Fitbit Smartwatches

The first name that comes to our mind when it comes to smartwatches is Fitbit and for obvious reasons. Fitbit made smartwatches popular.

Fitbit smartwatches featured activity trackers and health monitors. This brand promoted smartwatches aggressively, and they positioned their watches as a wearable health device.

Their positioning worked well with today’s health conscious and fitness conscious mass.

Fitbit is an American company which has its headquarters in San Francisco. Fitbit was established in 2007.

Before you invest in a Fitbit smartwatch, kindly check out the important points to consider before buying a smartwatch.

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How Does Fitbit Fair As A Smartwatch Brand?

We could say that Fitbit monopolizes the smartwatches segment in India. They have made their smartwatches easily accessible to gadget-craving Indians through both online as well as offline platforms.

This brand enjoys a very good reach among its Indian customers. We could attribute their success to their aggressive marketing approach. The brand is known for the following positive features. 

  • Unbeatable quality
  • Wide range of prices to choose from including entry-level smartwatches to premium, high-end smartwatches
  • Inclusion of many innovative fitness and health monitoring features
  • Long battery life
  • High durability to withstand exposure to extreme conditions

Fitbit USP

When the company ventured into the field of smartwatches in 2007, there weren’t many competitors.

At that time, the challenge for the brand was to make its products visible to its target audience as a useful product as the target market did not have enough awareness about smartwatches or about wearable fitness devices.

Fitbit had to work hard to educate its target audience and to sell its products. The success of the brand could be attributed to its innovative spirit. 

Fitbit watches also sport very stylish looks. Often it is the stylish looks of Fitbit watches that attract the youth.

The brand’s major user segment is young users between 18 to 30 years. The brand continues to make its designs attractive.

Fitbit is also known for its premium quality. There are countless brands in the smartwatches industry that are sold at just a fraction of the cost of Fitbit watches.

But still, people prefer to go with Fitbit smartwatches because they know whatever they invest in a Fitbit smartwatch is almost an investment for life. Fitbit continually upgrades its features to ensure that the customers get the best value for their money. 


Fitbit is undoubtedly one of the top brands in India for smartwatches. The brand features numerous models in diverse price ranges.

You will be able to find entry-level smartwatches and also high-end smartwatches. You will, therefore, not run out of options regardless of your budget as far as Fitbit smartwatches are concerned.

If you want to own a decent quality smartwatch, Fitbit is what you should be looking at. You can check the prices online for Fitbit smartwatches, and you will certainly be able to find a Fitbit watch that meets your requirements, and that best fits your budget.

Fitbit smartwatches come with many cool features, and it is fun owning a Fitbit smartwatch, and it will also make an excellent gift for your loved ones. 

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