Havells BT5200C Beard Trimmer Review

Havells is an Indian owned brand that delivers an exclusive product for consumer use. This beard trimmer comes with a unique stand that allows you to conveniently store the product whenever it is not in use. It is equipped with a Li-ion battery, with a quick charge technology that allows the battery to be charged for 90 minutes.

When the trimmer is fully charged, it can be used for 50 minutes. It comes with self-sharpening blades for comfort and durability.

U-shaped self-sharpening blades

It comes with self-sharpening blades made with stainless steel and ensures sharp and efficient trim throughout. The U-shaped blades adjust itself to the facial contour and glide easily.

Storage stand

It comes with a storage stand for conveniently keeping the beard trimmer always ready to use.

Rechargeable trimmer

The trimmer comes with a Li-Ion in-built battery, which ensures quick charging up to 90 minutes. It has a fully charged trimmer that can be used for 50 minutes, which could be equivalent to 12 cordless trimming sessions.

Battery indication

The LED indicator turns green when in use and red when it is out of use. The indicator helps to keep a check on the battery life whenever it is used.

Comb attachments

The trimmer comes with three comb attachments of 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm. The length settings combs can be easily used to set your desired beard length.

Detachable blade

This trimmer comes with detachable blades that can be pushed in an outward direction to open the head of the trimmer. This trimmer can be easily cleaned with a cleaning brush provided inside the box.

Cord and cordless

The trimmer can be used with the cord connected to a USB adaptor to avoid low battery moments.

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What Do We like

Ultimate styling

Your beard will have the perfect style whenever this trimmer is used. It comes with various precision settings and high-quality blades to ensure proper trimming and styling when it is used.

What We Don’t Like


This beard trimmer makes noise when in use, which can be annoying.


This trimmer looks stylish and easy to use. It offers long-lasting battery and very good value when it is purchased. This device has a quick charging capacity, and when it is used, it makes you look perfectly styled. It is made of stainless steel, and with the use of three combs, you can easily set your beard length to what you desire.

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