your budget is to be looked for.

1. Pioneer DJ controller for Serato DJ Lite – Our Choice

PIONEER DJ controller for Serato DJ Lite
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The Pioneer DJ 2 channel controller comes with an intuitive layout with simple functions and buttons. Hence, learning and navigating the controller is convenient.

It enables the transition between tracks smoothly because of its FX fade feature.

You can also experiment with scratch effects using pad scratch. The compact and light-weight controller is also easily portable.

It is excellent for a beginner. However, its distinctively styled design, with aluminum jog wheels, gives it a professional feel.

Main Features
  • The layout of the DJ controller features performance pads, play, and cue buttons, auto loop buttons along with knobs and fader control buttons.
  • Dimension:  27.2 x 48.2 x 5.8 cm.
  • Weight of the controller: 2.1 kg.
  • Screen size: 3.
  • Signal to noise ratio: 103 dB.
  • The padded scratch can be used for adding effects to currently played and cued songs.
  • Speed automatically matches to the BPM.
  • It comes with FX patterns, including loop playback, backspin, high pass filter, and low pass filter.
  • Constructed using premium quality material and audio circuitry.
  • The controller comes with 128 mm large and low aluminum jog wheels for excellent scratch response and accuracy.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It has a robust build that ensures durability.
  • Light-weight design with easy-grab handles makes it portable.
  • Ensures crystal clear sound quality without any distortion even at high input levels.
  • It has an easy-to-reach intuitive layout, like a professional controller.
  • With FX fade, you can smoothly blend tracks.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Need to purchase the license separately
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2. Hercules DJ Universal DJ Controller – Multiple Mode Pick

Hercules DJ Universal DJ Controller
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Hercules is a renowned age-old company, and all their products are designed innovatively to satisfy user needs. Also, they were first to create a dual-deck mixing controller with an in-built audio interface.

Moreover, they were honored with the CES innovative Design and Engineering Award for DJControlWave. Hercules products include DJ controller, DJ speakers, DJ headphones, and software.

The Universal DJ Controller has three modes for different device connections. This DJ controller Hercules connects to your computer with PC/Laptop mode, multi-screen mode via USB for Mac or PC, and tablet mode via wireless Bluetooth technology.

To acquire beautiful track mixing, use available 16 pads. Access the playlist instantly using smartphones.

Main Features
  • Using built-in Bluetooth Wireless technology, you can control your mix from your smartphones
  • It is compatible with all  Android, iOS, Mac
  • You can use DJUCED master applications for creative track mixing
  • Also, using the app, the playlist can be customized and also the guest can vote the required track
  • The DJ controller comes with an in-built audio interface, headset output, and external input
  • Also, the controller has two metal surface pressure-sensitive capacitive jog wheels and backlit buttons for easy controlling
PROS (What we liked)
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent product with high quality
  • the product looks robust
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Does not support  Mac
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3. Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol

This is a 2-channel DJ system that has easy-to-use tools like beat synching and looping. Traktor Kontrol S2 has a standard club layout and advanced design.

It has professional features that you need to mix music of any kind. With Mixer FX and Hotcues, you can just plug, play, and get spinning music quickly.

Main Features
  • You can craft sets on the two decks of this DJ controller.
  • It is suitable for all mixes like peak-time rewinds, bass-heavy breakdowns, etc.
  • It has two 5.5” jog wheels.
  • It can operate on different modes like jog mode and beat grid adjust mode.
  • It has all the standard keys for quick mixing and expression.
  • The RGB pads help you to cue points and trigger loops or samples.
  • It features a 3-band EQ on each channel.
  • The cue sections make it easy to cue channels and adjust the monitoring via headphones.
  • It has a high-quality 24-bit/48-kHz audio interface onboard.
  • There are two main outputs, a headphone output, a mic input, a USB bus connection port, and an iOS port.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The streamlined interface makes it easy to blend tracks.
  • The jog wheels provide full control and smooth precision.
  • Use the jog mode to speed up or slow down tracks while syncing them.
  • The beat grid mode allows you to manually adjust a track’s beat grid.
  • You can perform live re-edits using the RGB pads.
  • The 3-band EQ allows you to pick any style with the low, medium, and high band on each channel.
  • The one-touch control along with big DJ filters give smooth transitions and effects for heavy drops.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No cons were observed so far.

