Best Coffee and Tea Vending Machines

Waking up to the smell of hot coffee or tea often gives a glimpse of nirvana; it’s a hint that a good day awaits. For a lot of us, the office is incomplete without our warm cup. It’s the best way to wake up our mind and put us in an active mood. The ‘chai’ break is one of the most anticipated time of the day. Although tea is probably the best gift given to mankind, making it does require some effort.

One might find themselves fretting on preparing their tea multiple times a day, especially if they consume a lot of it. The same goes for all the people who prefer a cup of joy; a freshly brewed cup makes much more impact than tea or coffee, which is made in large quantity and then reheated later.

Moreover, tea/coffee made over the kettle lack a certain taste, as the tea leaves or coffee seeds are not fully utilized. But, what if, you could have a fresh cup of tea or coffee whenever you felt like it? Without having even to do as much as boil the milk? Also, it would probably taste much better too. That is the beauty of coffee/tea vending machines.

Here, in this article, you will find the list of five best coffee/tea vending machines. Along with that, you will also get the knowledge of How vending machine works and what are the different types of a vending machine. We have also mentioned the various factors to consider before buying a vending machine and a few FAQs for better understanding.

Our List of the Best Coffee/Tea Vending Machines You Can Buy

How Vending Machine Works

Different types of coffee and tea vending machines work in different ways, often designed to suit the particular needs of the consumer. Before coffee-tea vending machines, it might be more effective to know how a home coffee maker works. For instance, a French press is the most simple coffee maker. It doesn’t have any technology involved, and mostly uses the manual skill of the person.

A drip or filter coffee machine uses a large container containing paper coffee filter and grounded coffee. Water is then heated inside the machine and is allowed to drip through this container. This is the least technologically advanced coffee maker, after the French Press.

Bean-to-cup coffee-tea makers, often known as automatic coffee makers, use different types of technology for grinding, tamping, brewing and extracting creme from your coffee. The coffee is grinded “on-demand,” and then hot water is forced to pass through it, at a particular force. You may often find milk frothers and milk containers in these appliances, which add a certain magic to the drink, distinguishing it from a normal cup of joe.

Now let’s talk about how a coffee-tea vending machine works. These machines essentially conduct different compartments for holding the different elements for making your perfect cup. According to the features of the machine itself, water is boiled inside the machine. It then fuses either instant coffee or dried coffee grains or grinds the coffee instantly right then and there.

The other compartments contain additives like sugar, milk, hot chocolate, etc. So by now, you must have got some idea as to how every coffee-tea maker works. The technology used plays an important role in the overall outcome. It affects the taste, smell, color, and intensity of the coffee.

A normal instant coffee vendor will often produce a relatively natural tasting product, then a bean-to-cup one. Another very important factor affecting how your beverage will turn out is the quality of coffee used itself, as well as the uniformity with which it is grounded.

All in all, the way your coffee-tea maker works affects the following factors –

  • The taste, and overall texture of your coffee/tea.
  • The price of your coffee-tea maker.
  • Amount of work to be put in to make your beverage.
  • Amount of work to be put in to keep your coffee-tea maker clean.
  •  Several people can be served at a time.

Types of Coffee-Tea Vendors

Coffee and Tea Coffee Vendors are of various types, depending on their size, the complexity of the technology used, the number of cups it can dispense, etc. We have broadly classified the different types of vending machines, according to how they might be used, and which of your purposes may be fulfilled.

1. Floor standing vending machine

These type of vending machines can be most commonly found in a big commercial place. They have a base fixed at the bottom to avoid theft or moving of the machine. These type of machines are often versatile and can produce different beverages such as coffee (different types of coffee), tea, hot chocolate, or soup.

They have different containers installed inside, but may often lack an inbuilt grinder, and relies on the use of instant or dried coffee/tea. They dispense the beverage on the click of a button, mixing the ingredients from different containers to produce the beverage. They have a huge capacity to dispense coffee/tea or any other beverage. These machines are capable of producing different types of coffee itself, such as espresso.

There are two types of Floor-standing machine –

Non–Coin Operated/Free Vending Machine

Coin Operated Vending Machine 

These can be seen in restaurants or public places. A sensor is triggered after a coin or token is inserted inside the machine, which then triggers the mechanism to give you a cup of coffee. These beasts can dispense easily up to 500 drinks. They are the most expensive type of vending machines in the market. Depending on its level of sophistication, free-standing vending machines deliver excellent quality coffee, tea, and even other beverages.

