Safari Red Hardsided Suitcase Review

There is no question that bags that are made of polycarbonate fabric are proven to be durable and stylish enough to provide you the satisfaction that you are looking for. With regard to that, we have a suggestion for you. Introducing the Safari Polycarbonate 65 cms Red Hardsided Suitcase, it is made of premium materials that guarantee superb satisfaction.

You’ll surely never go wrong with this bag because it will provide you a sense of security that your valuables are completely safe at all times whenever you are outdoors. With its modern design and features, it will keep you satisfied, making your every Rupee worth it.

Wear Resistant

This is an assurance that the bag will not deteriorate easily because it is sturdy-built, making you enjoy the bag for a lot longer.


This bag will surely protect your valuables inside from experiencing water damage as any kind of liquid will not have any capacity to intrude on the inner surface of the bag.

82-Liter Capacity

This proves that the bag has the ability to hold a sufficient amount of things easily and comfortably.

Number Lock

This is a security feature wherein you can lock the bag to safeguard it using a number combination.


It is a well-known material that is hard and sturdy, which will surely last long and protect your valuables from shocks while you are moving the bag.

Extendable Handle

You can adjust the handle according to your preferred height so that you can move the bag comfortably wherever you go.

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What Do We like

Exquisite Design

This bag is a combination of good-looks, ergonomic body, and portability. It will make sure that you’ll have better satisfaction while you are using the bag.


Since this bag has a hard casing and is made of sturdy fabric, you can expect that it will not deteriorate easily.


This bag is equipped with nice and concealed pockets as well as locks to provide you safe storage of your valuables.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were observed.


This bag has nice features, just like Wear Resistant, Waterproof, 82-Liter Capacity, Number Lock, Polycarbonate, and Extendable Handle. Those features will bring you all the security and satisfaction that you are looking for in a luggage bag, and the good thing is it all comes at an affordable price.

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