Voltas SAC_24H_IZI 2 Ton Split AC Review

Voltas is a Tata enterprise and is currently headquartered in Mumbai, India. They have been producing high-quality air conditioners throughout the years of their existence. Just like this Voltas 2 Ton Hot & Cold Split AC, it has a sleek white and black housing that has a strong motor beneath it.

This split air conditioner has the capacity to accommodate 151 to 200 square feet of rooms with its 2-ton motor. It has a number of premium features that will help you get the most out of the cooling experience from this lovely AC.


Copper Condenser Coil

It is known for being durable because copper does not corrode nor rust that is why it will surely last for extremely long periods of time


It will remove all the moisture in the air to give you a better quality of air in no time

Intelligent Heating

The temperature of this air conditioner will adjust automatically according to the temperature of the room to save you a lot of money from electricity bills

Sleep Mode

It will automatically adjust to the ideal temperature especially at night whe2n you are sleeping

Self Diagnosis

This feature will help you know if there are problems that are going on inside the air conditioner. It will give you the error codes needed in order for you to easily diagnose the problem

Glow Light Buttons

When you are in a dark room you will not have any difficulties in cleaning the buttons on its remote as the lights will give you some sort of a guide on what to click

Turbo Cooling

This will help you achieve extreme cooling temperatures in no time once this mode is activated

Dual Display

You can view both the current room temperature and the temperature that you are inputting on the AC so that you will be 100% updated with the temperature at all times

4-Stage Filtration Filter

This air conditioner will filter out impurities in the air with its 4 stage filtration so that there will be no pollutants will be left out inside your room

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What Do We like

Beautiful Design

it has a beautiful-looking housing that will surely add up some wow factor to your room


This air conditioner will not wear out easily because of the high-quality materials that it is composed of

Low Noise

It does not produce annoying noises while in use which is really desirable especially at night when everyone is sleeping

Easy to Clean

It does not contain any hard to reach areas which allow you to clean this air conditioner easily without having a hard time

Hassle-Free Maintenance

It does not require you to do any hard maintenance on this air conditioner for it to function perfectly


It has a simple interface which will allow you to use this air conditioner without having a hard time

Ease of Use

You can use the remote control that is included in the package so that you do not have to go directly to the air conditioner to set its temperature and options

Affordable Price

Despite its premium features, its price remains to be very competitive which will allow people that have a limited budget to afford it


It can be used both for winter and summer seasons that is why this is truly a great buy

What We Don’t Like

Ac emits Loud noise when in use.


This air conditioner has premium features that you will truly love such as the Copper Condenser Coil, Dehumidifier, Intelligent Heating, Sleep Mode, Self Diagnosis, Glow Light Buttons, Turbo Cooling, Dual Display, and 4-Stage Filtration Filter. Aside from that, you can use this air conditioner both for winter and summer seasons making it really worth your money.

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