Top 5 Nail Polish Removers

Having a nail polish applied to the nails can bring many benefits to the person that is wearing it. It will enhance your overall look, which will make you more confident about who you are. However, there are times wherein the nail polish is super hard to remove, which causes damage to our nails. This is the reason why people just let the nail polish wear out by itself, which results in unevenness and undesirability of the nail’s appearance.

Thankfully nail polish removers were invented because of them. We can now have the ability to remove the nail polish easily. Just apply them on your nails that are wearing nail polish, and you can wear them off without any hassles.

This product will save you a lot of time and effort. But the thing is, there are lots of nail polish removers available in the market and it can give you headaches for sure. So we decided to make this article that tackles the best nail polish removers on the market. After reading this article, rest assured that you will be satisfied with the nail polish remover that you will buy.

We will provide you with reasons to buy nail polish remover, a comprehensive buying guide, FAQs and the list of the best nail polish removers. So sit back and relax as we tackle it step by step.

Why Should You Buy a Nail Polish Remover?

Saves you time

With the use of nail polish remover, you can effortlessly remove nail polish without the need to spend too much time.

Gentle removal

With the help of a nail polish remover, you can remove nail polish without damaging the surface of your nails.

Lesser effort needed

By applying a nail polish remover rest assured that you can remove that nail polish without putting too much effort.

What You Need to Look For When Buying a Nail Polish Remover?


Know if the price is still in the range of your budget. By doing so, you will know if you can afford it or not.

Expiration date

It is important that you will use a product before it expires because it depicts that it will provide its full potential and at the same time safer to use.

Safe ingredients

Know if the ingredients of the product do not contain any harmful chemicals so that it will not inflict any harm on your health.


It is crucial that the nail polish remover does not emit any bad smell so that it will be desirable to use as it is not annoying to the nostrils.


Check if the nail polish remover is responsive enough so that it can remove the nail polish without having a hard time.

5 Best Nail Polish Removers

1. Lakmé Nail Color Remover 

The removal of nail polish is truly important especially after you get fed up with it or if you find some chips on it. The task becomes easier because of them and it will become easier with the help of this product. This particular nail polish will definitely reach your expectations because of its premium quality.

Remove that nail polish of yours without putting too much effort and all are possible with the help of this product.

PROS (What we liked)
  • Loaded with vitamin E to enhance the texture of nails by moisturizing it.
  • It has a property to help strengthen your nails.
  • Since it is available in a portable container making it travel-friendly.
  • It can quickly remove the color on your nails effortlessly.
  • You can easily concentrate the content of the bottle to the desired area on your nail with the help of its stopper.
  • No need to put too much pressure on the nail as a gentle wipe can immediately remove the colors on your nail easily.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The product can vapourize easily if not closed properly.

2. Kara Wipes Nail Polish Remover

Make yourself stress-free every time you get rid of that old nail polish. It is crucial for you to have all means of removing it effortlessly because it can give you a lot of confidence that you will not damage your nails and at the same time remove it on time. So the next time you want to change your nail polish you do not have to worry anymore of experiencing hardships.

This particular nail polish remover is the best of its kind because it is created with carefully picked ingredients to ensure that quality will be met. Aside from that, you will be enticed to experiment a lot in terms of colors because you know that you can easily apply and remove them from your nails.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It is extremely affordable.
  • Since it is alcohol-free expect that it is gentle on the skin.
  • It contains olive oil and vitamin E to make your nails healthier and moisturized.
  • It does not contain harmful chemicals such as paraben, acetone, and etc. which will prevent you from experiencing any kinds of side-effects.
  • This nail polish remover is super easy to apply and responsive when you are using it.
  • It is good for the environment because it does not contain toxic materials.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • There are no negative points found on this product.

3. Maybelline New York Nail Paint Remover 

Many women are reluctant when they remove their nail polish because they were afraid that it might damage their nails. So their only resort is to wait for the nail polish to fell off which is not the case because it takes a lot of time before it happens. However, when it happens the nail polish does not fall off at the same time leaving undesirable residue on your nails.

