Zebronics Zeb-Delight BT Portable Speaker Review

Zebronics Zeb-Delight BT is a portable speaker. Zebronics is well known in India, and it enjoys an extensive presence across the country. Zebronics is famous for its high quality, durable, and powerful sound systems. This speaker comes with unique features that make it ideal for home entertainment purposes. The speaker is portable and comes with a strap that makes it easier to carry it around.

Call Option

The speaker comes with the call option feature that allows you to make receive calls.

FM Radio

This speaker comes with an in-built FM radio that allows you to listen to your favorite FM stations.

Bluetooth Compatibility

It is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can connect it to your laptop, smartphone, iPad, tablets, and iPhone, enabling you to stream your music wirelessly.

Power Handling

The speaker comes with a 3W RMS output power that ensures clear sound output even when played at high volumes.


This speaker comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

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What Do We like

Fabric Finish

The speaker comes with a rugged fabric finish that is durable and enhances the visual appeal.

In-built Rechargeable Battery

This speaker has an in-built rechargeable battery that can run for 6 hours when fully charged. It takes only two hours to charge it fully. You can carry it when you go for outdoor activities and not worry about it going off for several hours. As the rechargeable battery in this speaker is inbuilt, you do not have to incur any extra costs for purchasing it separately.

Multiple Connectivity Features

The speaker comes with multiple connectivity features such as USB, BT, and MicroSD, allowing you to choose any play mode. This feature allows you to stream your music from many devices, using it either in wired or wireless modes.


This speaker is compact and weighs only 272g, making it very portable. You can easily put it in your backpack or traveling bag since it does not take up much space and carry it wherever you go. Additionally, it comes with a strap that makes it even easier to carry it around.

What We Don’t Like

Bass Quality

If you are a user who loves enjoying your music with a deep bass sound, then this speaker may not be ideal since its bass quality is not up to the mark.


Coming from one of the most renowned brands in India, be assured of a powerful audio output, durability, and exceptional overall quality. If you are looking for an easy to carry around a speaker that offers compactness and extended playtime, this model will not be a disappointment. Producing a loud, powerful, crisp sound even when played at high volumes, this is ideal for music enthusiasts.

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