Top Storybooks for Kids

Stories play an important role in the growth and development of our children. They come in handy in the development of your child’s imagination and creativity as children try to visualize the characters they read or hear stories about.

These books also help your child develop good reading skills and creativity. Here are some of the best storybooks for kids.

Best 9 Storybooks for Kids

1. Peppa Pig: Little Library Board book

This charming collection of books is based on the popular characters from the famous show Peppa Pig. The books are ideal for kids that follow the show or general pre-school children.

Kids who read these books develop the ability to read by themselves from an early age. This is an advantage to your kid as it will help them master reading art at an early age. The books also come with a fun feature as they form a jigsaw from their backs.

The books will help your child improve their imagination and creativity. The illustrations and the stories work together to build up a perfect flow of thoughts and ideas in their minds.

2. Moral Story Books for Kids

Moral Story Books for Kids is a set of 10 books of beautifully narrated and illustrated stories. These stories are a parent’s first choice for children between 3 to 8 years of age.

It consists of all-time favourite stories like – The Mice and the Cat, The Stupid Jackal, The Intelligent Lamb, and These Grapes are Sour. Children enjoy these stories as they present good morals with meaningful values to learn.

3. My First Pop Up Fairy Tales

My first pop-up fairy tales presents a pop-up book for children with the Little Red Riding Hood story. It is a wonderful tale of the main character and a bad wolf in a children’s book.

This book is published by Wonder House with a dedicated team of editors and designers who make magnificent and enriching children books. They develop age-appropriate content through extensive research on all stories and topics included in their books.

4. 101 Panchatantra Stories

This collection is made up of 3 books. The books are educational as they teach kids life skills such as wisdom and courage. They also teach kids about wickedness and its disadvantages in society.

The books are compiled in simple language, making it easy for your child to read and master the stories. The books contain beautiful illustrations to create a creative flow for your child as they read the stories within.

These books create an enjoyable experience while reading and improve your child’s creativity.

5. Grandma’s Bag of Stories

The stories our grandparents gave us about animals and mysterious characters are vivid in most of us to date. This book revolves around four young children; Anand, Raghu, Krishna, and Meena who visit their grandparents.

After having a delightful dinner, their grandma opens her big bag of stories. In the big bag, there are stories about animals such as monkeys and mice, stories about kings, queens, princes, and princesses, and stories about mysterious quests and treasure hunts.

Colourful illustrations accompany the stories in this book to help your child build up their imagination as they read or listen to you or read themselves.

6. 101 Animals Stories

Most kids these days don’t get to see animals in real life. This pack of three books seeks to mediate that challenge as it introduces your child to different kinds of animals.

The stories are written in a zoological garden setting. This creates a real-like experience for the reader as they read the stories. The books will introduce the reader to animals like crocodiles, fish, bears, wolves, tigers, lions, elephants, etc.

It prepares your child for the real zoo experience. Each story is written in a simple language to enable your kid to read and understand easily.

7. Forever Classics (Fairy Tales with Colorful Pictures)

This set of twelve books is a collection that comprises the most known and told stories of children that have lasted many years. Stories like ‘the wise goat and the wolf’, ‘Rapunzel’, ‘Jack and the beanstalk’, ‘Hansel and Gretel’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and many more, make up this incredible collection.

These stories have been used for many generations to develop the imagination and creativity of many children, and they are still quite relevant in archiving those objectives even today.

Most of these stories carry a life lesson for the reader. This life lesson plays a big role in the development of social skills in children.

For instance, kids learn how to treat the less fortunate in society, how to respect parents, and how to be careful around strangers through these stories.

8. Little Kids Story Books

This book is easy to carry around, meaning it can be your child’s companion. Since it contains many different stories, it is ideal for entertainment purposes.

It can be used to develop early reading skills in your child. The stories can entertain both you and your child. You can get it for yourself and as a gift to your child.

9. Blossom Story Book for Kids in English

This collection is made up of series A, B, and C, which adds up to 31 stories. The story layout here is intended to help your child develop and improve their learning skills.

These stories also greatly impact your child’s imagination. Every story in this series is supported by illustrations to make the stories more realistic and to add to the fun.

Kids can easily learn and remember the stories from these illustrations. Since these stories carry moral lessons, your kid does not only enjoy the stories but also help him understand these important life lessons.


We live in an era where most information can be found on the internet. What we should not forget is that the internet is full of information that you would not want your child to access.

This makes books a safer option to use in educating and entertaining your kid. These books also can be used to develop skills such as reading; an advantage to your kid is if they can master it at an early age. Books can be fun too.

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