Bajaj Majesty 2 L Air Fryer (AFX7) Review

Bajaj is one of the best home product appliance maker in India. Its air fryer uses high-speed air circulation, which comes with a top grill and unique flow director that makes the hot air circulate rapidly around the ingredients in the basket. This air fryer also heats the food item in the basket uniformly, making your food look tasty and healthy. The food prepared looks crispy on the outside without being dry on the inside.

It comes with an integrated lock that locks for the basket firmly to the air fryer. This air fryer has a fail start mechanism that prevents the appliance from turning ON when the fry basket is appropriately closed. It has a power of 1230 watts and a voltage of between 220 and 240 volts. It is oil-free, i.e., it uses minimal oil for frying, baking, and toasting.



The controls are excellent and ergonomically designed. It makes the Air fryer extraordinarily user-friendly and very easy to use. The controls are made up of the timer control and temperature control. The timer control comes with a 60-minute timer to set the cooking time to any time you want. While the temperature control is provided to regulate temperature from 80 to 200 degrees Celsius.

Food basket

The food basket comes with a separator that allows you to cook multiple food items simultaneously. The basket is nonstick and easy to clean after usage. The food basket comes with a high capacity, which can accommodate large food items.

Dual fan technology

This air fryer has a dual-fan technology that helps for efficient heat circulation. This heat circulation helps to cook the food quickly and evenly. The dual fan spread hot air to all parts of the food to make the meal feel tasty and healthy. It has a flow director technology for turbo thermal flow.


The handle of this device is helpful. It prevents the basket from dropping off during handling. The basket’s detachable button is excellent and easy to use; it is even positioned well for convenient usage. The integrated lock ensures secure locking of the basket, and it comes with a safety microswitch, which automatically switches off the device as soon as you remove the basket.

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What Do We like


The design of this air fryer is beautiful and elegant. The design adds beauty to any kitchen it is placed. It has an impressive control knob, and basket handle. The air vent of this air fryer is also positioned correctly. The dual fan technology provides adequate heat circulation, and it is integrated with stainless steel trim for enhanced aesthetics. It has a safety cover to prevent accidental dropping of the basket.

Easy to clean

This air fryer is easy to clean and maintain. It comes with a detachable nonstick coated cooking basket, which is easy to use and maintain. You rest assured that the cleaning of the air fryer will be done effectively and conveniently without wasting so much time.

What We Don’t Like

No negative points observed in the product so far.


This air fryer heats your food uniformly, which makes your food look healthy and tasty. This method is fast and easy to use. It requires minimal oil to produce the desired result.

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