Voltas 1.4 Ton 3 Star 73 IZI Split AC Review

Air Conditioners have occupied a significant space in the market. They have made it possible for leading manufacturers to come up with new technologies and fresh features that would attract the consumer community. Voltas, moving forward with it’s step for the same, has come up with it’s “1.4 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Copper, 173 IZI, white )”.

The device is a 3 Star Split AC, making it extremely energy efficient. It includes unique features, including self diagnosis and sleep mode to ensure optimal comfort at all times.


Capacity and color

The white split ac has an outstanding capacity of 1.4 Ton. It is suitable for medium-sized rooms.

Self Diagnosis

It checks for various abnormalities and failures. It also sets itself back to normal automatically, thereby not disturbing the user with every minor issue.

Noninverter compressor

It is a split AC with a non-inverter type compressor that produces low noise. Hence, it prevents disturbance and ensures peaceful sleep at night.


It is equipped with elegant technology such that it filters out the bacterias, dust, and other particles. It ensures a healthy environment to breathe in.

All-Weather Compatibility

The device is suitable for all kinds of weather as it supports the brilliant technology that cools up during scorching heat, heats up during the chilling cold, and dehumidifies during the monsoons.

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What Do We like

Copper Condenser coil

The device has a copper condenser coil that provides for better cooling conditions. The durable condenser coild can withstand high-temperatures. It also requires low maintenance.

Energy Efficient

The device is rated 3 Star in terms of energy efficiency. Thus, it is assumed to have an annual consumption of about 1093.81 units (approx). It cuts off costs on electricity bills.

Sleep mode

The device supports ‘sleep mode’ where it maintains a constant and comfortable temperature throughout. Hence, it ensures peaceful and non-disturbing sleep to the users.

Remote and other specifications

It serves for a dual display where the temperature you have set appears along with the present room temperature. Also, the glow light buttons of the remote allow one to control the temperature or set other features even in the dark. The refrigerant gas is R22.

What We Don’t Like


These are mostly costly. Thus, unless a proper EMI or discount options do not come into the picture, these cannot be an easy reach for all the sections of the society.

Skin Problems

Prolonged exposure to this type of device may make your skin dry and intolerant to heat outside.


The product comes with a specific warranty period for its various products. Also, it’s easy to use and ever ready, 24*7 helpline for the customers to come up with their issues with the device makes it a consumer-friendly one. Hence, it is an ideal option for medium-sized room.

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Hari Priya

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