When is The Best Time To Buy A Refrigerator?

Are you planning to buy a new refrigerator? When it comes to your home appliances, they should never be an impulse buy. You need to take your time analyzing all the conditions that meet your needs.

Of course, if you want to land a bargain on your favorite refrigerator, timing is a huge factor. There are certain months every year when the stores are desperate for customers. 

These months are the best time to get appliances at affordable prices. In this article, we will discuss when you should land your new refrigerator at a good deal.

Best time to get appliances at affordable prices

When New Models are Rolled Out

Many manufacturers roll out new refrigerator models between March and May. During this time, the prices of older versions drop for obvious economic reasons.

First, dealers will be eager to move the previous year’s inventory. As such, they’ll sell the appliance at discounted prices because customers will soon start coming for the new models.

Therefore, this is your best time to look for that refrigerator you’ve always wanted for years. Depending on the supplier, you could even get it for nearly half the original price. 

Towards the End of the Month

Every business has a target which they are supposed to meet every month. If they don’t, it might be quite difficult for them to settle all the bills and employee salaries.

Towards the end of the month, some stores might be desperate to meet their quota. As such, they’ll be ready to compromise with the prices of their products. Grab this opportunity and get yourself a quality fridge at an affordable price. 

Towards the Weekend

This is less about the price and more to do with congestion. As you might have already realized, visiting any store at the beginning of the week or during the weekend might keep you there for hours. 

Since most people like to shop on weekends, it would be better to visit the store on a Wednesday or Thursday. This way, you will have all the time to go through the models available without any inconvenience. 

In fact, most attendants will be free, and you could ask as many questions regarding these appliances. Also, you might be able to land a better deal on the fridge

Festive Holidays

Yes, this is what most people are always waiting for; if you are not aware, then you are missing out on great deals. 

During major holidays when everyone is on an off-day, the stores may decide to slash their prices. The best bit about this is the fact you will have the whole day to find your favorite fridge.


Finding the best store to purchase a refrigerator is one thing, but when to buy this appliance also matters. If you don’t plan your schedule well in advance, then you might buy what you want, not what you need. These important points will help you understand your needs well and make an informed decision. 

This is an appliance that you’ll use for several years. Therefore, buying the wrong model or size could be catastrophic. Follow the guide provided in this article and get yourself a nice fridge at a bargain price.

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