4. Denon DJ MC7000 – Heavy-weight professional controller

Denon DJ MC7000 | Premium 4-Channel DJ Controller & Mixer with Dual USB Audio Interfaces and full Serato DJ download
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DJ MC7000 is the product of the Denon DJ. All their products are well-performed, which are designed innovatively.

Many professional DJs opt for these controllers for their innovative design and performance. Their products include DJ controllers, DJ mixers, DJ Players, Turntables, and more.

Moreover, they use advanced technology and provide high-end quality products.

MC7000 is a professional DJ Denon mixer with dual USB connections and four-channel Serato DJ capability. The controller is suited for clubs and mobile DJs.

The controller comes with touch-capacitive 6inch platters with LED display. Also, the weight of the controller is heavy compared to other DJ controllers.

Main Features
  • The professional MC7000 comes with four-channel, dual USB connections, and two mics
  • The dual USB interface allows two DJs to perform simultaneously either on different tracks separately or on the same track
  • It has solid legendary build quality with heavyweight and audio reproduction of 24-bit
  • MC7000 allows the DJs to perform with maximum music mix and style with included Serato DJ pro, plus, three creative expansion packs
  • Also, it has touch-capacitive dual 6-inch platters
  • For a perfect blend of sound and content, the controller provides access to inputs from both digital and analog sources
  • Serato DJ Pro includes three expansion packs and DJ pro. Now, you can mix the sound that is unavailable in the track for a  live performance or even prepare them beforehand.
  • Single press encoder helps in creating beautiful mixing
PROS (What we liked)
  • Dual USB interface
  • High-end sound quality
  • The hardware of the controller is extremely good
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Serato DJ Pro needs to be more user-friendly
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5. Pioneer DJ Jingweite  Controller for Rekordbox – Portable

Pioneer DJ Jingweite 2-Channel Controller for Rekordbox
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Jingweite 2-channel controller is the product of Pioneer DJ Corporation. The Japan-based company started selling its innovative DJ technology products since 1994.

Their DJ equipment is well designed to produce a good sound system and crystal clear audio. Their products include DJ speakers, DJ Mixers, DJ controllers, turntables, and much more.

Pioneer DJ mixer is portable and lightweight. The controller has dedicated cue buttons, CDJ-style looping controls, and more interesting elements to use.

It’s a simple plug-and-play DJ controller with clear audio.  Moreover, it comes with an included DJ Rekordbox software for the proper mixing of tracks.

Main Features
  • Comes with a USB cable, quick start operating instructions licensed key card and warranty
  • The weight of the controller is 2.1kg and is portable
  • Also, the two-channel controller has a sound card, two-deck controls, eight hot cues, one mic, one USB port
  • It follows a simple plug-and-play connection for connecting your computer
  • As rekordbox software is included, you have free access to the tutorial to learn the techniques
  • Buttons and knobs of DJ-400 are arranged similarly to the professional club-style layout
  • Beat Fx feature allows crafting unique sets
  • You can hear your track mix via computer’s internal or external speakers, simultaneously you can hear them via headphones
PROS (What we liked)
  • High-quality product
  • Quality of keys, knobs are good
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It works only on RecordBox software
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6. Numark MixTrack Platinum DJ Controller – High-resolution display controller

Numark MixTrack Platinum DJ Controller with Jog Wheel Display
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The MixTrack Platinum DJ Controller is the product of Numark. It is a 40 plus years renowned company.

They developed new products with cutting-edge performance.

They introduced innovative products in the market like DJ mixer with an in-built sampler, professional dual CD player, the first iOS-enabled DJ system, and much more. Now, it is the leading and largest manufacturer of DJ equipment.

MixTrack Platinum DJ Controller comes with great features. It has built-in LCD display 5-inch screens in each jog wheel, gain and filter controllers, 4-channel mixing, 24-bit audio output.

Now, you can monitor the information on bpm. Also, switching between the four decks is easier.

No drivers or additional setup is required and has Serato software.

