Best Answering Machines Review

This is a detailed guide on the best answering machine that are cost effective along with the great connectivity and usability.

Though not exactly as famous as other communication devices, answering machines can define the kind of relationship you have with your business associates, or even friends and family. This is possible through their ability to take care of incoming calls even if they are not around the home or office phone.

This is why gadgets remain a serial staple in business circles, as the ability to constructively handle clients, partners, employees, or even bosses is crucial to productivity. However, though these machines can be a great addition to the modern office inventory, most buyers aren’t quite sure on how to go about purchasing the right machines due to the knowledge gap that exists relating to how they work.

This guide will dive into the essentials and look at all the critical aspects of answering machines as an attempt to assist anyone looking to get one of their own with an informed decision. Firstly, we will have a recap at what these machines are and how they work.

Secondly, we’ll dive into the key factors and services that you should look into before getting any device. We have also discussed the benefits of answering machines and buyers guide to help you choose the best answering machine. And lastly, we’ll dive into the market and look at how different models come out and possibly see how they can fit into your preferences and needs. We have answered few FAQs regarding the answering machine to help you get started.

Top 8 Hand Picked Answering Machines in India

Product (Best Brands)Average User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our Choice
High performance all-in-one system
Reliable and high performance
ersatile & durable
Powerful, professional build quality
Durable & Better functionality
Elegant, rich feature set, durable material

Recap: What exactly are answering machines?

Answering machines have the cunning ability of allowing you to accept calls you might have missed and address the caller with a personalized message even if you are not there. When the caller reads the message, the machine provides the option of leaving a message that he/she might leave for the person being called.

The way the call is handled by the machine can be set in a variety of ways. These machines can be configured in a way that they only return a message, thus eliminating the need for a preceding recording session. In this case, call recipients can at least efficiently answer instantly, or after a designated number of rings.

Alternatively, they can be set in such a way that no more incoming calls are accepted. Recent years have witnessed the advent of machines that support fax calls, which can be kept to be accessed later for a quick printout. Earlier machines came with magnetic audio tapes where the incoming data was stored. With the major shift towards digitalization, almost all the leading devices are endowed with digital storage.

How exactly do Digital Answering Machines Work?

If you’ve already wrapped your head around how audio output devices work, then you must have come across the mechanism on how different sounds are converted to digital form.

Digital answering machines utilize the same principles employed in basic audio processing devices such as a computer or CD, which basically involves changing the caller’s messages to bytes.

In specific terms, answering machines use micro-controllers, which are essentially responsible for changing the caller’s voice through a special device known as the Analog-to-Digital Converter. Once the conversion is done, the bytes are stored in Random Access Memory (RAM)

To understand this clearly, let’s take a look at an example whereby a 15 second message is stored in a caller. A 15 second message is an equivalent of about 30, 000 bytes, which are usually available in a particular section of the RAM. Once the message reaches the recipient, the microcontroller processes the messages by reconverting them to analog form by means of the digital-to-analog converter.

Key components

Key components of the answering machine’s automated system include the automatic dial up receiving device, auto-recording equipment, call forward equipment, data entry system and the microcontroller, which regulates a number of peripherals and other basic parts of the answering machine. Key peripherals include the display(LED/LCD), indicators, playback apparatus, receiving and audio output devices. 

The Operation

Now let’s consider how the different parts of the device come together to get to the common goal. As discussed above, an answering machine affords the user an automatic answer to an incoming call without the person being there. When the user isn’t in close proximity during the call, a message thats been pre-recorded gets played based on a preset time interval.

The caller is also given the opportunity to leave a message behind which the user can access later on. A regular answering machine comes in as a standalone device that’s connected to the regular telephone line.

These answering machines typically have a special circuitry that senses an incoming call’s signal on the telephone line. It basically takes the phone line off-hook, reads the outgoing message to the caller, stores the incoming message if the caller decides to leave one, and then hangs up the call to await other incoming signals.

Digital answering machines accommodate messages on an internal memory. They basically replace the magnetic tape in traditional machines with digital memory, in the form of RAM. With this, they eliminate most mechanical components, which generally makes them more reliable. 

