American Tourister Cruze Suitcase Review

When we are traveling, it is mandatory for us to bring the things that we needed in order for us to survive. This will keep us ready at all times, especially in times of trouble. And so you should have a reliable bag that you can trust that can carry all the essential items.

With regard to that, we have a suggestion that you can consider in your quest to buy a good travel bag. Introducing the American Tourister Cruze Suitcase, it is a convertible bag that can act as a trolley or suitcase whichever you prefer to.


This bag can resist any contacts with liquids so that your valuables inside the bag will be safe at all times.

Number Lock

This is a safety feature that you can use to safeguard your valuables from bad elements.

ABS Material

It is known that ABS material is really durable that has the capacity to last for a lot of years as it does not deteriorate easily.

Dual Compartments

This will allow you to put more things inside the bag easily and in a more organized way.

84-Liter Capacity

The 84-liter maximum capacity of this bag is an assurance that you can put sufficient amounts of objects inside it, which can make your trips more efficient.

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What Do We like

Excellent Design

It has a nice-looking façade, comfy handle, and portability that you can rely on your trips, making your experience more comfortable.


This bag has a reasonable price which will surely fit the budget of people from all walks of life.

Extremely Durable

It has a sturdy base and fabric that will allow the bag to endure regular use without deteriorating.

Hassle-Free Cleaning

You can easily wipe this bag off when it is dirty, giving you a more hygienic experience when you are using this bag.

What We Don’t Like

The bag’s surface in the front is prone to dents.


In this bag, you can indulge yourself in wonderful features such as Waterproof, Number Lock, ABS Material, Dual Compartments, and 84-Liter Capacity. All those features come at a very affordable price.

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