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If you are an instrumentalist and a guitar player, you understand how important guitar capos are. A guitar capo acts like extra fingers that help press down some strings while playing the guitar. With the use of guitar capos, you can achieve or maintain a certain musical intonation. You can easily play a song that is out of your range. There are many varieties of these guitar capos, and selecting the right one can be frustrating. We have compiled some of the best guitar capos in this article.

1. Juarez One Handed Trigger Guitar Metal Capo

The Juarez metal capo is made of zinc alloy that is high-quality material. This guitar capo is designed to fit in the electric and acoustic guitars, ukulele, banjo, bass, folk guitars, and mandolin.

It is easy to change through frets with this item. With one hand, you can easily release and reposition without changing the tune. It has a tough silicone padding that shields your guitar from damages. It also has a steel spring with its internal memory that provides strength and reduces fatigue.

The guitar capo maintains the tune with great intonations on all frets and exerts just enough pressure on your guitar. This guitar capo is also tight on the guitar strings, and it ensures that there is no fret buzz.

2. BufferMan Silver Metal Guitar Capo

Thanks to its lightweight and low profile, this Guitar Capo by BufferMan enables fast and accurate capoing of the fretboard of your instrument.
It is an advancement of existing designs, and with it, you only need to apply the right amount of pressure to clamp the strings. It helps to improve tuning problems and will look great on your guitar.
The interior of this clamp is with rubber that protects your guitar from getting scratches. It works for all types of guitars and thus worth giving a try.

3. Bufferman Silver Metal Guitar Capo

This guitar capo is one lightweight tool; it, therefore, has a fast and accurate capoing. This guitar capo also has a refined modification that ensures only the required amount of pressure is exerted on the clamp strings.

The guitar capo looks great on the guitar and also improves the tuning without losing the tune associated with thick rubber capos. This capo is easily portable as it is lightweight. It can be used with a variety of guitars.

4. Mustang Spring Guitar Capo

This is a standard guitar capo used on acoustic guitars, classical guitars, electric guitars, and 12-string guitar. With the Mustang guitar capo, you can change it quickly and easily adjust it with one hand.

The capo has a spring-loaded design that can be parked on the headstock when not in use. The guitar capo allows you to adjust it, meaning that only the right amount of pressure is applied.

The capo is easy to use, and it provides an excellent intonation on your guitar. It is made of an alloy that is a sturdy and long-lasting metal.

It also has a quality steel spring that comes with internal memory and protects the guitar from wear and tear. The capo also has a silicone pad that adapts to fingerboard and frets that ensures good sound and avoids any damages.

5. Planet Waves NS Classical Guitar Capo

The NS guitar capo is made from aircraft-grade aluminum that makes it strong enough to take any beating. The guitar capo is also lightweight on the fretboard.

The guitar capo has a micrometer that adjusts the tension. It can be dialed in, ensuring the appropriate force is being applied to the guitar’s neck.

This micrometer feature makes it easy to deal with buzzing notes and tuning issues. It can be used with 6 and 12 string electric and acoustic guitars.

6. Bee Metal Black Guitar Capo

The Bee metal guitar capo is lightweight and easily portable. It allows fast and precise capoing. The guitar capo can be easily adjusted; hence only the right pressure is applied to clamp the strings.

This guitar capo has an elegant look that enhances the look of your instrument.

Buying Guide


When choosing a guitar capo, you ought to consider the fretboard. It would be best if you determined whether the fretboard is flat or radiused.

Go for a capo that fits the flat or curve; this will get all the strings clamped down evenly. Also, go for fretboards with adjustable tension so that you can get the right squeeze on your strings.

It would be best if you always placed your guitar capo behind the fret wire. This will ensure that your guitar is not out of tune.



The make of a guitar capo is one of the main determinants. Go for a capo that doesn’t have protruding edges that may scratch the guitar resulting in damages.

A well-built capo doesn’t push your strings sideways or press strings in a way that it ruins the tune.



Most guitar accessories like the capo need to be easily adjustable. Capos should be flexible in a way it can slip onto the neck and stay there.

Opt for capos with pins or screws to adjust them. This way, you can change your guitar to where you feel it most comfortable while you are performing.



When purchasing a guitar capo, consider the person intending to use the capo. Whether you are experienced or just a beginner, you need to select something you are comfortable with and help produce the best music.

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