Additionally, digital devices also need considerably less space, are better noise-proofed, and have enhanced overall audio quality. Digital machines also have the added advantage of being able to quickly access a specific message when there are multiple messages received on the line.

What are the various answering machine services available?

Answering machines have emerged to become a staple in most of the modern occupations. This has led to the advent of a variety of models; spanning from home operated devices, to specialized services for professional settings. You might have also noticed that some modern cellphones incorporate automatic answering systems. Some modern computers also come in with answering machine abilities where messages from a home phone can be read and recorded whenever the user is not around.  

However, there is an option of manned answering services for those who are not bent towards using gadgets. These come in with the distinct advantage of providing a solution in urgent matters, as a representative can try a series of numbers to reach out to you if the call is highly urgent. Other services incorporate the use of a beeping gadget that prompts the user to respond to any urgent calls.

Technological advancements have seen a number of advanced techniques creeping onto the landscape. Users are no longer limited to stationery devices that are limited to a single location all day and night. It’s now more than possible to get hold of reliable answering services from the convenience and comfort of your smartphone.

Another aspect in which answering machines have advanced markedly is their ability to integrate with computers. For instance, in the event that you are part of a professional meeting where phones are strictly not allowed, you can set your device such that it sends a message through to your laptop.

This comes in the form of notification where the caller’s identity along with the message is revealed. Depending on the urgency of the message, you can then see whether you should return the call or not. Some phones can even transcribe the voice messages left to text or emails. This allows you to take a look at the message without impinging on other people’s concentration.

Benefits of Answering Machines


If you are a proud owner of a small business, it’s imperative that most of your time is spent on activities that earn you or your clients money. A famous saying in business circles states that your phone can be one of your best employees. This holds true in most cases as direct conversations with your clients allows them to wrap their heads around your product easily, thus increasing the likelihood of having them turned to your loyal customers. However, taking every inquiry posed by clients can be time consuming. 

In this case, it’s best to use a system that assists with filtering your calls and provide automatic responses to calls with higher urgency. In this case, hiring a receptionist or virtual assistant comes in natural for most businesses. However, this can be out of the question, especially when you are just starting out, as the extra hiring cost can simply be unaffordable. The answering machine provides a highly cost effective and efficient alternative. 

More control over calls

As we alluded to earlier, the last thing any business wants to see is losing clients due to unanswered calls. An automated call answering system can easily step in to handle your calls efficiently. 

By being able to classify the incoming calls based on time and urgency, you can easily know which ones to handle with urgency or not. For example, the machine can be set in a way that all inquiries related to sales be routed to the landline or mobile, while all the calls from current clients are directed to voicemail.

Your company’s and individual image

Another advantage that comes with an automated answering system is that it sets forth your company as highly reliable and effective. If clients take an initiative to give you a call and end up failing to reach you, the result is a bad first impression, as this is a good sign of an inefficient service for most clients.

Think about a scenario where a client places an order and gets a wrong or defective product. Then client tries to contact your customer support only to find out there is no one to talk to.

The consequences are pretty obvious; you may end up with bad reviews on your pages thus losing the much needed trust from potential future customers. You can easily eliminate the likelihood of this happening altogether by acquiring a high quality answering machine. In this case, even when your clients cant get to you, they are assured that you will contact them later on. 

Answering Machines buying guide: What to Look For

Before you buy an answering device from the wild market, you need to define what your needs are. Are you in for a standalone device without an accompanying phone? Do you want something that can work with multiple phone lines? or you need something with remote access so that everyone has unlimited access regardless of their location. The following factors should assist you with narrowing down your list.

Functional Features

Remember, the key purpose behind buying any answering machine is being able to record and replay messages. One of the most pressing issues with traditional devices was the quality of sound. But as the machines are evolving, the quality levels have also improved significantly. The best answering machines afford a wide range of functions. Let’s spend a few moments with a look at some of the key functions you need to look into.

Main controls

Every answering machine comes with a set of basic controls for its general functionality. These include the “play”, “skip”, “erase”, “stop” and “repeat” features, which allow a degree of flexibility when handling the messages.

With a closer look into the models, you will realise that while some models incorporate nothing more than basic functionality such as “play”, “stop” and “erase”, others will add in a little more features such as playback functionality and remote memo recording.


