Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier

The Livpure Glo purifies water through an advanced six-stage filtration process that is powered by RO+UV technology. It includes a mineralizer that maintains the pH level and retains the essential minerals of the water. Hence, the water purifier ensures tastier and healthier drinking water that is stored in the built-in storage tank.

It has a sleek and elegant design that adds to the aesthetics of your contemporary kitchen. The LED indicators ensure convenient operation of the water purifier. It is a suitable option for areas with a high TDS level of up to 1500 PPM.

Let us not take a look at the detailed features, pros, and cons of this RO+UV water purifier.


Six-Stage Purification System

It filters water through an advanced six-stage purification system. The first stage includes a sediment filter that removes coarse and suspended impurities from the water. The second stage removes the organic impurities, chlorine, and foul odor from the water with the help of the pre-carbon filter. The final stages of the purification system include a silver impregnated post-carbon filter and a mineralizer.

RO+UV Purification Technology

The Livpure Glo is a RO+UV water purifier. The RO membrane filters out dissolved solids, chemicals, heavy metals, germs, bacteria, and viruses from the water. The water purifier also includes a UV disinfection chamber that prevents the growth of disease-causing micro-organisms.

Purification Capacity- 12-Liters Per Hour

It purifies water at the rate of 12-liters per hour. The advanced purification process efficiently removes hazardous impurities, chemicals, heavy metals, and disease-causing micro-organisms from the water. Hence, it ensures an ample volume of purified water per hour.

7-Liter Storage Capacity

The built-in storage tank is made using food-grade safe plastic. It is capable of storing 7-liters of purified drinking water for you and your family. Hence, it can be used to obtain pure water even in the absence of electricity.

Removes High Levels of TDS

It is capable of purifying water from different water sources, including tap, bore-well, and brackish. The highly-efficient RO membrane can remove TDS up to 1500 PPM.

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What Do We like


The mineralizer adds essential minerals and maintains the pH level in the water. Hence, it improves the taste and quality of the purified water. It ensures safe and healthy drinking water at all times.

Sleek and Elegant Design

The stylish and sleek design of the water purifier adds elegance and style to your contemporary kitchen. It also includes LED indicators that allow you to monitor the purification process and the water level in the tank.

What We Don’t Like

Water Wastage

There were some leakage issues noticed. It wastes a lot of water during the purification process. The water purifier eliminates 650 ml of water during the purification of 1-liter of water. Hence, it is advised to utilize the wasted water for cleaning purposes.


The Livpure Glo has a stylish design and includes several unique features for convenient operation. Moreover, the model is an excellent choice for purifying water with high levels of TDS.

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