VIP (STTRYW55IBL) Tryst Cabin Luggage Review

Do you want to have a VIP feel when you are going on a trip? Then you must consider having good luggage that you can use to make your things organized. With regard to that, VIP Tryst Polyester 55 cms Ink Blue Softsided Cabin Luggage is definitely a good product that you can buy.

As the brand name suggests, you can have a premium VIP feel because of the stylish exterior that it has. You’ll have a great experience by taking the hassles of traveling away, leaving you completely secured at all times. In order to prove to you that, we will discuss more of its benefits and features on the bulleted points below.

30-Liter Capacity

This maximum capacity is perfect for short trips so that you can bring all your essentials needed for you to survive.

Polyester Material

This bag is made of polyester material, which is a guarantee that it will not deteriorate easily.

Butterfly and Fixed Combination Locks

These dual locks will keep your belongings secured at all times from people who are trying to have access to it.

Corner Guards

This will protect the corners of the bag from getting damaged while the bag is in used.

Extra Volume

It lets you put more valuables inside the bag, such as your water bottle and other essentials.

5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

You are protected if there is an issue with the item.

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What Do We like


This bag has an affordable price that will give the power to people from all walks of life to afford it without breaking the bank.

Easy Cleaning

This bag isn’t that difficult to clean because it is washable and has parts that are retractable.

Amazing Design

This bag has an exterior that is pleasant-looking and, at the same time, superbly compact, making it really desirable to bring on your trips.

Hassle-Free to Use

The ergonomic handle, along with its extreme stability, making it easy and comfortable to use.

Outstanding Security

This bag is super secured to use, which will surely give you peace of mind wherever you go.

2 Colors to Choose From

There are two available colors to choose from, namely ink blue and crimson red.

What We Don’t Like

Since this bag is pretty small, its maximum capacity seems to be very limited.


In this bag, you can experience nice features just like Warranty, Security Locks, Corner Guards, Polyester Material, Extra Volume and etc. All of those features are achievable at a very low price for you to experience more promising trips.

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