If your primary language is not English, chances are that you might have some recipients who may not be entirely conversant with the Endlish language. This makes the kind of languages supported by the answering machine relevant. While most machines only support English, some incorporate other fairly popular international languages such as French, Spanish and Arabic.


Most modern answering machines come in with the ability to integrate with an external device such as a phone to allow the user more control and flexibility. The remote access is normally granted through a passcode before the user assumes any operations. With this the user can switch the device on and off, record messages, as well as execute all the other basic functions discussed above. 

Usability features

A great answering machine should be easy to use for any beginner. This implies that there needs to be an ample provision of features that should guide the user through the installation process, as well as getting started with general functions. First of all, the unit should come with a clear manual, secondly, the design should be simple enough for anyone to get started. For instance, most combo answering machines come with a LED/LCD display. 

This is essential as it gives the much needed visual feedback that can easily aid the user through the settings. The button configuration should also be as simple as possible, with clear and visible commands.


A great answering machine should be solid enough at both a structural and functional level. Structurally, look for a sturdy, compact construction and make sure that it’s from a trusted manufacturer. You can look up the manufacturer’s information on the web, and check out some reviews from current and former users.

Functionally, it might be a little tricky to determine much from just the feature set. Customer reviews are a great way of looking into how the device has been fairing so far, as you can easily notice some potential problems associated with the device. 

Storage capacity

Another key factor you need to consider is the machine’s storage capacity. If the space is too small for the volume of calls you might expect, it may not really serve its primary intended purpose. The amount of data that the machine can store is directly correlated to the total number of recording minutes, thus the capacity is almost always expressed in recording minutes. 

As you might expect, this varies between devices, and you might want to know exactly how much the machine offers. Most machines range between 25 and 40 minutes, which is usually practical enough in busy settings. Other less expensive machines fall somewhere between 18 and 25 minutes, which is also workable in most office settings.

Standalone or Combo?

As we go further to look at various models on the market, you will notice that answering machines come in two main forms: a standalone device and combo. The latter combines an answering machine and a cordless phone. Standalone devices have their advantages. One typical advantage is that they tend to be compatible with all types of phones. 

Combo devices tend to have a wider range of functional features thus making them generally more advanced. If you are looking to carry on with your home phone, standalone devices provide the best option. However, if you can do away with your current phone for a new device, you can consider a combo machine that comes with all the functional features. 

Warranty and associated support

As it is with most electronic gadgets, answering machines diminish in value with the passage of time. They may not function well due to a number of factors, including manufacturing defects. This makes a long term warranty one of the key aspects you need to look into. Most machines come in with a 1 year warranty which is quite reasonable enough to cover for all the key issues.

When it comes to support, most companies can be contacted by means of email, live webchats and contact forms. Others can be reached through more direct methods like customer support. If you are looking to directly contact the manufacturer, check the user manual or website for contact information.

8 Best Hand Picked Answering Machines

1. HC-AB900 Amplicom – Our Choice

HC-AB900 Amplicom
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The AB900 Amplicom affords a digital answering machine that blends performance, reliability and convenience in a way that most standalone answering machines fail to live up to. Let’s get to the details and see if the popularity is warranted.

Design and dimensions 

The answering machine comes in an all-black, standalone, compact design that packs all the necessary control features on a curved  frontal surface. The top features a small LED display for visual feedback on key parameters. Just below it is a prominent circular speaker, which overlies a dedicated panel for all the control buttons.

In general, it is quite a solid construction, that leaves an impression of a device that was built for strength and performance. In terms of size, it measures 18.2 x 13.4 x 8.1 cm, while the weight measures at around 395 grams. The package includes a base, telephone cable, AC adapter and user manual.

