Tata Swach Smart + 15-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier Review

Tata Swach Smart Gravity Based Water Purifier is one another great product made to give you clean and pure water. The design of this purifier is such that it gives a modernistic view which adds to your home and kitchen decor. It guarantees to remove a hundred crore bacteria and one crore viruses from any impure water provided from any source. 

Auto shut off

The product turns off once the water from the upper part is purified and transferred completely to the other part.

Gravity based water purification

The purification is completely done in one step and is gravity-based, which means it is based on gravitational pressure downward and does not require any electricity to function. The membrane placed inside is used to purify the water.

Micro-mesh system

This technology is made, especially for the micro germs that are not visible to the naked eye. It removes all of such impurities from the water and makes it easy to clean.

Silver nanotechnology

The silver particles used in the silver nanotechnology convert harmful pesticides into harmless amorphous carbon, which leaves the water softer than before.

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What Do We like

Saves electricity

The purifier is known electric and based on gravitational pressure, which means that it does not require any electricity.

Easy to clean

All the parts of the purifier can be removed one by one and then assembled again. Thus, it makes it easy to clean and maintain the product.

15-litre large storage

The huge storage capacity of the product is the best part of it. It will purify water, and this water can be used for a larger audience or can be utilized for cooking.  The more the water is purified, the more people it can serve.

What We Don’t Like

Cannot be mounted on the wall

The product cannot be mounted on the wall. So if you want to mount it, you will need two L shaped bolts, which will be then hanged to your wall to hold the purifier.

Takes a lot of time to purify

As the purifier does not run on electricity and functions on gravitational pressure, it requires a lot of time in purification. The water in the upper section gets purified first, and then the is transferred to the lower part, and then the next purification can begin.


A great product that does not require any electricity and is easy to assemble. All the parts can be cleaned and put back together again. It is also very lightweight and easy to lift, which gives one more reason to buy the product. Also, the function is quite easy, and maintenance is quite low. A great product to use in places is experiencing power cuts and water shortage. Although I would not suggest it if you have a very busy life as the process requires time to purify.

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Aarohi Rodi

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