2. Tabletop Coffee-Tea Vendor

These machines are usually installed on top of a counter, and is portable to an extent. Their size is much smaller than free-standing vending machines, which inevitably reduces their performance and features. These are more suited for small office environments, as the amount of coffee or tea they can dispense is limited.

It can be connected to a water source, be it a water cooler or any other connection to avoid refilling multiple times. These are often the most economical vending machines, but these can dispense only a limited type of beverages. There are two types of tabletop coffee vendors itself, depending on the milk you like to consume – Fresh Milk or Milk Powder.

Depending on the model and features of the machine, more refined coffee such as espresso or cappuccino can be made. A tabletop coffee-tea vendor can also dispense soup or other hot non-beverage liquids. It can serve up to 50-100 cups a day, depending on the water connection or size of the water cooler attached.

3. Bean-To-Cup Coffee/Tea Vending Machine

Here is where quality coffee or tea begins. Usual vending machines use instant coffee or dried coffee or even capsules of coffee to produce the beverage. This is because these machines lack any inbuilt mechanism to process the ground coffee.

Bean-To-Cup machines have an inbuilt grinding and brewing mechanism to ground the coffee and brew it, give you some amazing tasting fresh coffee. Another reason for the excellent coffee taste is that instead of powder milk, most bean-to-cup vending machines use fresh milk. The machine comes in various sizes, and can often hold a variety of liquid refreshments. Most Vending machines can hold up to 200 cups, but the size of the milk container may differ.

We have covered the major types of coffee vending machines. A vending machine may also have the option of serving a cup directly with the beverage. These are called in-cup coffee-tea vending machines and mostly follow the same mechanism as a free-standing vending machine.

Vending Machine Buyers Guide

Selection of Coffee types

The vending machines should have multiple options for selecting your type of coffee such as Expresso, Cappuccino, and teas such as Lemon Tea and Iced Tea. This allows users to choose drinks according to their wish.


If these machines use less energy, it would be cheaper to use it. Other usages such as milk, powder, and water should be such that much of it does not get wasted.

Size & Dimensions

Try to buy a product that satisfies your requirements for installing it in the place you want. If you assume size before buying it, you would be in trouble to fit it during installation.


Always have an idea about your needs and requirements. Since there are a lot of different varieties of machines available, buy them according to your budget.

Fresh Milk or Powder Milk

The most important aspect while choosing your coffee or tea vending machine, is to know what type of milk it uses. This makes a huge difference in the overall taste and texture of your product. Machines using powdered milk often produce inferior tasting coffee or tea. Powdered milk isn’t even milk, but a close substitute. Machines using powder milk will often be more economical, having a steep difference in price as compared to fresh milk vending machines. Most Bean to Cup machines uses fresh milk while standing machines come in both varieties.


Most vending machines heat the water by electrically heating it. Although this might seem like an insignificant feature, the temperature plays a huge role in your coffee!

If the water is too hot, the coffee grains might get over-diluted, giving rise to a beverage with irregular taste. If the water is too cool, then what’s the use? So do check the thermoblock settings of a vending machine before you decide to make your purchase.

In-Built Grinder

There’s a fine line between good coffee and just coffee. A vending machine with an in-built grinding and brewing unit almost instantly processes the freshest coffee or tea you can imagine. Other machines rely on instant or dried coffee, which is not up to par.

The important thing to remember is to check the grinder carefully and the consistency with which it grinds the coffee. A bean-to-cup coffee vending machine has a grinder installed within them and also a special brewing unit to give you the best types of coffee.

Bar Pressure

If you’re interested in the various types of coffee, be it espresso or cappuccino, checking the bar pressure is essential. The bar pressure influences the ‘creme’ or ‘froth’ layer of the coffee.

A good bar pressure will give you a thick frothy layer that can instantly give your coffee the amazing texture you always desired. 14-15 Bar pump pressure is often the most suitable.

After Sales Facilities/Maintenance

If you’re deciding on keeping your vending machine for a long period, you need to find out the after-sales service provided by the vending machine brand. This helps in maintaining the machine for a longer period, and to ensure that your cup of joe never stops! Another feature is that of auto-cleaning.