Main Features
  • Capacity: It incorporates flash memory, with up to 24 minutes of digital recording.
  • Can be set in a total of 6 languages. 
  • It comes with a one-touch playback with pause functionality.
  • Messages control functionality: Skip, repeat and erase (Single or all erase)
  • 2-digit LED display. 
  • Headset or neckloop jack (3.5mm)
  • Remote functionality: The device allows remote control through a pre-set 3-digit remote code.
  • The key remote control function include the following:
  • Turning on or off.
  • Changing of outgoing message.
  • Playing, skipping, repeating, erase, remote memo recording, and room monitoring.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Multifunctional – The machine comes in with a wealth of functions; making it one of the most versatile on today’s market.
  • Reliable – It comes in with durable construction and a cohesive functional system.
  • User-friendly – It is conveniently designed, and incorporates easy-to-follow commands and buttons.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It comes in with a rather hefty price tag.
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2. Beetel X78 Cordless 2.4Ghz Landline Phone

Beetle is a reliable, trusted brand in the landline category. Its X78 cordless allows complete freedom of movement. It had versatile operations allowing you to have a conference call, intercom, and detect a number. It also has a phone book to store up to 150 contacts.

Main Features
  • The product has a solid build quality which makes it durable and long-lasting.
  • It has four days standby time which means you can leave the device unattended on holidays and weekends.
  • The handset can be used for eight hours at a stretch without having to plug in the charger.
  • The product houses a host of intercom, calling, and caller ID detection features that make it suitable for house and office use.
  • With the handset at your side, you don’t have to worry about losing contact. The product features a phone book with 150 contacts storage.
  • It has ten soothing melodies to choose from for the ring tone.
  • Two-way speakerphone and three-way conference makes it easy to have group calls.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The speakerphone has a good range. It can be used for communicating between two different floors.
  • It has an illuminated keypad that makes dialling a number at night or in a dark room easier.
  • It has a backlit LCD which makes it easy to operate even in a dark room.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No cons were observed

3. Panasonic KX-TGF320E – High performance all-in-one system

Panasonic KX-TGF320E
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If you are in for a combo answering machine to enjoy the benefits of additional gadgets, this great model from Panasonic should offer something close to an ideal profile. It is endowed with great reviews along with a comprehensive feature set typical of a modern combo device. Let’s get closer and have a look.

Design and dimensions 

Like most combo devices, the answering machine comes in as part of the base unit catering to two handsets (corded and optional). The base unit features an all-black body with a sleek, black outer coating and divided into several compartments. The top holds a monochrome LCD. Just below the display is a dial keypad, and a set of control buttons on an additional compartment placed on the right side. 

The left holds the mounting apparatus for the corded handset. The optional handset also comes in as part and parcel of the package, which connects to the base unit wirelessly (Bluetooth connectivity). The package weighs a total of 1.38kg , while as the size measure at around 23.8 x 21 x 13 cm.  

Main Features
  • Capacity: It holds a memory of up to 40 minutes.
  • Languages: English only. 
  • Fast forward, rewinding, and repeat functionality.
  • 8 step speaker volume adjustment.
  • Remote control of preceding functionalities.
  • Call screening.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Versatile – In addition to being part of a combo unit, the answering machine affords all the needed functional features in a modern answering machine.
  • High capacity – Rated at 40 minutes, it affords enough space and a remarkably high capacity compared to most devices.
  • Convenient – The machine comes in a simple design with clear and easy-to-follow controls on top of ample handy functional features.
  • Durable – It features a solid construction and a well-built system for enhanced longevity.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The extra features and combo nature come with an inflated price tag.
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4. Conair Tad2012 – Reliable and high performance

Conair Tad2012
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The Conair Tad packs simplicity and effectiveness in this standalone answering machine, which has proven a worthy addition to the tech landscape over the past few years. At a rather modest price tag compared to the last two devices, it does afford a rare balance of features that earned it a place on the list. Let’s get up-close.

Design and dimensions 

The answering machine comes in a compact, shell construction; holding three main compartments on the upper surface. Further up top is an LED display, the middle holds a prominent speaker, while the base holds a set of key control buttons. The device weighs at just 272 g while the size measures at around 14 x 12.1 x 3.8 cm.

