Docoss – Digital Trimmer Review

Docoss develops professional and safe beard trimmer for comfortable use. This trimmer comes with a digital LED display with a good battery back-up. The blades are made of titanium and ceramic professional detachable blade. The blades are of high precision and can be washable. It has a powerful motor with a sharp blade that can trim your hair fast and it ensures no beard gets stuck while trimming. This trimmer comes with a 100 – 240v dual voltage and it is easy to carry around.


Haircutting comb

It comes with an adjustable cutting length blade which helps you switch from 1.2mm – 1.9mm – 2.5mm. You can create different styles and four guided combs to fit different hair.

Steel precision trimmer

This trimmer comes with a nice design of the full-metal precision trimmer makes it easy to precisely edge and finish small details. The trimmer has an in-built knife adjusting mechanism with a sharp angle for convenient use. The ceramic blades are titan coated and the design won’t allow the device to slip from your hand while using it.

Digital LED indicator

The trimmer shows the power storage which would make you see clearly how much power is left to avoid sudden discharge of the battery while trimming.

Cord and cordless

It can be recharged with an adapter provided. The trimmer gives a working time of 120 minutes. The cord using is good and unique to use. The charging of this device is also quick and it can be used directly with power when the batteries run out.

R-type blunt angle

With this R-type blunt angle you need not worry about hurting yourself. It provides a precise look and cutting whenever it is used.

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What Do We like


This device comes with a powerful DC engine that is powered by an advanced lithium polymer battery. This ensures to provide a neat and precise shave whenever it is used. It trims, clips, and shaves to your preference. It ensures no strand of your hair remains while trimming and it makes your hair smooth and amazing.

Zero hassles

The trimmer spares you the trouble of rushing to a salon every time, it provides the same result. It saves time and effort and you don’t have to pay all the time for a good shave.

Excellent grooming

This device not only ensures you get a proper clipping or nice shave and it takes care of overall grooming as well. The device comes with setoff four removable combs of varying lengths that ensure you have the shave you desire.

What We Don’t Like

No negative review so far.


This beard trimmer comes with smooth operation, it has top quality blades which provides smooth cutting, seamless, and trimming. The trimmer’s blade provides straight line, clean and evenly trim. It cuts through the thickest hair without irritation.

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