Havells Digi Touch RO UV Water Purifier Review

The Havells Digi Touch purifies water through an advanced 8-stage purification process. The RO+UV water purification technology removes dissolved salts, heavy metals, disease-causing micro-organisms, and other impurities from the water. Hence, you are provided with 15 liters of safe drinking water per hour.

It comes with a futuristic design and an LED-backlit digital interface. The dual-tone color and stylish appearance will make it stand out in any contemporary kitchen.

The water purifier comes with filter life alerts for its periodic maintenance. It is also powered by double UV purification that ensures safe and hygienic water at all times.

Here we have provided a detailed review of the Havells Digi Touch RO+UV water purifier.


RO+UV Purification

The water passes through an RO membrane during the 8-stage purification process. It prevents dissolved salts, heavy metals, chemicals, and disease-causing micro-organisms from passing through. The UV lamp further disinfects the water from disease-causing germs, bacteria, pathogens, and cysts. Hence, it ensures safe and pure drinking water.

Mineral Cartridge

The cartridge maintains the pH level of the purified drinking water. It also retains the natural minerals and trace elements in the water. Hence, the water obtained is healthier and tastier.


The revitalizer restructures the water molecules making them biologically active. Hence, it enhances the mineral absorption and hydration of water.

7 Liter tank capacity

The Havells Digi Touch purifies water at a rate of 15 liters per hour. The purified water is stored in the built-in storage tank having a capacity of 7 liters. The tank is made using food-grade safe material. It also includes an ingress protection tank cover to protect the stored water from insects and dust particles.

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What Do We like

Safe Drinking Water

Double UV purification technology enhances the oxygen level and hygiene of the stored water. It always ensures fresh and safe water. The water purifier also comes with iProtect Purification Monitoring. It constantly monitors the purification process so that the water obtained is safe for consumption.

Convenient Fill Options

The soft-touch faucet ensures the smooth flow of water with zero splashes. It is capable of measuring and dispensing the programmed volume of water in a bottle or glass. Hence, it enables you to fill water in bottles or containers without creating a mess in the kitchen.

Easy Maintenance

It comes with filter life indicators that enable you to plan your maintenance. The timely alerts ensure the periodic maintenance of the water purifier. Easy maintenance of the water purifier offers convenience and enhances the life of the purifier.

What We Don’t Like

The taste of the purified water could be better. You cannot expect the taste to be similar to bottled water. However, it will improve with time.


The Havells Digi Touch RO+UV water purifier is easy to maintain. It constantly monitors the purification process to ensure safe and purified drinking water. It is also powered by double UV purification that increases the oxygen level of the stored water.

Hence, it ensures healthy and clean drinking water at all times, which will never compromise on the safety of your family. This is an ideal choice for those looking for a RO+UV water purifier.

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Anaida Sutherland

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