Main Features
  • Recording capacity: Up to 3.5 minutes, digital memory.
  • Languages: English only. 
  • Adjustable ring select.
  • Flashing message counter. 
  • Auto disconnect, voice activation.
  • Main controls: Play, Skip, Stop and save.
  • Remote control.
  • Toll saver.
  • Call screening.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Ample functional features – The device affords all the needed amenities for the required flexibility in a top machine.
  • Convenient – The remote control capability along with a simple design makes it a breeze for first time users.
  • Durable – It comes with highly resistant material and a durable shell-like structure.
  • Affordable – It provides a good option for budgets which can’t afford advanced combo devices.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It comes with a low recording capacity.
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5. VTech CS6529-4 DECT 6 Phone Answering system – Versatile & durable

VTech CS6529-4 DECT 6 Phone Answering system
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The Vtech phone answering system presents another great example of combo answering machines for those looking to kill two birds with one stone by getting a device the provides the best of two worlds. Though relatively new on the market, it has managed to rack up a commendable average rating based on numerous reviews. Let’s get into the details.

Design and dimensions 

As expected, the machine is part of a base unit of a phone system that includes a cordless handset, the base itself and a wall mount. Silver is the principle color; giving the machine a fine finish and a consequent air of elegance. The right side of the unit holds the control panel, which incorporates a centrally placed, LED display and a set of control buttons. The left side holds the mounting panel for the handset. The unit weighs a modest 1.47 Kg, as the size measures around 16.3 x 17.5 x 17.3 cm. 

Main Features
  • Recording capacity: 14 minutes.
  • Languages: English, Spanish and French.
  • Remote access: Can be connected with up to 5 devices.
  • Controls: Fast forward, rewinding, and repeat functionality.
  • Volume adjustment.
  • Call screening.
  • Caller ID.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Efficient – It affords a seamless performance with basic answering functionality and connectivity with other devices.
  • Reasonable capacity – 14 minutes isn’t too bad to handle the call answering needs of a regular business setting.
  • User-friendly  – Though there are some issues with the wall mount, the installation process is pretty straight forward. 
  • Reliable – It offers a great looking, and durable construction.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A number of current users have complained about a poorly designed and difficult to mount wall mount.
  • Generally inflated price tag.
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6. Gigaset C330 – Powerful, professional build quality

Gigaset C330
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The Gigaset C330 offers another great combo which affords a top notch answering machine, and a set of high quality hand sets. A sleek construction, and a highly commendable performance are some of its highlights. Let’s have a look.

Design and dimensions 

The first thing you’ll notice is a delightful exterior, which affords the combo a professional look that should resonate with most modern office settings. As it is with most combos, the answering machine is part and parcel of the base unit, which supports the corded handset on the left, as the right surface holds a LED display, dial keypad and a set of control buttons. 

An optional handset connects to the base wirelessly, and comes with its own mounting compartment. The device weighs at 798 g, while the dimensions hit 27.9 x 17.8 x 9.5 cm.

Main Features
  • Recording Capacity: 25 minutes.
  • Languages: English only.
  • Fast forward, rewinding, and repeat functionality.
  • 5 step speaker volume adjustment.
  • Caller ID.
  • Remote control.
  • Call screening.
  • Warranty, 1 year for handset and base, 6 months for  accessories.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Great capacity  – The capacity is more than practical for daily usage in a busy environment.
  • Great build quality – It features a sturdy, highly resistant construction quality.
  • Multi-functional – The package incorporates a complete set of communication tools on a single station, which would most likely be more costly if purchased separately.
  • Comprehensive warranty – It provides ample coverage for all the key parts.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Hefty price if all you are looking for is an efficient answering machine for an existing phone/handset.
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7. Panasonic KXTG741 – Durable construction, great range of functionality

Panasonic KXTG741
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This model from Panasonic furnishes another highly commendable design with a powerful feature set. The reaction from current users has proven highly encouraging so far. Let’s get into the details.

Design and dimensions 

As alluded to above, the answering machine comes in as part of a combo featuring a cordless handset, and the base unit. Like most combos, the base unit features a two-line LED display overlooking a dial pad and other controls. When it comes to size, the base measures (178 mm × 115 mm × 101 mm), while the handset measures at (48 mm × 31 mm × 168 mm) in Depth, Width and Height respectively.

Main Features
  • Recording capacity: 18 minutes.
  • Languages: English only.
  • Remote control from handset and external devices (DTMF).
  • 8-step speaker volume adjustment.
PROS (What we liked)

Reliable – The machine comes in a durable construction, and a cohesively built functional unit.

