IFB TL- RCW 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Review

Say hello to sparkling and bright clothes! Introducing the fully automated TL- RCW 6.5 kg washing machine from IFB, it’s one of the newest top loaders that is designed to offer extra care to your clothes during washing.

This washing machine comes with triadic pulsators that give three advantages of lenient scrub pads, center punches, and swirl jets, for that hassle-free wash. Additional features include aqua energy, smart sensors, and 3D washing systems that ensure pleasant washing experiences.


Automatic Softener Dispenser

This washing machine comes with an attractive compartment that dispenses the softener to your fabrics before the washing process begins.

Crescent Moon Indentations

The washing machine comes with crescent moon indentations on the drum’s surface, creating soft water cushions that cushion your clothes against damage.

Deep Clean Feature

The in-depth clean feature in this washing machine ensures magical washing experiences; it’s gentle on clothes and tough on dirt and stains.

Aqua Spa Technology

The aqua spa technology in this washing machine hydrates rejuvenates, cleanses, and exfoliates your clothes.

Aqua Energie feature

This washing machine comes with the aqua energie feature that energizes water by facilitating better dissolving of detergent, ensuring a softer and cleaner wash.


The washing machine comes with four years comprehensive IFB warranty; users can always access after-sales-services if it becomes faulty within four years after purchase.

Express Wash Feature

The express wash feature in this washing machine is specially designed for lightly soiled and smaller loads, making it ideal for the users’ gym clothes, as well as saving on energy costs.

3D Washing System

This washing machine comes with dynamic water systems for your fabrics, soaking them thoroughly before washing, which in turn delivers an outstanding wash.

Smart Sense Feature

This washing machine comes with smart sense features that automatically detect the weight load, adjusting the settings appropriately, saving detergent, and water.

Low/High Voltage Projection

This IFB washing machine monitors voltage fluctuations continuously, ensuring that it doesn’t get damaged by electrical changes. In instances where the voltage goes below/above safe levels, the machine halts its operation, resuming automatically after the levels have stabilized.

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What Do We like

Triadic Pulsators

The washing machine features triadic pulsators that remove stubborn stains from your clothes gently; it comes with swirl jets that dislodge dirt and stains from all corners of the fabrics and center punch actions that remove dirt entirely and gently from your clothes.

Tub Dry

The washing machine comes with a specialized program that dries the drum after every wash; it’s an ideal way of preventing lime accumulation, which ensures the durability of this machine.

Automatic Balance System

The washing machine comes with automated balance systems that detect and redistribute unbalanced clothes automatically, maintaining a stable and consistent wash.

What We Don’t Like

Tub Spikes

This washing machine comes with a bit too many tub spikes, which can result in fabric damage during washing


This is one of the newest washing machines with the latest technologies from the renowned IFB brand; users are assured of durability and efficiency while washing their clothes with this washing machine. What can beat getting fresh, sanitized, and bright clothes after putting them in this machine while soiled, dull, and dirty?

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