VIP (FERACT65CPG) Check-in Luggage Review

For over 40 years, the VIP bags brand has been doing a great job of providing high-quality products. They specialize in making travel bags of all kinds. Since 1971, they have been a household name that is trusted by a lot of people. Right now, they are one of the leading bag manufacturers not only here in India but also in most parts of Asia as well.

So if you have a love for traveling, then it is highly suggested to buy a bag from them. With regard to that, we would like to introduce the VIP Polycarbonate 65 cms Grey Hardsided Check-in Luggage. This is one of the best premium bags on their product line, giving you a lot of style and functionality to store your valuables.

Number Lock

It will act as a protection if you found some defects on the item.

Polycarbonate Material

This material is sturdy enough to withstand the frequent use of this bag.

51-Liter Capacity

This capacity is sufficient enough to hold a decent amount of valuables that you can use for your travels.

5-Year Warranty

This product has a 5-year international warranty that will keep you protected in case there are some defects with the item.

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What Do We like

Easy to Clean

You can clean this bag well when necessary making your usage of the bag really hygienic.

Affordable Price

This bag has a low price, which will surely not hurt your budget.

Beautiful Design

It has a nice-looking exterior, ergonomic body, and secured zippers making it really desirable to use at all times.

Extremely Durable

This bag will truly last long because it is made of premium materials.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were found.


In this bag, you will enjoy wonderful features, just like the 5-Year Warranty, Number Lock, Polycarbonate Material, and 51-Liter Capacity. You’ll surely enjoy all of those at a very affordable price.

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