Havells UTC 8L RO UV Water Purifier Review

The Havell UTC is a RO+UV water purifier having a capacity of 8 liters. It comes with a revitalizer and mineral cartridge. The mineral cartridge retains the essential minerals while the revitalizer increases mineral absorption. Hence, the water obtained after the 8-stage purification process is safe and healthy.

It comes with a futuristic design and rotating faucet to ensure convenient operation. The closed cartridges and double UV protection safeguard the water against re-contamination. Hence, it never compromises your safety.

Here we have provided an in-depth review of the Havells UTC RO+UV water purifier.


RO+UV Purification

The Havells UTC purifies water through an 8-stage purification process. It comes with a sediment filter that removes dust, sand, and other minute particles. The activated carbon filter removes excess chlorine and foul odor.

The water is filtered through the RO membrane, which traps dissolved salts, heavy metals, and disease-causing micro-organisms. The germicidal UV further disinfects the water from germs, bacteria, pathogens, and viruses.

Membrane Performance Enhancer

It prevents the RO membrane from scaling. Hence, improves the efficiency of the membrane and enhances its life.


Water is passed through the revitalizer during the seventh-stage of the purification process. It restructures the water molecules making them biologically active. This helps in keeping you hydrated. It also ensures adequate mineral absorption.

Mineralz Cartridge

It retains the essential minerals of water including calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other trace elements like iron, copper, etc. Hence, you get an enriching drinking water experience.

Smart Alerts

The water purifier comes with smart alerts including tank full alerts, error alerts, pump failure or ow input water pressure. These features enable you to monitor the purification process. It also notifies you of errors during the filtration.

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What Do We like

Futuristic Design

The futuristic design of the water purifier and the rotating faucet ensures convenient operation. The cartridges have a closed design ensuring extra protection against re-contamination during the purification process.

Double UV Protection

The double UV protection feature re-purifies stored water through UV. It protects the purified water from further contamination. Hence, the water stored in the tank remains clean and fresh, throughout the day.

Safe or No Water

The UV fail alert indicates you in case of UV lamp failure. It stops the purification process to ensure that the water provided to you is always safe and pure. Also, the pressure tank with ingress protection prevents invasion of external particles. Hence, it ensures safe or no water.

Easy Installation

The water purifier can be easily installed on the floor or the wall, saving the kitchen space. It also enhances the overall look of your contemporary kitchen.

What We Don’t Like

The Havells UTC is a bit expensive compared to other RO+UV water purifiers. However, it is worth the price.


The Havells UTC RO+UV water purifier ensures the efficient purification of water. Havells ensures one of the best service and warranty plan, making it a reliable choice. The water purifier will never compromise on your family’s safety. It is an excellent buy for those without restraint on price.

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