Voltas 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter 123VCZTT Split AC Review

Voltas is one of the leading brands in India, which mainly manufactures cooling products like air conditioners, cooling coolers, refrigerators, etc. The Voltas air conditioners are best for cooling purposes. The white and minimalist design of the air conditioner is favorable for every kind of room, cabin, etc.

The air conditioner has the capacity of the 1 ton, which suggest that they are better suited for small-sized room. The air conditioner consumes the power of 230 volts, and there is no need for the stabilizer. The copper condenser makes it durable and provides efficient cooling.


Voltas Inverter AC Advantage

The air conditioner powered by DC technology reduces power consumption. It maintains the ideal temperature without turning the compressor on and off repeatedly.

Ambient Cooling

The air conditioner has ambient cooling technology. It helps in cooling the room even when the outside temperature rises to more than 52 degrees Celsius.


The Superdry mode of the air conditioner dehumidifies the room by removing extra moisture from the air in less time and at a much faster rate.

Turbo Cooling

The Air conditioner has turbo cooling technology. It quickly and uniformly cools the room with no hot spots.

Stabilizer Free Operation

The air conditioner works under a wide range of operations, which protects voltage fluctuations. There is no need for any stabilizer because the Ac has low startup voltage.

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What Do We like

Copper Condenser

The air conditioner has the condenser coil, which is made up of the copper metal. The coil is durable and provides efficient cooling.


The air conditioner has self-diagnosis technology, which helps in checking the abnormality. If there is any, the defect is reset automatically.

Multi-Stage Filtration

The air conditioner has a multi-stage filtration technology, which helps in preventing the growth of the bacteria and other dust particles. It provides fresh air and also prevents the user from hazardous allergies and respiratory diseases.

Glow Light Button

The button of the remote of the air conditioner features a glowing light. It helps in viewing the buttons even in the dark.

Silent Operation

The air conditioner has a super silent operation that provides you an ultimate comfort by cooling super silently.

What We Don’t Like

Energy Efficiency

The product is not energy efficient than the other five stars rated ACs.


The Voltas air conditioner is the best, especially when it comes to working quality. The air conditioner is also long-lasting. It has a capacity of 1 ton, which suggests that it is better suited for the small-sized rooms. The air conditioner comes with the self-diagnosis facility, which checks for abnormality and automatically resets it.

The multi-stage filtration facility helps in preventing the growth of the bacteria and other dust particles. The air conditioner does not require any stabilizer for voltage management. It has turbo cooling technology for quick cooling, and it dehumidifies the room by removing moisture. Also, the cooling operation is super silent, ensuring peaceful sleep at night.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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