American Tourister Xeno 39L Laptop Trolley Backpack Review

Great value is what American Tourister is promising on their products so that you’ll get the most out of your money. If you are a frequent traveler then it is a must to have nice storage for your laptop and other valuables.

With regard to that, we would like to suggest to you buying the American Tourister Xeno 39L Laptop Trolley Backpack, it is one of the best hybrid backpacks in the market. Because of its amazing portability, it became one of the best-selling backpacks right now. You can transform it into a carry-friendly bag or make it a trolley for more convenience.

Multiple Compartments

This allows you to put many valuables as possible inside the bag.

Push Button Trolley

You can transform this backpack into a trolley bag which allows you to bring the bag easily wherever you want to go.

Water Bottle Pocket

This is where you can place your water bottle which is in a separate pocket away from your laptop and other valuables to avoid any incidents of water spillage.

39-Liter Capacity

It allows you to put up to 17-inches laptop and other valuables making this laptop trolley backpack really multifunctional.

1-Year Warranty

This product comes with a year of warranty making you completely secured in case there are some issues with the item.

Free Rain Cover

It has a rain cover that comes along in the package which is completely free in order for you to protect your valuables from having contacts with liquids.

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What Do We like


This bag is not that bulky that’s why it will not consume that much space on your travels or in storage whenever you are not using it.

Extremely Durable

Since it is made of premium materials, you can expect that this bag will not get worn out easily.

Amazing Design

It has a beautiful-looking exterior and at the same time has an ergonomic handle that lets you carry and move the bag easily and comfortably.

Low Pricing

This product does not cost that much making it fit the budget of every people.

What We Don’t Like

The bag is a little bit heavy to carry around on regular basis.


In this bag, you can have wonderful features such as Multiple Compartments, Push Button Trolley, Water Bottle Pocket, 39-Liter Capacity, 1-Year Warranty, and Free Rain Cover. You will surely have a wonderful time with your travels with the help of this bag.

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