Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance RO+UV+TDS Water Purifier Review

It  goes with a popular saying that “Prevention is better than cure ” , and thus, instead of drinking the water full of pathogens and various chemical  compounds which are actually unfit for consumption, Eureka Forbes finds a   solution where you can will be healthy and not fall ill with such contaminated as it is  now back with its all-new Aquaguard Enhance 7-Litre RO+UV+TDS Water purifier .

The brand new purifier employs efficient purification methods such as RO+UV+TDS. Besides the fact for which it is made, it’s appearance is classic enough to brighten up your place.

RO+UV+TDS Purification techniques

RO – Reverse osmosis; this has seven different stages associated where purification is carried out according to the ease with which the contaminants may be removed. UV – Ultraviolet; besides the effective removal of chemical compounds from water it is a viable, environmentally friendly alternative to chlorination and emits absolutely no by-products. TDS; Total Dissolved salts; according to WHO, the standard value of TDS for drinking water is 150–300, and this standard is given by only alkaline water.

The large storage capacity of 7-Litres

It provides for a large storage tank, which will ensure the availability of water even when the electricity is not present temporarily for the device to work.

Safety standards

As stated above, it’s efficient employability of various water purification techniques. The obtained water is clearly safe and hygienic to drink.

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What Do We like

Low Energy consumption

On a planet where energy conservation is the major preference, the purifier, with its low energy consumption, this water purifier ensures it’s compatibility here too.

High filtration rate

Whenever the water empties up to a specific level, it automatically restarts the purification process and ensures the continuous supply of water.

Removes odor and foul taste

During the process of purification, it removes odor and foul taste of the water and contributes to a better taste of the drinking water.

What We Don’t Like

Removal of essential nutrients

During the purification, there is a removal of various essential nutrients by the body like sodium, magnesium, iron, etc. which devoids the body from these nutrients and makes it sensitive to various deficiency diseases if not taken proper care.

RO membrane damage

The presence of chlorine can damage the RO membrane and thus various dissolved salts, bacteria, and viruses and easily pass, in turn making the water unfit to drink. Hence maintenance is required frequently.


Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance RO+UV+TDS 7-Litre Water purifier complies with all the safety checks, easy to use, maintain, operate, and the added one year warranty period makes it trustworthy for a healthy and prosperous life. You can surely get this model for your home and enjoy safe water everyday.

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Hari Priya

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