Main Features
  • MixTrack platinum has a built-in 24-bit audio system for easy mixing and two headphones jack
  • Now, you can simply connect the speakers and does not need any setup
  • With additional gain control, DJs will have complete gain over four channels
  • Cue points and loop points make easy access and repeat the tracks
  • Rugged metal platters will help to scratch or stop the track
  • Multi-function touch strip for track search operation and dynamic Fx control
  • Easy switching between four decks
  • High-resolution 1.75-inch display for monitoring information on bpm, track time remaining, pitch adjustment, and platter position
PROS (What we liked)
  • The DJ controller is portable because of the lightweight
  • Good quality and amazing functionality
  • Easy mixing using bpm display
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Cannot be connected to android phones
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7. Roland DJ 202 – DJ Controller – Mid-level controller

Roland DJ 202 - DJ Controller
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DJ 202 is the product of Roland Corporation. The company was founded in 1972. It is a leading Japanese manufacturer of software, electronic musical instruments, and equipment.

All their products are innovative designs. Their products include Pianos, Organs, Amplifiers, Drums & Percussion, Pro Audio, and much more.

DJ 202 is an easy plug-and-play DJ controller that is compact and provides the layout and features of a professional DJ controller. The controller comes with the mic for adding vocals during live performances.

Also, low-latency, large platters help in easy scratch and cue. Moreover, it has only two channels and a four-deck controller.

Main Features
  • The product comes with a warranty and weighs around 2.09 kg
  • It claims, it provides DJs full-length features of the professional controller in a portable unit
  • It allows the product to remix the beat, DJ in live performances as well as during studio recording
  • DJ 202 comes with an input mic, low latency platters, onboard sequencer, transport controls and eight dedicated pads for controlling Serato Pro software
  • It has in-built drum kits and eight sound in every TR kit
  • Also, an independent sampler volume control is provided
  • The two-channel four decked DJ controller can be powered via USB
PROS (What we liked)
  • The product comes with a clear user manual; hence, it becomes the best option for beginners.
  • Sound quality is good
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Can improve the quality of the sliders and knobs
  • No separate LCD screen
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8. Hercules DJ Instinct S Series  – Basic DJ controller

Hercules DJ Instinct S Series 4780846 2-Channels Controller (Black)
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The DJ controller comes with 2-deck, pressure-detecting jog wheels, attached USB cable, stereo output preview. The controller includes DJUCED software that is used to analyze the software.

Easy control of pitch bend functions with jog wheels. Ideal for those who want to practice DJing.

Main Features
  • Two-deck DJ controller has individual deck controls, in-built audio output
  • The product comes with pressure-detecting jog wheels, and they are capable of browsing through the tracks and controls pitch bend function
  • The compact design controller have mixer controls at the center
  • DJUCED 18 software for mixing audio tracks
  • It has one crossfader and two-volume faders
PROS (What we liked)
  • The product is available in affordable price
  • Portable and easy plug-and-play
  • Works well with software
  • Great for house parties or home sessions.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Ideal only for practicing at home, can not be used in a bigger space.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a DJ Controller be Used for Events?

The answer to the question depends on the type of event. You can use a DJ controller in on-stage events and EDM parties.

It is not suitable for wedding ceremonies and house parties. Speakers or amps are preferred options for these events.

2. What is the best DJ controller for a beginner?

The best DJ controllers for beginners are as follows:

Hercules DJ Universal DJ Controller
Roland DJ 202 – DJ Controller
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 2-channel DJ controller for Serato DJ Lite

3. What is the difference between DJ controller vs. DJ Mixer?

A DJ controller is a stand-alone unit or microprocessor-based equipment that is capable of performing mixing of audio, switching tracks, start or stop the music, adjust the pitch, and cue.

While DJ mixer can only mix the audio from multiple sources and manipulate them, even a DJ controller can do the work of a DJ mixer.

4. What is the average size of a DJ controller?

Coming to the size of a DJ controller, each and every DJ controller has its dimensions and weight. Ideally, any basic DJ controller will be portable and can be placed easily on a small table.

5. Which main features to look out for in DJ controller for a beginner?

For buying a beginner DJ controller, a few key features to look for like jog wheels, crossfaders, knobs, volume control, gain control, built-in sound card.


After a good research, we have picked Universal DJ controller by Hercules as the best DJ controller. If you are looking for professional use, then go for DJ MC7000 from Denon.

Want to buy a DJ controller for practicing at home and start DJing, then opt for basic Hercules S series DJ controller. For a portable DJ controller, go for pioneer.

Each and every DJ controller provided by us have good user ratings and genuine features. Hope you have liked the article, and if you want to pick any of the DJ controllers from the above mentioned, simply follow the link.

Every DJ controller has its specific feature and different from each other.

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