If your vending machine includes this, it makes your job a little easier. Do not confuse the auto-cleaning function for freedom from cleaning the coffee machine entirely; it merely reduces the frequency and parts you might have to clean. This is a very handy function though, and can make your machine work a lot longer producing fresh tea!

Cup Dispensing Capacity and Variety

This almost entirely depends on the size of the machine and is something you need to take into consideration before buying coffee/tea dispenser. A free-standing machine can easily dispense around 600-700 cups, with around 20-30 cups per minute dispensing speed.

A tabletop coffee vendor can dispense only about 100-150 cups at a time. You need to assess your requirement and make a choice accordingly. Another element taken into consideration is the type of beverages you’d like the vendor to hold. This can range from a single beverage to as many as 6-8 beverages, including different types of coffee, tea, soups, and cool drinks.

Now that you know what to look for, while purchasing your coffee-tea vendor, we provide a hand-picked list of what we consider the top vending machines in the market. Do remember what you require before making a purchase.

1. Cafe Desire Coffee and Tea Vending Machine

Cafe Desire Coffee and Tea Vending Machine with 1kg Coffee Premix (Multicolour, CDCTVMOR) [ 2 Lane]
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Trust us; this is the last cafe desire product on this list. We can’t help add so many of their products, as the company delivers in all aspects of a good coffee. 2 Lane & 3 Lane models are suitable for medium to small scale offices, as the machine prices are considerably lower than that the four-lane Cafe Desire is vending machine. The downside is easily noticeable here; you can only dispense 2 or 3 types of beverages.

This limits the choices your employees will have and is mostly configured to coffee and tea. The upside of the 2/3 lane Cafe Desire is that the coffee quality is as excellent as the four-lane machine. Although only two beverages can be dispensed at a time, it still offers varieties in terms of the Cafe Desire premixes available.

So instead of normal coffee and tea, you could have healthy diet menu of low sugar coffee or cardamom tea, or ginger tea and lemon tea, or their special Cafe Desire coffee/tea ( such as the Kadak chai) and soup.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Cafe Desire after-sale services and maintenance is commendable. Spare parts can be easily found
  • Variety of cafe desire premixes available.
  • Good cup dispensing rate, 4 cups per minute
  • Economical, and the 230 W power usage limits your electricity bill.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Uses milk powder and not fresh milk.
  • Uses instant coffee and not ground the coffee, such as in bean to cup coffee vending machines
  • These machines are most suitable to only Cafe Desire premixes, which should be kept well in stock.
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2. Atlantis Tea and Coffee Vending Machine

Atlantis Tea and Coffee Vending Machine (2 Lane)
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The cheapest machine on this list, this two-lane baby of a vending machine is surely VERY economical. If you look at its size, you would not believe it can even dispense two types of beverages, but it does. It also has an option of the half cup and hot water dispensing.

It has only a 1 Litre Water reservoir capacity, meaning a LOT less number of cups, up to 20-30. This has to be filled repeatedly if you want your cup of coffee. There are no adjustable settings, and the coffee can get too hot sometimes. This vending machine will only be suggested for mini-working environments or as a personal vending machine in an office.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Light Weight
  • Small Size
  • Energy Efficient
  • VERY economical
  • Dispensing Capacity – 5 cups in a minute
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No adjustable settings
  • Spare parts hard to find
  • Low water reservoir capacity
  • Premix used only
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3. MAZORIA Tea Coffee Soup Vending Machine

MAZORIA Metal Tea Coffee Soup Vending Machine with 3 Flavour (Black)
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Now place the vending machine in your offices, shops, restaurants, and canteen. It makes it easy for users as they do not have to be dependent on making tea and coffee manually. MAZORIA Metal Tea Coffee Soup Vending Machine with 3 Flavour (Black) is one of the additions in the market that serves customers with a whole new option. Let us look at the features.

  • It is a three-lane vending machine which gives you the option of choosing three drinks at a time without waiting much.
  • It is a heavy-duty vending machine. The energy consumption of this product is less as compared to the other products, thus, saving you some money on your electricity bills.
PROS (What we liked)
  • One of the biggest advantages of this product that makes it the favorite is its ability to use any branded premix powder in this vending machine. This means you never run out of stock since you have a lot of options to choose from.
  • This product is user-friendly. Now easily select your choice of drink and dispense it in no time.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed about the product so far.
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4. California Premium Vending Machine

California Premium Vending Machine 4 Option
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California coffee/tea vending machines might be one of the closest competitors of the Cafe Desire Line of machines. Offering a wide variety of machines, California can be trusted for its quality and build. This is a relatively lightweight machine. This four lanes automatic vending machine comes with an option of separate water supply. You won’t have to refill the machine that often a day. The dispensing rate is also very good, which is 5-6 cups per minute, meaning more number of cups dispensed per minute.

