Best Bat Care Kits

Bat care kits comprise things like a mallet, fibreglass tapes, toe guard, linseed oil or cricket bat oil, and an anti-scuff sheet to help your bat get into the best possible shape. All the components of the bat care kit, when rightly used, ensure thatyour bats last long and are very useful when you need to use them. Here is a list of the best bat care kits that you can buy.

1. SS Bat Care Kit

Designed to meet both national and international standards, this bat care kit comes equipped with most of all you need to keep your bat in excellent working condition.

The kit includes linseed oil used to maintain the bat’s moisture level, thus improving its durability.

There are also face tapes and edge tapes to protect the face and edges from possible damages as they hit the ball or floor repeatedly.

It also has a toe guard that ensures that the toe of your bat is prevented from damages.

2. SS Maximus Bat Care Kit

SS Maximus brings this complete bat care kit that is a must for a junior and a professional cricket player.

The kit comes with one fevikwik, one bat side anti-scuff roll, one bat oil, bat mallet, bat toe and one antiscuff sheet. Having this kit handy will help you keep your bat in good condition at all times.

3. Gortonshire Bat Care Kit

Containing up to five stoke tape, this bat care kit gives you adequate protection for your bat.

This ensures that if the stoke tape wears out, you don’t have to worry as you already have a handy replacement.

It comes with an excellent rubber toe guard that helps to protect the toe of your bat as you enjoy your game.

For moisture level maintenance, this kit comes with linseed oil, keeping your bat safe for long.

It also comes with face and edge tapes to protect your bat’s edges and face from damages. It comes with an adhesive that provides extra strength for the tapes.

4. Heega Choice of Champion Cricket Bat Kit

This bat care kit comes equipped with a mallet to aid you to prepare your bat for use in the field of play.

It also has a transparent bat oil that gives your bat the extra strength and punch it needs.

There is also a cricket hanging ball in this set to help you practice when you find yourself alone and in need of a game.

The kit also contains a fibre tape that can be used to protect it from further damages, and the components can be used daily to keep your bat in shape.

5. SG Cricket Bat Care Kit

To protect the toe of your bat and ensure that it lasts long, two toe guards are available in this kit.

There is also an emery board strap and an adhesive that can be used to protect the edges and face of your bat, preventing them from splits.

The wooden mallet in the kit helps you get your bat ready for a game by knocking it firmly into the shape.

An adequate personal bat care kit provides you with the basics to get your bat ready and in shape.

6. CW Cricket Bat Guard Kit

This care kit comes with all that you need to keep your cricket bat always in shape.

Having two toe guards, a fibre tape roll, a cricket bat handle, and a bat grip cone, the kit allows you to have all you need to make your bat easy, efficient, and comfortable to use.

Also, it comes with three grips, and two scuff sheets allowing you to use your bat effectively.

Using this care kit, you need not worry about any immediate damage to your bat.

7. NHD Cricket Bat Care Kit

The cone that comes with this care kit is of premium quality and will help you quickly and easily fix a grip on your bat’s handle.

A wooden mallet comes with this kit that allows you to complete the knocking in process for the bat efficiently.

This ensures that your bat is in good shape when ready for use in the game field.

It also comes with high-grade quality bat oil that helps to keep moisture locked in your bat, ensuring better strike when in use.

Buying Guide

When buying your bat care kit, some things should be taken into consideration. Let us look at a few of them below.



This should be of soft but good quality wood that would be able to knock your bat into solid form without damaging it in the process.



Oil required for most cricket bats is Linseed oil or cricket bat oil. This oil is necessary to ensure proper moisture in the bat, preventing further tear or damage.


Fibreglass Tape (Adhesive)

This is an adhesive that protects the edges from damages and thus improves the durability of your bat.

Ensure you get one that stays firmly on the bat without causing any possible damages.


Anti-Scuff Sheet

This is also used to protect the edges and face of the bat from further damages. It should be made of a material that is not damaging to the natural fibre of the bat.


Toe Guard

The toe guard, which is used to protect the toe of the bat from damage, should be made of good quality rubber that would not wear off quickly.

This will ensure that the bat is well protected.

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