Braun BT3020 Beard Trimmer for Men Review

Braun delivers unique home products such as Hand blenders, coffee makers, blenders, hand mixers, and hand blender attachments. This Braun beard trimmer provides the exact length, even trim, and precise contours to deliver an excellent and fundamental look.

The beard trimmer gives you what you want, if you wish to achieve designer stubble, maintain a full beard or trim contours and edges. It comes with a trimming comb that has 39 length settings between 1 – 20 mm.

Stubble and short beards

It has two fixed combs in 1 and 2 mm and the short one between 1 – 10mm, which helps to evenly trim stubble and short to medium beard for better control of style.


It has a long hair comb of 11 – 20mm, which provides a more range to maintain a long beard style. You can use it as a hair clipper to create several styles.

Contour edges

The trimmer also comes with a free Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor with FlexBall technology to define lines and create contours.

Fully washable head and comb

It comes with a fully washable head and comb. It is suitable for easy cleaning under running water.


The trimmer comes with 40 minutes of precision trimming from a ten-hour charge. It has a black color and a sleek design. The trimming settings and power buttons are well-positioned.

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What Do We like

Long-lasting sharp blades

It provides high-performance precision to achieve any style you want. These ultra-sharp stainless steel blades cut through long and thick hair without any tugging or pulling.

Long-lasting use

It comes with long-term use. The time is convenient for comfortable trimming.

What We Don’t Like

It doesn’t come with a feature to indicate it is fully charged.

It takes a longer time to charge.


This trimmer comes with a fully washable head and combs for quick cleaning under running water. It has a two-year warranty for convenient and comfortable use.

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