With the help of this product, you will not have to wait any longer with its easy repel formula. Indulge yourself in the wondrous benefits that you can get when using this nail polish!

PROS (What we liked)
  • The price is budget-friendly.
  • It can quickly remove nail polish in a matter of seconds.
  • This nail polish remover has a vitamin E content that will help moisturize your nails for better texture.
  • It has a fragrant smell.
  • No need to put crazy amounts for it to work efficiently.
  • It does not leave white patches on the fingers.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It comes in a very little amount of 30 ml.

4. Colorbar Nail Polish Remover 

Give yourself some treat by making your nail polish removal much easier. With the help of this product, you will not have to experience difficulties and scratches when you scrape that nail polish resulting in the better appearance of your nails. You will absolutely feel satisfied after every nail polish removal session and that is guaranteed.

Furthermore, by having such an attribute you can have the ability to change your nail polish more frequently whenever you want it. Since it is made of a trusted cosmetics brand you will not have to worry about anything and you are surely in good hands.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It contains jojoba oil that helps in moisturizing your nails for better texture.
  • This nail polish remover strengthens the nails for it to endure chipping and scratches more effectively.
  • It is easy to apply and will not make you consume a lot of time when using it.
  • You will not experience dryness and you will just need a little drop of it for it to work effectively.
  • The price is super competitive which will surely fit your budget.
  • It is packed in a sturdy and portable container making it easy to bring anytime and anywhere.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • There are no negative points found on this product.

5. Swiss Beauty Dip & Twist Nail Lacquer Remover 

Keep in mind that nail polish remover can be a serious task especially if the nail polish sticks really well. Thankfully, this specific nail polish has been invented to fasten up things. It has a unique formula to ensure that your nail polish remover will be as smooth as possible. So the next time you want to remove that old nail polish of yours then you will not have any problems at all.

It is made of gentle yet effective materials that will make you feel better and will optimize your experience more. To know if this nail polish remover is the best one for you, come and let us take a look at its advantages and disadvantages.

PROS (What we liked)
  • It does not have any foul smell because it does not contain any alcohol or acetone content.
  • This nail polish remover makes the nail smoother and softer improving its overall appearance on regular use.
  • It is really responsive that is why you will surely not have a hard time removing that nail polish.
  • You just need to dip the finger in the bottle and it does the work.
  • It does not contain any harmful chemicals which will surely not harm yourself and your health.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points found on this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why it is necessary to use a nail polish remover?

Because it acts as a lubricant for you to easily remove the nail polish avoiding any damage that can occur to the nails.

2. When should you use a nail polish remover?

As long as you wear nail polish and planning to remove it you can always use a nail polish remover anytime you want to.

3. Is it safe to buy a nail polish remover online?

Absolutely yes, just see to it that it is from trusted websites such as

4. What are the two different types of nail polish removers?

The two types of nail polish removers are acetone and non-acetone. Most nail polish removers that you can find on the market right now are the acetone type because it melts the film much quicker than the non-acetone type. The non-acetone type is for people with very sensitive skin and for nail polishes that are just easy to remove.

5. What is the best brand of nail polish remover right now?

Right now Lakme is the best nail polish remover in the market because of its ability to remove nail polish without any hassles.

6. Which is the best way to apply a nail polish remover?

By using a cotton pad or ball you can apply a nail polish remover in a non-messy way. The cotton which has nail polish remover on it can get rid of the nail polish while you are wiping it on the nail.


Nail polish removers are truly a gift from heaven because of its ability to provide us means of making our nail polish removal tasks much easier. After we tackled, the list of the best nail polish removers you might still be confused about what to choose among them.

Yes, it is normal since all of them are really capable of providing you with lots of benefits. But when it comes to our own preference we can say that Lakmé Nail Color Remover, 27ml is the best choice because it emerged victorious on our decision making after we compared each product individually. The product proved that it does not need to be expensive for it to become effective.

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