Prestige Non Electric Acrylic PSWP 2.0 Water Purifier Review

Prestige is a leading brand that deals with the manufacture of home and electronic appliances. The Prestige PSWP 2.0 is a gravity-based water purifier that filters water under an advance 2 stage filtration process. It can reduce pathogens, bacteria, and viruses up to 99.99% without the use of chemicals. Hence, the water obtained is as safe as boiling water, making it fit for consumption purposes.

The built-in storage tank is capable of storing 9 liters of purified water. It ensures immediate access to drinking water at all times. The plastic used for its construction complies with the safety standards. Hence, this water purifier will never compromise on the health and safety of your family.


Gravity Based Water Purifier:

The Prestige PSWP 2.0 is a gravity-based water purifier that is compliant with NSF-42 standards and USP-EPA standards. It purifies water under gravity with a fast flow rate of 8 liters per hour. It does not require electricity or running water for the purification process.

Advance 2 Stage Filtration Process:

It purifies water under a 2 stage filtration process. The pre-filter made using non-woven cloth removes impurities and suspended particles. In the second stage, the FX Bio Safe Filter is powered by the Microbiological Fact filter to remove pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and cysts.

18 Liters Capacity:

The water purifier has a total capacity of 18 liters which is sufficient for a large family. It also comes with a built-in storage tank having a capacity of 9 liters. The tank collects the purified water ensuring access to safe drinking water at all times.

What Do We like

Long Filter Life:

It has a long filter life of 1500 liters ensuring purified water at all times. However, you are advised to change the cartridge every six months. The long filter life provides the lowest cost of water per liter. Hence, this water purifier offers the best value for money.

Safe and Purified Water:

The 2 stage water purification process removes cysts, viruses, bacteria, and pathogens by up to 99.99%. Also, the purification process is 100% chemical-free. Hence, it ensures purified drinking water that is as safe as boiled water. This keeps you and your family safe and healthy.

Improves Taste and Reduces Odor:

The water purifier is capable of removing the taste of chlorine during the purification process. It also reduces foul odor. Hence, this improves the overall taste and smell of the drinking water.


It is simple to clean the water purifier with regular water. Ensure to clean the purifier once in 15 days and do not keep it in direct sunlight as it may damage the plastic.

What We Don’t Like

Tap Leakage:

The seal of the water purifier is not very sturdy. This causes the tap to leak within a few weeks of use. Ensure that the parts of the purifier are assembled correctly.


This water purifier complies with the safety standards. Hence, it always ensures the safety of your family. It also has a long filter life of 1500 liters guaranteeing the lowest cost of drinking water. This is the best value for money option to consider going for.

However, ensure that you change the filter every six months. It is an excellent option for areas with electricity shortages and a lack of constant supply of water.

Anaida Sutherland

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