Samsung 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter AR12NV3PAWK Split AC Review

Samsung is a South Korea multinational company that manufactures electronic products, telecommunication equipment, semiconductors, solid-state drivers, home appliances, etc.

The Samsung Inverter Split air conditioner has a European design. It has an anti-corrosion facility by DURAFIN. The air conditioner consumes 240 volts of power. Moreover, the digital compressor technology helps in heat transfer.

The air conditioner has the storage capacity of the 1 ton, which suggests that it is better suited for small size rooms and more suitable for the office cabins.

Energy Saving

The air conditioner has the digital inverter 8-pole technology, which consumes less energy compared to convention models. The digital inverter helps in maintaining the desired temperature without getting on and off. The durable air conditioner also ensures noise-efficient operation.


The DURAFIN technology helps in the heat exchanging process. The DURAFIN is more resistant to corrosion and made up of excellent quality material that is thicker in size so that it ensures more heat transfer.

Compressor Protector

The compressor protector prevents the compressor of the air conditioner from being overloaded by unstable electricity.

Controller Protector


The controller protector helps in managing that there should not be any breakdown from the voltage surge. This unique feature withstands power fluctuations from 80V-450V.

Fin & Chassis Protector

The protector is made up of the durable corrosion-resistant material to protect the condenser of the air conditioner from rusting. It ensures cool, fresh, and clean air.

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What Do We like

Single User Mode

The air conditioner provides a unique single user mode facility, which ensures that the user only has to press the button, which helps in reducing the maximum capacity of the air conditioner. Hence, it results in more energy-saving than normal mode.

Smart Installation

The air conditioner consists of the smart installation technology, which ensures that the user can check the installation process, whether it is taking place correctly or not. The user only has to press button am allows IDU and ODU mode. If the installation process is taking place correctly, then 99 will display on the screen.

3 Care Filter

The air conditioner is provided with the 3-step advanced filter technology, which prevents the growth of the bacteria, dust particles, and dangerous pollutants, which helps in protecting the user from the seasonal allergies and air-borne respiratory diseases.

Voltage Fluctuation Protection

The air conditioner consists of the protector, which helps in maintaining the voltage. The voltage fluctuation protector protects the air conditioner from the sudden voltage drop.

Good Sleep Feature

The precise temperature control system and automatic moisture adjustment feature protect the vital stages of your sleep from humidity. It creates a comfortable environment in your bedroom throughout the night so that you wake up feeling refreshed.

What We Don’t Like


It has a capacity of 1 ton only, which means that it is not suitable for large rooms or halls.


The Samsung air conditioner has a perfect design and is better suited for small-sized rooms as it has a capacity of 1 ton. The air conditioner has an intelligent installation process, which helps in checking whether the installation is done correctly or not.

The air conditioner does not require any stabilizer as the three-protection facility can manage the voltage. The three-care filter ensures that there should be no growth of the bacteria and provide cool and clean air.  It has a single user mode for energy savings.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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