They offer installation services and spare part replacement services too. They provide door stop services, so it’s a complete package when you’re looking for good maintenance. The beverage quality of California is quite decent and within a good range. You have the options of cappuccino, black-tea, low sugar tea, lemon tea, cardamom tea, tomato soup, etc. It does not use fresh milk and uses premixes to produce the “instant” coffee or tea.

The bar pressure is decent, but you cannot get exquisite coffee from this machine. This is most suitable for medium to small office environments, as the machine is quite economical itself. It also conserves electricity, meaning you won’t have to pay a huge electricity bill. It is very attractive and will certainly give a graceful look in your office. The beverage itself is always served very hot, meaning the thermostat is very effective.

There are no custom steam settings in this machine though, and the lack of latte and espresso can be the downsides of this otherwise great machine. Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of the California Coffee vending machine

PROS (What we liked)
  • Economical
  • After-sales and maintenance are available.
  • 4 Lane, meaning the variety
  • Separate water reservoir available
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A limited number of types of beverages
  • Uses only California premixes
  • Does not use Fresh Milk
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5. Atlantis Cafe Vending Machine

Atlantis Cafe Plus Four Option Hot Beverage Vending Machine,Red
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The Atlantic Cafe is a product of Amazon. Very reliable, and highly efficient for it’s the cost, the machine surely had to make it to this list. Suitable for large-medium scale offices, this bubble top coffee vending machine is very versatile in terms of premixes it can use. It has separately adjustable solenoid valves to adjust the force of your liquid. It can dispense up to 4 cups per minute, and 150 cups per kg of premix.

The Atlantic Cafe plus is one of the best-built machines on this list. It has a fine finish and certain added features such as the low water level indication and adjustable thermoblock temperature which set it apart.

This lets you decide how warm you’d like your coffee to be. The vending machine door is fully programmable, password protected & magnetically Sealed to ensure that cockroaches don’t get into the machine. Coming to the selection available, you can use any premix available in the market, which gives it a broad usage.

You can customize it with soups too. The downside of the machine is that it does not use fresh milk, which means your coffee will lack that natural texture in all, the machine is quite decent and economical, even for large offices. The 200 voltage will also help save electricity.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Economical
  • 4 Lane Machine
  • Premix easily available
  • Energy efficient
  • Adjustable thermostat settings
  • In Cup Temperature As High As 85 Degree Can Be Obtained
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Spare parts are hard to find, meaning you’ll have to take extra care in maintaining the vending machine.
  • If using local premix, the machine might get clogged.
  • Self-cleaning facility not available.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do all vending machines have the option for Tea?

There are many different varieties of products available, and all of them do not have the option for vending tea from that machine. These options are available; those who wish to buy Coffee/Tea vending machine can do so.

2. Is machine coffee bad for health?

It is one of the myths that machine coffee is bad for health. This instant coffee contains the same antioxidants and nutrients as the regular coffees.

3. How to maintain a vending machine?

You can make the product economically profitable only if you maintain them well. There is much more than collecting the money and replacing the premix in the vending machines.

You should clean the outside of this machine with a soft cloth. Use a soft cloth and a glass cleaner spray to remove the dirt and fingerprints on the surface. Keeping your machines clean will also prevent any health issues that arise due to dirty surfaces.

4. How long do vending machines last?

Vending machines if appropriately maintained can last up to 12-24 years.


If you have a good budget, and you’re interested in good coffee, the Swaggers Atlantis Cafe Plus 3 vending machine is the perfect choice for you, which is a complete all-rounder. If you are willing to go even further and spend that extra buck, the MAZORIA Metal Tea Coffee Soup is the best coffee machine you will ever have. You can be assured that the coffee produced from the Delonghi is probably way better than what you produce yourself at home. This can certainly become an addiction.

If you want quality with your machine, the Cafe Desire 2 lane machine is also a very good pick. With this, we conclude our list of the best coffee and tea vending machines. We hope we helped you make the right purchase.


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