Reasonable capacity – 18 minutes should afford a practical space for regular usage.

User-friendly  – It is easy to setup and operate.

CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It lacks fast forward and rewinding features.
  • Hefty price tag.
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8. Gigaset A500A – Elegant, rich feature set, durable material

Gigaset A500A
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Next up is another combo from Gigaset, which boasts of one of the best looks on the market, and a wealth of features to show for its reputation. Let’s have a look.

Design and dimensions 

An impressive all-white exterior, along with a rather elegant construction quality are the highlights of the device’s design. The base unit is wedge-shaped, with the top surface set at an angle to accommodate a handset dock, and a control panel. 

The buttons are made of Silicon rubber, and are LED backlit to give a delightful glow that blends in well with the exterior color. The unit weighs at 381g, as the dimensions measure 18.5 x 13.7 x 6.1 cm. 

Main Features
  • Recording capacity: 25 minutes.
  • 4 voice prompt Languages
  • Remote access: Can sync with up to 5 devices.
  • Volume adjustment: 3 levels.
  • Toll saver.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Great capacity  – The 25 minute capacity provides enough space for most use cases.
  • Simple, user-friendly design – It features a simplified interface and conveniently placed and designed controls.
  • Durable – It features great build material and a solidly built structure.
  • Comprehensive warranty
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The answering machine lacks a display system.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the best answering machine on the market?

Based on features and general functionality, combo devices generally provide the best machines with stiff competition among a number of brands. Within this competing category, you may come across devices that appeal to different individual needs. Therefore, the key is in identifying a credible brand, from which you can choose the best fit for your needs

2. Are standalone answering machines better than combos?

When it comes to basic performance, there is not much of an observable difference. However, there are convenience and cost-related differences which may make one type better than the other. Since combos come in as part of a complete set, you are not likely to face compatibility issues during the installation process as you would with standalone devices. 

Additionally, combos tend to come with extra features such as wireless connectivity, and more control features. However, combos tend to be more expensive, thus they may not exactly be the best choice when you already have a set of handsets that can integrate with a cheaper standalone device. Therefore, the better option will almost entirely depend on your circumstance and your personal preference. 

3. What’s the ideal capacity for home usage?

Home environments may not be as busy as office environments, thus you may not really need a top-of-the-range model when it comes to capacity. This means, you can forgo the 25-35 minute range and settle for something within the range of 10-20 minutes. Again, if you are expecting nothing more than occasional usage, you can tread even lower.

4. Which brands offer the best machines?

As you might have noticed above, there is a demonstrable stiff competition among several brands, and their models may differ in terms of the kind of depth they provide in certain aspects. For instance,  while one brand may be capable of producing excellently molded devices for the style-conscious individual, some may be better geared towards performance and capacity. Therefore, just as it is rather personal when comparing models, it also comes down to an individual level when it comes to brands.

5. Which factors affect the answering machine’s durability?

In general, there are intrinsic and extrinsic factors. The term “intrinsic factors” refers to those which relate to the device’s material, construction and systems interaction,  where as extrinsic factors relate to influences from outside the device.

The strength of the material used in the construction directly affects the strength of the whole structure. And this contributes to how durable that machine is in the long run. The term “construction” mainly refers to how the different parts have been brought together to form the structure as a whole. In this case, if the construction quality is poor, the structure may not be able to hold for long.

Poor material and construction often results in broken products especially during transit, thus you may need to be careful especially when buying online. Extrinsic factors are more of how you are handling the product. Make sure you are following all the instructions relating to handling and storage as this may easily translate into a more acceptable product lifespan.


Getting your hands on the best answering machine is a matter of being conversant with three key things, and these are: their functional processes, central factors dictating their suitability and overall functionality, and what the best models on the market have to offer.

In a nutshell, they are devices that basically allow you to respond to calls through messages when you are not in close proximity with your phone. They are essential in three main ways: allowing you to have more control over your calls, cost-effective, and can potentially contribute to your image as a person or business.

Key factors to look before any decisions include functional features, durability, type and warranty. The last section laid forth a discussion on the leading models on the market, as a practical tool to get you started on your journey. All the best as you go about pursuing the best device for your needs!


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