Fitbit Inspire HR Health and Fitness Tracker Review

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker empowers and inspires you to live a healthier and more active life. The band is a product of Fitbit, a well-known brand from the USA that designs products to make you aware of your health and gives you insights on how to make your lifestyle and health better. Fitbit is founded in 2007 and has been shipping millions of wearables globally since then.

Heart rate monitoring

The band monitors your cardiac health 24/7 and notifies you if it records an abnormal beat count. The real-time heart zones classify work out intensity in three categories – the fat burn, cardio and peak zones

Sleep Monitor

The fitness band monitors your sleep patterns and records time spent in light, deep and REM sleep stages and gives tips on how to improve your sleep quality


The band is 100% waterproof up to 50 m and can be worn in a swimming pool and while taking a shower

On the go notifications

The fitness band can be effortlessly paired with your smartphone and displays the notifications like incoming calls, text, in-app notifications.


The band comes installed with a strong battery that lasts up to 5 days on a single charge

Exercise Modes

The band calculates the exact calorie burn during workouts and features several exercise modes like run, bike, swim, yoga, circuit training, and lets you set goals, see progress in real-time

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What Do We like

Personalized Insights

The band automatically monitors how your sleep quality and gives insights on how to make improve your sleep quality

Track cycles

Women and girls can log their cycles and keep a track on the next due date and ovulation

Sleek and light

The product is feather-light and looks very sleek. You can wear it on your wrist for long durations without getting skin irritations

Guided Breathing sessions

The band gives you personalized guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate pattern it keeps on recording in real-time

Competing with Friends

The band allows you to connect and compete with friends and family in Fitbit challenges. You can experience virtual fitness challenges and applaud your achievements with Fitbit badges

What We Don’t Like

Inaccurate Step count

The band calculates slight movement like a hand gesture, hand jerk, typing on the laptop as a step count.


Fitbit Inspire HR Health and Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate is a reasonably priced product with a decent number of features. However, there are better substitutes available at a lesser price. If you are looking to buy an acclaimed brand in the wearable category, this is the best watch in the entry segment.

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