Blue Star 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC (BI-3HW12AATU) Review

Air conditioners play a vital role in providing comfort during the scorching heat. They have entered the market space with extreme ease. Blue Star is a leading brand that specializes in the designing and manufacturing of air conditioners and refrigerators. The brand brings it’s “1 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Copper, BI-3HW12AATU, white )”.

The Blue Star 1 ton split AC offers a wide range of safety features. It also provides for a reliable 3 Star energy efficiency cutting off the chances of high electricity bills. The 1-ton capacity makes it ideal for a small room.



This is a split AC with a non-inverter compressor. It produces low noise, thereby not disturbing the user while it is in action.


The AC is best suitable for small-sized rooms as they have sufficient capacity of 1 ton. It soothes a person with the level of temperature one requires. It ensures no hindrance to the user due to it’s working.

Copper condenser Coil

It is intelligently designed with the copper condenser coil that promises a better cooling technology. It requires low maintenance, which makes the life of the customers easier.


One primary concern with these products is cost. Hence, comparing with the inverter split ACs, this model is affordable.

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What Do We like

Superior Hydrophyllic Blue evaporator fins

This ensures that the device does not condensate the water that accumulates. It also reduces deposits of dust, producing unhindered cooling performance.

Energy Efficiency

The AC comes with a 3-star energy efficiency supporting an annual energy consumption of about 739.27 units (approx). It helps in cutting off high alarming electricity bills.

Refrigerant gas

The refrigerant gas used is R32, which is known to be an environment-friendly gas. It contains no ozone depletion potential and also has a low global warming potential.

Turbo Mode and iFeel

The turbo mode ensures super-fast cooling within a few minutes. The remote comes with a built-in sensor to provide the desired level of comfort.

Anti Corrosive

The ACs consists of special anti-corrosive blue fins that resist the corrosive action. It increases cooling efficiency with maximum heat transfer.

Dual User Setting

They also provide for dual user manipulation, allowing two users to personalize the temperature settings at home. It enables you to enjoy your desired cooling experience.

Comfort Sleep

It enables the comfort sleep function where it sets the temperature automatically in variation with the surrounding. Hence, the AC ensures peaceful sleep to the users.

What We Don’t Like

Skin Problems

Prolonged exposure to the AC may lead to dryness of skin and also make one heat intolerant.


The self-cleaning and self-diagnosis feature enables the AC to clean itself automatically, and when encountered with any abnormalities, it resets itself. It also contains a specific warranty period offered by the manufacturer on various parts of the device. The AC ensures user-friendly and environment-friendly operation. It can be considered a valuable asset or rather a perfect choice.

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