Best Books for Artists That Assist in Drawings Techniques

Different techniques and pictorial representations help artists learn different strokes and sketches. It helps apply their creativity along with the correct technique for improved results. T

here are many books for artists that help them better their skills and acquire high-quality, innovative drawing styles. Here is a list of the best books for artists to understand the different drawing techniques better.

Best 6 Books for Artists

1. Anatomy & Drawing

Anatomy & Drawing is a book developed by Victor Perard to present the subject of Anatomy as art simply and directly.

It contains minimum text and maximum pictorial representation to produce direct means of construction and form for the artists. This book is recommended in all art schools, colleges and fashion designing institutions in India.

2. Artist’s Drawing Techniques Guide Book

Artist’s drawing techniques will help you learn how to draw using charcoal, pen, and pastel. It is a guide to every aspect of drawing.

It will help you develop your artistic style following step-by-step drawing tutorials. From beginner level to intermediate and advanced, it has something for everyone.

The book gives you chances to explore new challenges through exercises and art projects. With it, you’ll study and learn more than 80 artistic techniques and how they can be applied.

3. Collins Artist’s Little Book of Inspiration

Collins Artist’s Little Book of Inspiration is a book developed by Hazel Soan, a successful artist with an international reputation. She exhibits her work widely, and her paintings are found in collections worldwide.

This book is a combination of practical illustrations, illustration projects and step by step demonstrations. It is an attractive and highly illustrated sourcebook of ideas and practical exercises for artists looking for new creativity.

The demonstrations are in watercolours, oil and acrylic and help develop observation skills.

It explains what can be created using different materials and promotes experimenting on paper and different surfaces. It helps understand how to utilize tone and texture and explains how other artists found new approaches to their chosen subjects.

4. AcrylicWorks: Ideas and Techniques for Today’s Artists

AcrylicWorks: Ideas and Techniques for Today’s Artists is a book that features 126 contemporary masterpieces as a tribute to the expressiveness of today’s artists. It is a stunning collection of a wide range of styles and subjects with captions that showcase creative stories behind every piece.

This book also offers tips and techniques from top acrylic artists. It also has many creative opportunities for colours and strokes.

It explains the details and uses of acrylics and how it can be integrated with other painting mediums to combine paints for endless experimentation.

This book is developed by Nancy Reyner, who has received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from Columbia University.

5. Great Paintings: The World’s Masterpieces Explored and Explained

Great Paintings: The World’s Masterpieces Explored and Explained is a book developed by DK. DK has highly visualized guides that can easily read maps, tips and tours to enrich each trip.

This book is a gallery tour of over 60 of the world’s best-loved paintings with over 700 photographs for better understanding. It unlocks hidden meanings and symbols behind each painting and helps understand key features, composition and techniques.

It also contains biographies of artists that provide background for each artwork. It is a beautiful guide for familiar and new paintings.

6. Portrait Drawing: A Step-By-Step Art Instruction Book

Portrait Drawings: A Step-By-Step Art Instruction Book is a guide that has inspired a generation of artists to create beautiful and realistic portraits. Author Wendon Blake developed this book of 80 pages that covers all the basics.

It explains from papers to pencils and helps understand how to draw eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and head from every angle.

It has drawings from artist John Lawn that clearly illustrate each point and make it easy to master the basics. It further helps in conveying expressions and emotions.

It shows how to assemble a portrait and sum all the parts with easy to understand and use concepts.

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