Syska HT400 Ultra Trim Beard Trimmer Review

Syska develop products which bring innovation and energy saving into the homes of its users. It comes with a 20 length setting, which is from 0.5 – 10mm. This trimmer comes with high-quality titanium blades for effective trimming.

The trimmer has an in-built adjustable comb for desired length settings. The device has a rapid charge of up to 60 minutes, with up to 120 minutes of working time. It has rounded blade teeth for smooth skin contact.

Length settings

This device comes with an easy jog dial with 20 lock-in length settings. This setting has a range starting from 1mm to 10mm with a 0.5mm precision for the desired look. You can have a 0.5mm trim if you remove the comb.

Rapid charge

It comes with rapid-charge technology. This feature gives a two hours working period for a one hour charge. This allows the device to produce an efficient and effective use.

Self-sharpening blades

The trimmer comes with friendly titanium blades for a smooth trimming experience. The blades have unique self-sharpening technology wherein the blades brush against each other. This helps to keep the blades effective and sharp for as long as it is used.

In-built stand

It comes with an in-built stand for easy storage and positioning. This feature helps to position the trimmer when it’s not in use.

LED indicator

This indicator lets you know when it is charging by showcasing a red color light. It displays the same light color when it is on.

In-built stubble comb

The trimmer has an in-built stubble comb. It delivers the best styling and cutting.

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What Do We like

Smooth shave

It comes with a rounded blade tooth for smooth skin contact. It also helps to shape the beard without any nicks and cuts.


This trimmer is designed for a comfortable grip and convenient use. It helps to reach a difficult area for trimming. It comes with a champagne gold color and a sleek body.

What We Don’t Like

It produces a little bit of heat while trimming.


This trimmer delivers the best experience when it is used. It was crafted in Korea with the latest technology. This trimmer also comes with a two-year warranty for optimal use.

The device can be maintained and cleaned easily and quickly. The blades are built with high-quality titanium for a safe, hygienic, and easy use. This trimmer delivers an enjoyable experience and convenient usage.

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