LG JS-Q24AUXA1 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC Review

“Life is Good” is the motto of LG which is a South Korean appliance manufacturer. It is one of the most favorite brands here in our country because of the modern features that they integrate into their products, This LG 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC, is a great example of that. It is made to accommodate big rooms and cool them easily without any difficulties.

Aside from cooling, it can filter out dirt efficiently inside your room. When combined with other great features such as inverter technology, expect that you’ll get the best experience that provides the best value for your money. It is made to give you the satisfaction that you will not able to find anywhere else.

Copper Condenser

This is known for its energy efficiency, superb cooling and does not need tremendous maintenance

3M Dust Protection Filter

It removes dust in the air and other impurities as well to provide a clean and desirable to breathe air at all times

Stabilizer Free

It protects the air conditioner from electricity fluctuation keeping it safe from damage

Himalaya Cool Feature

This feature will allow the room to cool at the soonest possible time

Auto Clean Feature

You do not have to manually clean the air conditioner frequently because it can manage to sanitize itself with the help of this feature

Energy Saving Mode

It automatically lowers the energy consumption of the air conditioner so that you can save some electricity which can spare your budget from the monthly bills

Monsoon Comfort

It adjusts the temperature automatically during monsoon seasons and high humidity weather to save you some electricity

Low Refrigerant Detection

It will let you know if there is already a need to refill the refrigerant so that your cooling experience is highly-optimized at all times

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What Do We like

Excellent Coverage

It has a 2-ton capacity that will allow the air conditioner to accommodate rooms of up to 180 square feet

Extremely Durable

This air conditioner will not break down easily even if you use it every day because it is made of high-quality materials

Easy to Operate

It has a simple interface that will allow you to use this air conditioner easily even if it was your first time using it

Quiet Operation

The dual inverter compressor of this air conditioner allows the motor to minimize unnecessary noise while the air conditioner is in use


It is rated 3 stars when it comes to energy efficiency, this is because of the inverter technology and other modes that lower energy consumption

Easy to Clean

Cleaning this air conditioner is superbly easy because of its detachable components and no hard to reach areas

Beautiful Design

Its sleek look and stylish design will give your room some sort of transformation in the appearance once you put it in there

Ease of Use

It has a remote control included in the deal so that you can set the options of your air conditioner much easier and quickly

What We Don’t Like

A little bit bulky


This air conditioner has great features such as the Copper Condenser, 3M Dust Protection Filter, Stabilizer Free, Himalaya Cool Feature, Auto Clean Feature, Energy Saving Mode, Monsoon Comfort, and Low Refrigerant Detection. All of those are crucial components in making big rooms cooler and have a better quality of air in no time.

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