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Guitar cables improve the tone and melody by carrying the signal. Using an old or low-quality cable negatively affects your signal. To get the right intonation on your guitar, you need a cable with good signal transmission. In this article, we have compiled some of the best guitar cables.

1. Vox VGS-30 Standard Guitar Cable

The Vox VGS guitar cable is a multi-gauge coaxial cable. It can be used on electric guitars, electric bass, or electro-acoustic guitars.

The guitar cable is an oxygen-free copper that ensures maximum transfer of signal. It’s a polypropylene dielectric that ensures your signal and frequencies are stronger.

The guitar cable is three meters long; it is, therefore, long enough for studio use. It has 24K gold-coated connectors that ensure cables durability and corrosion resistance.

2. Hawk Proaudio Gold Series Interconnect Cable with Tie

It is a high-quality interconnect cable by Hawk Proaudio that is specially designed for guitars. It features a male-to-male connector that measures 1/4 inch or 6.35mm TS (Mono). It can also be used for connecting gear with unbalanced phono outputs to the inputs that are unbalanced.

This cable is prepared from high-quality oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors for ensuring great signal clarity without any signal loss. It features an OFC spiral shield that provides effective EMI and RFI rejection. It is a gold series interconnect cable that provides improved flexibility.

It comes with a cable tie that helps in effective cable management. It ensures that you always get high-quality audio with a good quality guitar. It also guards your pro-audio gear and equipment. It is a sturdy cable that provides great connectivity between guitars and processors.

3. Aorna MX Guitar Cable P-38 MONO Male Cable

The MX P-38 cable is a heavy guitar cable used with the audio application. It is a pure copper OFC cable. The cable provides cable protection and is high quality so that you won’t suffer from insertion loss.

It is a double-shielded cable and has a 6.35mm mono connector.

4. Kadence Guitar Cable with TRS

The Kadence guitar cable is made with high-quality materials. This cable is three meters long from jack to jack hence long enough for practice or studio use.

The metal plugs in this cable are covered by black tubing that protects solder connections. This cable has a braided jacket that protects the cable from any harm.

The tube cover easily connects your guitar or keyboard. It connects to the solder without compromising the flexibility. The connectors are coated with silver, a good conductor of electricity that helps with good power flow between the guitar and amplifier.

5. M.A. Enterprises Guitar Audio Cable

This is a high quality two core shielded cable. It is completed using a 3% silver solder and offers 90% protection to remove any noise or vibration. The cable is five meters long for use in any studios and practice.

6. Fedus Low Noise Cable

This guitar cable comes with an oxygen-free copper conductor that enhances signal transfer. The cable has a copper double shield for noise rejection and quiet operation.

The Fedus cable is ideal for a mixer, power amplifier, effector, decoder, equalizer, electric guitar, and electric bass. The guitar cable is used to install smart home, karaoke speaker, and professional stage audio.

This guitar cable is gold coated, meaning it’s a good conductor that ensures fast audio transmission. The guitar cable is flexible and does not get tangled. It also has numerous layers of protection that enhance noise insulation.

The cable has a hard casing that is long-lasting and attractive. It also has a heat shrink tubing that is hard to destroy.

Buying Guide


Guitar cables come in different lengths. You need to know the size you need. A shorter cable is more preferred than long cables.

Very long cables come with high signal loss, especially at the high end. If you have a problem with hiss or lack of brightness, you will need a short cable.

Some people will still prefer long cables, especially if they work with the instrument in a studio or practice.



You cannot work with guitar cables without connectors. Cables may have the best shielding and jackets, but the cables will be faulty with low-quality connectors. Some of the best quality connectors are made of gold and copper.

Connectors produce clear and clean signals. Therefore you need to be very careful when purchasing the cables and connectors. Also, go for connectors that are compatible with your cables. For instance, if your guitar has an XLR, use a TRS connector; the two will be balanced.



The core is a cable that transmits a signal from the guitar end connector to the other end. It would be best if you were looking for a cable with a thick gauge core. A thicker gauge core is better than a thinner gauge core.

Copper provides the best core material, and when purchasing a cable, make sure you know the material in the core for good signal transmission.



The shield of the cable is one factor you need to consider before purchasing guitar cables. This is the guitar cable that wraps around the core preventing electromagnetic signals from interfering with guitar signals.

This shield keeps the guitar signal inside the cable to make sure that it reaches the other end. Braided shields are more resistant to outside signals, and they reduce flexibility.

Spiral-wrap shield, on the other hand, offers a good balance of shielding and flexibility.



When purchasing guitar cables, you also need to look at the jacket. That is the protective cover on the cable.

The cover determines the appearance of the cable. Appearance is one of the factors people consider when purchasing any product.

Other than appearance, go for a thick, long-lasting jacket and make sure it is flexible.

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